Negative Energy

Have you ever come home – or entered a room and all of sudden you feel tired, irritable, funky, tired, drained of energy? Next thing you know you’re in energetic “yuck n’ stuck”. It’s like quicksand. And that led you here, looking for that negative energy crystal…

We’re Electrical Beings

See, we are made of energy (not just a physical body) but energy within and even subtle energy without (Electromagnetic Frequencies/EMF).

Our bodies run on energy: we are electrical beings; we have an electrically-generated cardiovascular system.

Think about it from a strictly biological point of view; our hearts, our muscles, our brains – electrical. There’s a measurable electrical charge on the surface of every healthy cell in our body!

And then we, as energy, interface with all sorts of other energy: other being’s energy… and then we have all the unnatural EMF’s we’re surrounded by:

  • cell phone towers
  • wi-fi
  • 5G
  • baby monitors
  • of course, our devices

OK, so besides trying to minimize your exposure:

What can you do when you’re stuck in a situation that you’re perceiving as negative, and you want to transmute that feeling, neutralize it – from an energetic standpoint?

[Because that negative-energy-downward-spiral can be pretty powerful! It can be like a domino effect and throw all our spiritual practices to the wind!]

Well, I’ve got some effective negative energy crystal advice to help pull you out of that yuck and stuck swamp.

You may view yourself as a physical body — but your entire body (and beyond) is pure energy.

How that body interacts with other types of energy, whether it be solar energy, cosmic gamma rays, the food you eat, electrical, 5G, or energy from our crystals… how it interfaces with all these frequencies — that’s the key to your balance, how you feel.

In all ways.

My first thing to do is to remember: I have total control over HOW I perceive things.

This doesn’t mean that I always succeed; it just means that I try to remind myself to stay in that mindset — and then to remember that this is all my perception. My reality is what I’m choosing to perceive, so I can choose to try to focus on something else or to perceive the situation differently. Perhaps see the lessons or opportunities in it. These are things all within my control!

Yours too.

Purification, neutralizing, and transmuting the energy you’re interfacing with are the goals here. Right?

smokey quartz black tourmaline negative energy crystal

This specimen has both smokey quartz and black tourmaline which have grown together in the rock matrix.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline: I consider tourmaline crystals, in general, to be some of the most powerful and potent crystals to work with. Because of its specific scientific properties (pyroelectricity + piezoelectricity); it has the ability to polarize itself just like a battery.

So, due to those properties I just mentioned, it can polarize electricity and the energy within it.

It purifies and transmutes energies.

black tourmaline negative energy crystal

Black tourmaline is also ferromagnetic (meaning it contains iron and is magnetically attractive) – making it ideal for being protective against EMF, even being used in electromagnetic shielding.

What’s electromagnetic shielding? That’s a protective shield used in various tech which incorporates ferromagnetic material to protect various objects and devices from EM frequencies.

GEO GEEK ALERT: If you really want to geek out on this, check out this peer-reviewed scientific published paper on “Incorporating Strong Polarity Minerals of Tourmaline with Carbon Nanotubes to Improve the Electrical and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Properties” BAM!

So if we can do that — it stands to reason that we’d go that route with crystal energy as well. Right?

Here’s a great video demo of black tourm. doing its thing here:

It is minimal BUT… its effects on energies are highly amplified!

We’ve already established that Black tourmaline is very good at transmuting energy, so if energy has a specific charge to it and it has a negative feel to it, black tourmaline is your go-to transmuter. It’s excellent for bringing that energy back to neutral.

For that reason, it’s always in front of me between me and my laptop. I’m transmuting that electromagnetic radiation coming off of the laptop. I’ve tested other crystals and things and when I tested black tourmaline, I get good results. It’s not the best thing. It’s not going to completely mitigate that energy, but it’s one thing I can do to help minimize it.

Tourmaline Grid

You may already know — I ALWAYS grid my home property with four large chunky black tourmalines buried at the four major corners of the home, then activate the grid in my mind’s eye. Highly effective!

I also like this stone for transmuting negative energy that PEOPLE might bring into a space.

When I used to work in a classroom, which I left in 2012… some people would come into the room and they were just a sheer joy — and then some would come into the room and they’d suck the energy out of the space. Talk about energy vampires! You know the feeling, right?

There weren’t too many of those thankfully, but the black tourmaline was wonderful for that. I had them conspicuously placed throughout my space.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is naturally irradiated from gamma-rays in the Earth released from various naturally decaying elements (radioactive elements like uranium – this is natural radiation that happens very slowly over time) creating all-natural smokey quartz.

smokey quartz negative energy crystal

I will ONLY use natural smokey and never that lab-irradiated kind. (What a difference between natural and lab-irradiated specimens!) …

If you’re not sure HOW to tell the difference then please download my FREE Crystal Fakes Reference Guide — that will help you navigate through.  When you subscribe to my newsletter here you’ll also get this free gift. Just enter your best email and this free download 🙂 will be delivered to your inbox: (this will also subscribe you to my bi-weekly newsletter)

Smokey Quartz is wonderful for detoxifying as well as purifying energy and transmuting anything that we perceive as negative.

It’s great for getting in and digging out then ridding us of anything that’s sunk in and stuck into your auric field.

We don’t want it to fester, becoming denser and going deeper and deeper to where it ends up manifesting in your physical body as some kind of physical ailment.

Perfect Combo

So, a combo of these two (black tourmaline + smokey quartz), having both of them together, maybe even, in a bracelet is very practical and also for added benefit serves as a mental touchpoint, a reminder to control your thoughts while it helps you along energetically too.

Smokey Quartz + Black Tourmaline = Powerful Combo

OR you could even place your crystal in a little pouch, a mojo kit, and carry it around with you if you like; in a backpack or a purse or something like that. Throw some lavender, sweetgrass, maybe frankincense tears in there too! Highly protective.

If you’re a lightworker, even doing just distance healings; it’s a good idea to simply hold either or both of these stones after perhaps working with or on clients all day.

Please tell me in the comments below what you think about my negativity-busting crystal picks.  There are also lots of other things you can do, like create an energetic shield of protection. These are just my TOP TWO crystals for this purpose. I know there are lots of other choices.

Please do tell us about your fav’s below! 

Tons of love to you and many Crystal Blessings,

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