4 Easy Steps to Receive Messages from Your Crystals

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I have a very special guest blog post for you today, Crystal Hottie!  


I’m I’m handing over the reins to, Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer & intuitive, Kristin Marie Rodriguez, of kristinmarierodriguez.com.



I think you’re really gonna LOVE this blog…she’s generously sharing her methods & power techniques for closely connecting with your crystals while asking for and receiving insight with a Step-by-Step Method. We love actionable steps like this, right?

OK. Let’s go!  Here’s Kristin …


I can recall the first time it spoke to me.

I was preparing to lay out my crystal grid for love. I remember, I was using a template in pink to amplify the energy & intention.

As I began to lay my rose quartz out on each symmetrical point…that’s when I began to “hear” my crystals speak to me for the first time through my clairsentient abilities.

NOTE FROM HIBISCUS: <<Clair-sentient simply means a strong “inner knowing/feeling”. 🙂 >>


It was subtle at first.

Then, the more I acknowledged with focused intention and concentration, the clearer the messages from my crystal stones became.

So, to increase the intensity, I held my rose quartz in my hand and asked it what messages they had for me in regards to my crystal grid intention.

And as soon as I spoke my intention, I began to sense (visualize) messages come-in fast through my mind’s eye (a.k.a clairvoyanceseeing messages) and heard guidance in my own voice (a.k.a. clairaudiencehearing messages).

The stone “told” me to take small acts of self-love, such as:

  • a bubble bath
  • schedule in time for myself
  • appointment with my hair-dresser
  • and to wear more pink!

I heard some of these messages, but I also saw some of these messages as visions in the rose quartz stone as well as in my mind’s eye.


From then on, I noticed each time I created a crystal grid and worked with my crystals that the stones would talk and have a message for me, or the recipient.

I’d love to teach you this technique!

There are 2 ways I do this.

First, please keep in mind, these techniques will only work with intention and an open-mind. Try to have both before beginning. ♥

Method 1

With 1 Crystal: 

  • Choose 1 crystal stone to work with. The stone should relate to your issue you want guidance and/or healing assistance on.

For example: Citrine for abundance, money, solar plexus. Rose quartz for love and heart chakra. Red Jasper for grounding, increasing energy, root chakra, etc. Choose 1 stone that relates to your intention and can provide healing properties on the issue.

  • Next, find a quiet place to sit and meditate with this stone. Try to choose a time of the day when you’ll have minimum interruptions. Also, make sure that the stone you’re working with is cleansed/re-tuned prior to this exercise.  {Insert from Hibiscus here:  I discuss & explain re-tuning crystals in this blog post}.

While holding the stone state:

Rose Quartz (replace w/ the name of your crystal), I wish to receive more Love (replace w/ the topic you want guidance or assistance with) in my life. Can you please show and tell me loud and clearly how can I receive this in my life now?”

Here’s another example intention:

Citrine, I wish to receive more abundance in my life. Can you please show and tell me loud and clearly how can I receive this abundance now?”


  • From there: Listen. Pay attention. Gaze into the stone.
  • The crystal stones will always have a message. We just have to be willing to slow down and be ready to receive.
  • You may even see images take shape in the crystal, especially, if holding a clear quartz.
  • I recommend journaling what you sense intuitively with your crystals.
  • When you feel the messages are complete, then bless your crystals and state gratitude.

For example, hold the crystal and state:

“Thank you, Citrine, for that beautiful message. I will certainly follow through with your help and guidance.”

Method 2: With a Crystal Grid (multiple crystals)

This method is similar to the first technique, but instead of reading 1 crystal you’ll read multiple stones from your grid. (You can learn more about crystal grids here!)

Each crystal stone will have a message.


The messages you receive from the crystal grid will pertain to your crystal grid intention.

  • Step 1: After activating your crystal grid sit and meditate with your grid.
  • Step 2: Ask a specific question to your grid. Then listen as each different crystal stone speaks and shares a message.
  • Step 3: Journal your crystal messages, making note of it as it speaks to you while you create a place on the grid for the stone.
  • Step 4: Once guidance is complete, then bless and give gratitude to your grid, both for the messages and the healing, or manifesting work that it’s assisting you with.

