Do Others Think You’re Woo-Woo Weird? 3 Steps to Own Your Sparkly Shit!

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WooWoo _ FI

Are you uncomfy coming out of the “crystal closet“?

Afraid others will think you’re weird, not get you or think that you’re just totally out to lunch?

“What is all this sage burning, crystal collecting, essential oil rubbing wacko-ness?”


I get it. It’s hard when everyone around you is not doing the same thing.

And they don’t really get it.

Story Time!

This 1 time I went to the doctor’s office & had my doc probing around with her stethoscope to check my heartbeat and had to explain to her what those hard lumps were protruding from my bra. She had a complete & total poker face while I told her that “those were my crystal companions for the day’s energies that I wanted to infuse into my electromagnetic field”.

She didn’t say another word about it & went on to the next thing.

THAT was uncomfy even for me (**I’m not going to pretend that “Oh, I’m so confident, I don’t have a problem telling ANYONE about my crystals“. Just being real with ya here), but I just put it out there anyway. **I have no idea what she made of it, but I’m hysterical laughing right now thinking about it again & typing this out!**

I even find it difficult to just explain why I don’t like to use a microwave or the regular laundry detergent that everyone else is using. That is, unless I know someone really well & don’t mind lovingly antagonizing them (like my parents). It’s also so much easier to discuss with someone who is obviously receptive & wanting to learn. But when they’re not receptive…well…having to explain yourself in these situations ain’t my idea of a good time. It’s usually met with resistance or a tinge of ridicule.

Am I right?

1. Confidence through Science

I do have a healthy amount of confidence around discussing what I do when I’m directly asked or it’s unavoidable. And I know that’s b/c I can explain the science behind how & why the crystals work.

And this is what I teach to students in my courses as well.

When it comes to crystal healing, I simply throw some sCIence at it. That usually gets the skeptics to sit up & listen.

2. Make Peace with Who You Are

A while back I wrote a blog post about being me, the real me.

Oh, I felt quite un-easy writing that at the time.

But contrary to what I thought, the real me was welcomed with open arms. That blog post went viral and as you can see from how many comments I got on it, struck a very real chord with the Crystal Hottie Community. 🙂


So my advice now is just own it!

And guess what? You’d be surprised how many people come out of the woo-woo closet themselves when they know its safe to talk about this shizzle with you!

I had lots of experience with this while I was still a science teacher.

You would think those in the academic community would be very closed off to this sort of thing, but when it was last resort time on many situations, many in that community (even a school police resource officer) came to me to ask what crystals & other energetic work they could do to remedy their problem.

3. Find a Community

Being in a group of other like-minded people who are also cuckoo-for-crystals can be so empowering & nourishing b/c they’re all going through the same stuff as you. We need each other b/c being part of a community also gives us confidence & strength!

Yeah, this may also mean that you need to spend less time (or remove yourself completely) from hanging with people who are holding you back & won’t accept who you are.

Try to find a group either in person or online that have these 3 things going for them (b/c not all groups do!):

  • members are supportive
  • offers motivation & inspiration
  • holds a positive vibe (no gossiping, negativity is frowned on & moderated, etc.)

Finding a group like this does WONDERS for allowing you to be YOU and encouraging you to grow into your full potential. It can be an in-person group or even a virtual online one.

I can help you with #1 & #3 from above. And I’ve seen #2 come naturally as a result of providing #1 & #3 to my students in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

Not to say you cannot achieve those things on your own. You most certainly can! All you have to do is put your mind & energy towards it.

But if you’d like me to help along on this path, my course will be opening up for enrollment very soon & this will be the last enrollment for 2016. Enrollment will only be open for a few days so if you’d like to take a look, check it out here.

Are you ready to fling those doors open, Crystal Hottie?  Maybe you already have and you’re merrily cruising along the glitter highway.  Or, maybe you’ve been looking for a tribe like ours? A Crystal Community to sparkle, shine, transform & grow with?  Where do you stand right now?  Tell us in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. I recently came out of the “crystal closet”. I used to be afraid to keep crystals on my desk at work for the fear of my co-workers making fun. I decided to own my love for them and now keep them by my computer. Guess what…no one said a thing. This fear was all in my head worrying about what others would think. The lesson I learned is to just care about what I think…that’s all that matters 🙂

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  2. i love crystals and in about 1 and a half year i and a good friend of me
    we purchased al lot of crystals(not the smaller pieces)
    mostly higher vibration ones like the new time crystals and lumarian ones
    we use them for crystal-angel healings
    so far all people we helped were amazed by the crystals and the energy there was in the healings

    i have so far not met any one who didn’t like the crystals
    however we meet some who can’t feel them specially the higher vibation ones
    or special ones wich ones only work for certain persons or “owner” of the crystal
    who has a connection with it

    regards richard

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      1. This is excellent content, and I appreciate it very much. However, as stated above, the use of that one word in the title makes me cringe. Perhaps it’s my age, or my locality, or maybe I’m just a sensitive old broad :-), but in my world the word sh*t is vulgar slang, and isn’t a positive. (One of Google’s explanation is “an exclamation of disgust, anger, or annoyance; another is “something worthless; garbage; nonsense.”)

        “Stuff” is gentler than the word “sh*t.” Please, for the future?

  3. I don’t feel strange at all discussing crystals . I just get weird looks at the term ‘chakras’! Lol . I discovered a while back that I am an Empath . And into my crystals .
    I saw the need for other people to know if they were also Empaths , so I started a Facebook group, Old Hippie Empaths . I’ve made many people happy by putting a name to their weirdness . I’m trying to explain crystals right now, but my next step is CCH!

