Oops, there’s a problem with your Prosperity eKit purchase


PAYPAL BUYERS: If you purchased the CRYSTAL GRIDS TEMPLATE PACKAGE using PayPal, thank you for the purchase, it has been successful and access details are on the way. Unfortunately, even if you were not interested in the additional offer, PayPal messes things up in our system, which is why you are here. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. If you truly have no interest in the PROSPERITY EKIT simply click here and have a sparkly gorgeous day. However, this will be the last time you see this price and we didn’t want you to miss this glittery offer. If you’d like to purchase PROSPERITY EKIT for the special price of $67.00 just fill out the form below.

CREDIT CARD BUYERS: If you purchased the CRYSTAL GRIDS TEMPLATE PACKAGE using your credit card, it looks like our crystals are out of alignment. Your purchase of the CRYSTAL GRIDS TEMPLATE PACKAGE did go through and login details are on their way to you. However, if you did want to purchase the PROSPERITY EKIT for the special price of $67.00 that purchase has NOT gone through and you will need to fill out the form below.

If you have any questions or concerns, just click here and one of the members from the Sparkle Team will help you out.