Remember, as with any metaphysical practice, it’s always important to include the spiritual and the practical.

The spiritual being the crystal grid created, then the practical being physical action steps or changes the crystal stones or crystal grid guide you to take.

It’s a simple technique which you can have a lot of fun with!

Ready to try it?

Have some fun & practice these techniques while reading the crystals for yourself and others.

Kristin’s Bio: Kristin Marie Rodriguez is a 4th generation Intuitive & holds a Bachelor’s in Metaphysical Science, M BSC.  She’s always been a natural Intuitive since birth, very much an Empath, sensing others’ energy and emotions, seeing one’s aura, energy and angels. You can find out more about her by visiting kristinmarierodriguez.com


Hibiscus again here…

Thank you Kristin, for sharing your powerful methods for connecting w/ crystals!  

If you resonate with anything Kristin has shared with us here or tried her shared techniques please let us know in the comments below or tell us about your own methods! I’d love to share ideas on connecting on a deeper level with our crystals.  

 Please leave a comment below. :)

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. Would love to take your class. But, your located in Florida. Do you teach through webinars or online instruction?

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  2. Thanks Kristin for your experience and insights. I love crystals and have tried at various times to listen and be guided by them. But thus far I’ve not felt I’ve had any progress, until………… I made a “business jump start” grid the other evening (following HM’s grid) but on a smaller scale as I don’t have a Big Mama in my collection. I woke up the following day to the insight that I could expand the grid by adding selenite under the clear crystals to amp up their vibration! I had lots of selenite points that I’d collected for some reason and now I know why! I added two under the central crystal point and then 6 others, one under each laser crystal pointing to the central crystal. I’ve ordered a dowsing rod (from HM’s resource list) and can’t wait to try that out to see the amplitude. I did use my crystal bowl one evening near the grid and found that the singing of the bowl continued far longer than usual (after I’d stopped) and louder that before. I attribute that to the grid! I LOVE THIS STUFF :0)

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  3. I recently started getting intuitive messages from my crystals. I draw an oracle card as a topic. Then I choose 3 stones at random. I end up “knowing” the messages of the stones as they relate to the topic card.

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  4. Being the crystal of peace and unconditional love, Rose quartz is said to open up the heart. It simply teaches you the true meaning of love, and offers deep healing and self love. It is a quite lovely pink stone which comes with calming and reassuring quality, making it perfect to use for traumas or crisis.

  5. A crystal newbie here! How do we hear the crystals? And when listening to a grid, im a little confused. If multiple stones are used how are we to hold them to gaze at them and which ones? :/ Im eager to learn all I can and wish I had found my crystal road sooner! 😉

  6. I was so happy to read this post! thank you!!! I work a lot with attuning crystals and Meditate in crystal circles i build, pretty much gridding myself up. And recently my Celestite and Fairy quartz spoke to me, I thought I was going mad at first because I hear d them so clearly, its so nice to hear that im not mad hehe!

    SO thank you for the re-assurance and advice.

  7. Hello! Loved reading your blog Kristin. I’m new at this and in the research stage. My question is this, can I buy crystals on the Internet and have a positive experience with them? I’ve heard you should hold the crystals before purchasing, but there aren’t any places to buy them near my home. Thank you in advance for any guidance the 2 of you can offer. ☺

  8. This is great. I know that the crystals can connect with the energy centers. I will try and start to
    draw on some of the energies from the crystals.

  9. MY name is Indu. I am from Canada.
    I am new to this field. I am working full time and three days in the evening I go to hemodylises.
    By the time I come home it’s close to 10 pm in the night.
    During hemodylises treatment I go on youtube watch your videos. God bless you for the wonder full insight you shower on us to for bring us close to Higher Self.
    I always have some good messages in my mind while I am working . How will I help my shelf with the message that I get; how I can help others?

  10. What a wonderfully uplifting article!

    Do you think crystals could have kind of like emotions/personalities as well? The other day I was asking my favourite Blue Lace Agate to help me with a health problem. At one point I was exhausted so I pleaded with it, ” listen, please I really need help”. Guess what!? I heard loud and clear a reply – “I AM listening!” in a sort of “hey, no need to repeat your request…I ain’t stupid.” Do you think it was the crystal?

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