Don’t Waste Time! Bust Through any Obstacle with My Obstacle Remover Crystal Grid!

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Today I’m going to give you a bit more detail on my obstacle remover crystal grid.

I’m listing out all the glitter-filled deets  & crystal components that make up this power-packed crystal grid right here in this blog post for ya… Ready?  Here we go!

Grid Components

I tapped into the energy of:

  • Bloodstone – strength & courage to face your obstacles while purifying
  • Kunzite – allows you to release resistance, also great for removing physical blocks & obstacles while assisting with emotional healing
  • and (since this is obstacle remover for my business) I used my polished Citrine point (powerful biz support, The Merchant’s Stone!) as my center stone
  • Obstacle Remover Gem Elixir Spray
  • …and of course, a Ganesha statue (the Remover of Obstacles)

I heard that Ganesha with the trunk going to the left is for good luck & prosperity.


So I found one that has the trunk going towards the left, although that was kind of difficult to find!  Most Ganesha statues have the trunk going to the right. **But I think that all depends on what your viewpoint is…right? So maybe it really doesn’t matter at all. 😉 **


This is my little dressing area that I had this grid set up in…


As you can see in the video, I lit my candles & I’ve got my amethyst staff that Lori Andrus custom-made for me overlooking the whole scene. ?

I also had the Crystal Balance Kick Ass spray in the little yellow bottle that I really love from one of our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers.  I usually shake it up and then spray it a few times over the grid just to be all…Kick Ass“!

I also added some different essential oils to that spray kind of made it my own and of course it has crystals in it as well.☺ **Recipe given below to create your own!**

Finishing touch? Ganesha is typically honored with hibiscus flowers so I added some of those sprinkled in to the grid too (but forgot to get photos of that).

Since I know you’ll ask me about that green grid cloth I used there; I used to sell those, but no longer do and here’s why.

Instead I have a sustainable grid cloth alternative here!

Hibiscus Moon Obstacle Remover Gem Elixir Spray Recipe

  • 1 Clean and empty spray bottle
  • 1 organic hibiscus flower petal (optional)
  • 1 stone chip of Bloodstone
  • 1 stone chip of Pink Kunzite

High Quality Essential Oils of:

  • Lemongrass, 3 drops
  • Bergamot, 3 drops
  • Tangerine, 3 drops
  • Lemon balm, 3 drops
  • Fill rest of spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of distilled water & high proof vodka

Ganesha; Remover of Obstacles


Ganesha energy helped me so much at the end of last year & in this grid; moved that stuck energy and got the energy flowing again.

And this is the Obstacle Removal Mantra I used…

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”

In other words…“Hey! Outta my way! Coming through!” You can read up more on the precise translation here.

You can even choose to chant along outloud with this wonderful video here. POWERFUL!:

This specific crystal grid helped me to bust on through some very stubborn & difficult obstacles. Following my steps here will allow you to move through any obstacles in your life, Chick Pea…like buttah! ?

Ready to rock out this crystal grid to clear away anything that’s blocking your path?  Go for it Crystal Hottie, and share with us in the comments below. Know anyone who could use this energy right now? Please share this post along to them. ♥

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. This is just what i need. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I love your Ganesha statue. 🙂 I need to find me one. 🙂
    Thank you,


    PS I love all your ekits. I believe i have all of them 🙂 <3 Love them and your books <3

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  2. Howdy! I just love all the sparkly vibes from everything you’re doing and sharing! I hope I can take your healer course the next time around. In the mean time, I’ve been wondering… will drilled stones (beads) work for crystal grids? I have lots of gemstone beads, much more than I have of raw and tumbled/polished crystals. I kinda feel like as long as the hole of the bead is going in the same direction as the energy flow it is probably ok. Thoughts?


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  3. Thank you for this post! 😉 Just getting to setting up my first Crystal Grid. Thank you Hibiscus Moon for Crystal Grids How and Why They Work book. Have been researching Ganesha and the significance of all the objects and also the direction of the trunk. Please anyone who knows about this subject let me know if this is wrong. What I read is it is the curl at the end of the trunk that signifies the direction (it is not the direction when looking at Ganesha but the the statue itself). Here’s a link that has a good explanation!
    Thank you! Namaste’

  4. Hi Jen C. ?. Since I am not familiar with this subject, this only from articles I have read & are from those who know!
    Do not place in bathroom & kitchen. Also do not put in prayer room (like church were you pray & give worship to a God). Like the Ganesha statue above that the trunk goes to the right are only in temples as there are certain rules to follow. Namaste’

  5. I kind of look at it from the way the statue was created, perhaps with intent maybe not, and the trunk is placed on the right side. The right side being male and how you project or how you present yourself to the world. The left side feminine how you receive or whatever you want to change internally, etc. It may not matter at all because the energy of the grid is set up with your own intention. 😉

  6. It is better to use Ganesha idols with the trunk going towards the idol’s left and our right. There should always be a broken tusk on the idol’s left too.
    The idols with the trunk going towards the right have some different nadi meanings I guess. I’m not sure but they’re never supposed to be kept at home.

  7. I read that that it’s about HIS perspective…so his left and his right…so this is a Ganesha with a trunk facing his right.

  8. Hi Hibiscus,

    I’d like to give this grid a try, thank you for posting it.

    This refers to the first question/comment on this post and your reply to it (from Kerri). As I too would like to be able to put my many beads to use in grids, I’m wondering if:
    1- They’d need to be of a similar size to the ones you used (e.g. that of a quarter), and
    2- In case they’re not, I could use 2 or 3 in each spot.

    Thanks again & lots of love,

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