Welcome, Cohort!  We’re so happy that you’ve decided to continue with your Offical Hibiscus Moon Crystalline Cohorts private Facebook group membership!

Get ready, because we are going to celebrate this final year together! ✨💎🥳

By renewing (or rejoining) the membership group you will have access to:

  • Weekly Live Office Hours with our Curriculum Specialist (every one of your questions answered)
  • Sense of community + support from our like-minded and actively engaged global group
  • Valuable recommendations, mentorship + advice from those who’ve walked before you (don’t reinvent the wheel!)
  • A safe place to grow + develop your crystal confidence
  • Monthly Live Playdates with Hibiscus Moon. They’re like crystal parties with our whole crystal family doing all sorts of enjoyable things such as Moon rituals, Chakra-focused get-togethers, crystal meditations, and other fun stuff! 
  • End this Banner Swan-Song year of spectacular fun with a Crystal Closing Ceremony!

We’re absolutely thrilled that you will be joining in on the year-long festivities through December 2022!

If you have any questions about your current membership or when that expires, just send us an email, Team HM is happy to assist. While the FB Group will be active through December 2022, should you choose, you can cancel anytime.

Monthly Renewal – $9.97