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  4. Dev Shakti, may I suggest either turquoise or aqua aura crystal to help you feel more at ease and less likely to become offended? Peace be with you, fellow energy healer. ?

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  5. This issue is really stopping me in my tracks as far as getting my crystal healing business off the ground. It’s hard enough to answer the “what do you do” question and getting a blank stare. So, they are not by tribe. Recently, I emailed one of my best friends from college and told her about becoming a Crystal Healer, and asked her to give me a call when she had time. She emailed back that she had to think about whether to call or not. She did call 2 weeks later and flat out said that “this stuff does not work” and on and on. The conversation contained so much disrespect, I was stunned. This is a 50 year friendship, so saying she is not part of my tribe is very little comfort. Now I don’t tell anybody “what I am doing” anymore. I fully intend to be a crystal healer, and locate my tribe, but nobody else really needs to know.

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      Julie, I don’t require that all of my friends be open to energy healing & crystals. I just require that we respect each other. Hey, I’m not into everything that they are. I only discuss it with those who are open to it. I know you’re in my Energize your Biz Mastermind and so there you have all the tools and info on how to find your exact perfect tribe who will LOVE you and what you do. Pushing it on friends & family who may be resistant is not the way to go. ♥

    2. Even if you don’t need all your friends to be on your same path as Hibiscus has pointed out, your friends need to treat you with basic courtesy and respect. If you had taken on any other spiritual or healing path (becoming Jewish, practicing Yoga ect) I doubt you would’ve been treated so rudely. Good luck on your path and thank you for standing in your truth.

  6. Hello to all my crystal friends, I am new to all this crystal energy and healing but I love it and can care less how others feel about me using them. If anything people ask me more about how does it work? So I explain the best that I can. I love my crystals and eventually will have a house full of them. Thank you Hibiscus Moon for turning me into a true believer in crystal healing. Bright Blessings back to you. Deb

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  7. Im a manager at a holistic vet clinic. Sometimes if I notice one of the girls is stressing out or having anxiey i will casually hand her a little pocket stone and just ask her to hold on to it for a little bit. Guaranteed a few hours later she will come back to me, thanking me and asking what it was that made her feel so much better!

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  8. Yes I hear you, many people have rolled their eyes at me and have said “whatever”………….I don’t care everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s ok, I still believe strongly and love crystals and what they do and stand for.

    Sparkly Blessings

  9. Yes turquoise! But also rose quartz and kunzite too! Acceptance, peace & love. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion. 😉

  10. I’ve been learning about crystals and purchasing them for about 2 years now, I have always loved “rocks”! As time goes on I am getting more and more comfortable with talking openly about crystals/energy healing/energetic fields etc. I do tend to “test the waters” with new people tho. And if they are really negative about the subject I just clam up and won’t say another word on the subject. I do have a pretty good “tribe” of like-minded individuals both online and in-person that I can talk to and bounce ideas off of. And I recently purchased the summer solstice bundle which I absolutely LOVE!! Thank you Hibiscus Moon for all your knowledge and for sharing your wisdom. I have learned so much for you! I think some people are just afraid of things they don’t understand and I just think “be patient, they’ll catch up.” Or they won’t, but that’s their journey, not mine 🙂

  11. Hi. Yes have experience that you are woo hoo reaction, but I just stand in my knowing and simply reply it works for me. I have been fortunate to be accepted by the people I have met and come into contact with. Even if they do not share my views or passion for the crystals, there is usually an opportunity for me to share some knowledge. Since I wear my crystals on a chain every day, many people are curious about them and many strangers have asked what they are and what they are for. I give a simply answer and allow them to make their own choice as to how to receive it. This has worked for me. It is surprising how many people are really interested and receptive. It has been my good fortune to have a great circle of like minded friends and acquaintances.

    Crystal Blessings to all. And thank you Hibiscus for creating this very special community and sharing your knowledge with us.

  12. I just started really buying crystals and I have had nothing but good fortune since! I was drawn to Jade and Tigers Eye and put them right on my bingo papers along with citrine and I won $1050 this weekend! Love all of my stones and will be buying many more. May give them as gifts at Christmas.

  13. What an excellent blog. Acceptance…. so many struggle with that- whether it is about crystals or “normal” every day stuff. Thankfully, that isn’t one of my struggles lol. Unapologetically me 🙂 However, this made me think about my crystal healing session yesterday with a friend to complete the CCH class. After the session, she said, “Amy, you know I never believed much in this stuff, at all. But I felt so loved, comforted and inspired.” Was SO thankful that I had a supportive friend look past her preconceived ideas and support the endeavor, and discovering that she believed IT HELPED. She further said that it was the excitement and science I discussed for this that gave her the willingness to go for it. Have come to realize and see even more, we lead by example. The things we think are “supposed” to help others, or what they “should do….” if WE are doing our part following our path, it will help us continue even if others think we are whacko. 🙂

  14. Empowering!

    “You’d be surprised how many people come out of the woo-woo closet themselves when they know its safe to talk about this shizzle with you!” Oh, yeah! I’ve experienced this to some extent. But I have long felt compelled to dive deeper and am not as confident those same folks will embrace that change as easily.

    I do want to enroll in the Certified Crystal Healer Course. Got time-consuming “stuff” to deal with so it may be a while – another year (hopefully not 2). It would be a blessing to be part of the Crystal Community tribe, not to mention learning more of the science which I love!

  15. Thank you for all the input you give us. I was always the wired one in the family, I had to move away to be able to grow., I love my crystals, my sage, my flowers and herbs my cards readings. I love all that stuff. I try to no do anything like this and it felt like I was 💀

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