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Just my 2 cents here…feel free to debate, comment or disagree. I totally enjoy conversations like these even if they’re online. As long as it stays civil, I do not mind disagreement in the least because my beliefs are never set in stone and although they may be right for me, they may not be right for all. My beliefs morph and change depending on new ideas and new information that may come to light. So please do comment on your thoughts! Again, this was prompted by a YouTube response that I made and another blog response that I kind of edited and merged and thought…”hey, this belongs on my blog”.

As far an afterlife and what I believe in…I believe in a collective consciousness (or unconsciousness). Science is starting to actually prove that such a phenomena actually exists. This was presented to me as I learned about Quantum Physics, String Theory, the postulating of various scientists such as Werner Heisenberg,
John Stewart Bell and Richard Feynman, etc. I think that we can and do tap in and out of the collective consciousness at any time (while physically alive or after)…going forward, backward, experiencing anything, all and nothing all at the same time. I think this is what accounts for deja vu and can explain why some very gifted psychics can see certain things. What I’m not too sure about is whether we experience the “afterlife” as an individual entity or does our “soul/spirit” or energy merge with and become part of a greater entity and lose our individual perspective? I’ve always wondered about that.

As far as what the afterlife “looks” like, I don’t think our energy will experience things in the “afterlife” with the same senses we use here in our physical life. So I don’t think we will actually be “seeing” in that way, but I do think it will be all about perfect and absolute love. What do you think?

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  1. A lot of what you're saying jives with me. I admit that should people become "spirits/souls" they certainly lose the ability to communicate fully with the living, which tells me if there is a continued consciousness it might be something we as humans aren't capable of picking up on, except under rare conditions when we happen to glimpse it. That's why I think hauntings are so intriguing. It's as if time/space rubs against each other and we catch a scent, a sound, a sense of something on the other side. I probably sound weird, but I hope there's no heaven in the traditional sense. That concept horrifies me that for all eternity I'll be stuck in a huge holding cell with other souls for ever and ever and ever. I'd like to think I just become limitless or perhaps my positive energy while living transfers and creates good deeds. It's fun to contemplate.

  2. Here's my two cents worth: I don't believe in the survival of individual consciousness. If there is a continuation after death (which there may not be), I believe we merge with the Great Oneness of All in a blissful merger, a return from whence we came, so to speak.

  3. I've been having so much deja vu lately. It's so odd.

    So you don't believe in summerland or winterland?

    The truth is, I'm so new to Wicca, I'm still wrapping my head around the afterlife and trying to figure out what rings true to me.

    Very interesting post!

  4. I really don't know for sure what I believe. I saw my dads energy in the light on and off in my brothers dinning room. I was haunted by his anger the night he died. I was along in my brothers home and kept my friend on the phone all night. She here in MO and me in Ohio. I do know the spirit world is among us. I do not know if some move on and some do not. I just know my dad stayed with my brother and he went off the deep end for a while. He no longer lives in that house so I do not know if his soul moved on or not. I believe we can be electrical in nature. With orbs I have seen many in photos.

  5. A lot of what you say makes sense to me, but I don't believe that we just merge with a universal consciousness and lose our individuality. I don't know how much we retain or if we can do both, but I believe in reincarnation and I believe that it is a choice to reincarnate to experience something or learn something.
    And I believe that quantum physics or the next step is someday going to take the mystery out of our mystery traditions.

  6. Very interesting topic and I just don't know exactly what to think. But based on the fact that energy in the universe is never created or destroyed, it just changes form, it makes sense that our spirits energy continues on some way.

  7. Fascinating subject. I'm not sure what I believe as such, but I know what I hope: I hope that we retain our individual sense in some way. I want be with my husband in the afterlife. I'd hate to think that we will just be a part of a nameless blob, so to speak!

    The whole subject of ghosts seems to indicate (if you believe in them) that at least on some level there is the ability to hold on to some bit of yourself.

  8. Great responses! You've all given me more to think about. And truly, no one knows. I belive science is getting very close. Maybe too close. In any case, someday we will all find out what lies ahead.

  9. Thanks for the follow!

    While I believe that there's a collective conscious, I disagree that we can use it to go back/forward in time or any of the like. To me, I'd think of it more as a text book made for learning.

    I believe that our soul lives on and gets reincarnated. After death your soul has a period of time to contemplate your life, past lives and what it learnt or still needs to learn. And from there progresses along it's spiritual journey.

    Who knows for sure who is right afterall? Maybe we all are.


  10. I couldn't agree more. I find it fascinating and thrilling that science and spirituality are merging. I just discovered your blog and what a breath of fresh air! Have a great weekend!

  11. I lost my middle son, Oct 08, he was 23, since that time I have felt his presence often, i think we keep our indivual spirit, but evolve I am dwelling on currently on the thoughts of being born into death, meaning it takes time to learn to be spirit again, I also think "those who have pasted on" see us, and guide us, I think they also know of our feelings, I'm not sure even if emotions are tied to the human body, or weight of the body, perhaps emotions are also a flow of energy. I could write for ever on this topic, but the main thing is, that i know my son is with me, in spirit… I'm just a spirit walking this earthly plane as a mother, wife, witch.

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