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I get asked all the time about the crystal grid cloth (silks) I used to have made & sell. I no longer condone the use of silk that is not cruelty free so I had to stop having those made.

Why you ask?

Well, a lovely crystal client of mine educated me so I’m going to pay it forward.

Here’s the pdf she shared with me & if it resonates with you please feel free to share it around. I am so grateful to her for opening my eyes to this.

Oh! BTW…people did not like the silk grids going away at all. They really wanted something like that & I kept having to explain why I stopped making them & that I had not found an alternate natural fabric that someone would print a Flower of Life design on for me. And no synthetics since I feel that would clog up the clear communication with source energy that we’re looking for here for our crystal grids.

I was SO HAPPY to stumble upon Zazzle’s custom cotton prints sewn by MOJO moms!! Yes! Natural cotton sewn by sustainably employed single moms in the USA & all while we contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms & their children! Isn’t that cool?

This all worked out for the best in every way possible. My graphic designer created the Flower of Life grid & I had it printed on to this fabric. Wooot!

Now you get 4 cloth grids for less than what you paid for 1 grid silk before. What are you gonna do with 4 of them? (no, cannot purchase 1 individually) You can decorate them for individual crystal grid purposes (watch the vid)!

What’s MOJO all about?. Click here. I just think this is so fantastico!

Here are my new Grid Cloths:
20″ x 20″:
12″ x 12″:

Happy Crystal Gridding!


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  1. Jessica, I also wanted to say thanks for the info on non-violent silk. I am researching it, and if valid, will consider its usage 🙂

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