Moldavite – Is it the Most Powerful Crystal in the World?

Moladvite The Most Powerful Crystal?

I’ve had people ask me if moldavite is indeed the MOST powerful crystal in the world — as it’s often touted to be.

Well, I do think it’s quite powerful… but THE most powerful?

Watch my below video for my take on that.


Moldavite is a type of rare green colored tektite; naturally formed small glass rocks formed by the impact of meteorites on Earth.

Being glass, these are not technically crystals nor minerals at all, but rocks.


Moldavite is a specific tektite found in Vltava River basin in the Czech Republic, where most Moldavite can be found. Many scientists believe this area was impacted by a meteorite about 15 million years ago.

The green color is most likely due to the iron content and possibly some olivine (peridot) from the original meteorite).


All tektites, including moldavite, are said to have a very high vibrational frequency due to their cosmic connection.

Moldavite helps with meditation and peak experiences during meditation as well as making contact with other worlds. It’s also known for: