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I was recently asked how one can go about using a pendulum to find a lost object b/c she had lost a stone.

Here was my reply:
“Hi There,

Yes, to find lost objects simply walk around your house and ask the pendulum if you are close or not, hot or cold, just like the game. 🙂

As far as losing your stones and crystals, that happens with crystals. When their work with us is done, sometimes they up and leave and end up with whoever needs them next. That’s the nature of crystals. I’ve had them do it to me. That’s something you just have to accept so if you don’t find them with your pendulum, know that the crystals felt they were needed elsewhere and were satisfied that you did get what you needed from them.

Crystal Blessings,
Hibiscus Moon”

My video on how to use a pendulum:

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  1. That was so interesting, i thought there was something i wasn't doing but it's fine. I bought a kyanite peice on a long thong and it was suggested by my friend that i could use it as a pendulum but i thought maybe i ws missing something.Thanks 🙂

  2. I'm so glad you commented on that. As someone who reads objects and especially crystals, I've found them to "dry up" before and was baffled. I hadn't cleansed them, but they just lost their "oomph." I ended up sleeping with them under my pillow inside the pillowcase and after a month, they seemed to retain some energy again. It's a weird technique, but it worked well for me. Sometimes, like magnetics and metal, if you put them near each other in a container, they can become magnetized with the energy from other crystals too. They really are amazing things. I love when you teach about crystals–they're such a gentle and powerful tool.

  3. Awesome. I never used the pendulum for dowsing the way you suggest.

    In truth, I always just drew a map and dowsed over the various rooms in my house as represented by what was drawn on paper. {Maybe your method will work better.}

  4. I am new at this and found your video very informing. I also really enjoyed it. I have a pendulum that I was told was green jade but I am wondering now if it is aventurine.
    I followed your instructions and used my mind to tell it to go clockwise and IT DID IT! The first time. I was amazed.
    I too LOVE crystals and gemstones. I have citrine, amethyst and clear clusters as well as angelite, sugilite, just all sorts of gemstones…as stones, in pendants and beads. I am going to attach the chakra stone beads to the sterling silver chain that is attached to my pendulum. I love the chain and don't want to take it apart so I am going to attach each bead with stering silver wire.
    Would that be ok?
    Also, my pendulum has 8 sides not 6.
    Is that a problem?
    Told you I was new. LOL
    I can't wait until you have your etsy shop up and running again. I love to buy crystals, etc.
    Thank you for any help you can give me and please have a wonderful Holiday time full of magick.

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