VLOG: Tombstone 🤠 Mining ⛏️ Tour + 🌵 Shopping | Chrysocolla and Turquoise

From time to time I like to share some of our mining-related side trips with you.


I know not everyone is so into this stuff but my last one seemed to get a lot of comments so — even though this is SUPER-late (this was one of the side trips Frankie and I did during our last 2019 Tucson trip and it’s almost time to head out to AZ again!)… I FINALLY had the time and desire to sit down and edit the video over my recent sabbatical.

It’s a fun little hobby of mine (editing videos) but I’m certainly no Casey Neistat. 😉


We love to do an offshoot side trip while out in Arizona for the annual gem show and take full advantage of our time there. Arizona is so interesting to me with all its open desert landscapes and ABUNDANT natural mineral resources.

We’ve hit Tombstone a few times now (we absolutely LOVE the place!!) but each time we go, we get to see, learn, and appreciate something totally … Read More