Today we’re going to talk about some of the members of Team HM. I’m like a proud mama duck over here!

As you may know, I started out flying solo and sharing videos on my YouTube Channel (you can read about my crystal journey right here and here), but once the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy started in 2010, it grew very quickly and it was crystal clear that I needed a solid team to make this all work. Now, the team has grown and HMCA has over 2000 Certified Crystal Practitioners™ around the globe, in 48 different countries. Pretty cool!

Team HM lovingly answers your support questions, assists with tech issues, plans the logistics of a new elective or class, works behind the scenes on my livestreams, takes care of our website, and assists our students in our FB groups. I admit it, I have the best team! They’re smart, organized Type-A team players who run things behind the scenes because even though we can get a little woo-woo around here, I’m all business when it comes to HMCA.

And here’s the thing … many of them have also graduated as Certified Crystal Practitioners & Advanced Crystal Masters! 

So today I’m shining a light on these members of my Team that are walking the crystal talk!  They are running their own businesses, using crystals in their life, and creating their own crystal-focused careers in healing outside of their work on Team HM! Truly Amazing ❤️

1. First, let me introduce our Customer Support Specialist & Registrar, Alissa.

Alissa has been with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy for over 5 years and she is our go-to Customer Support guru. Alissa answers any admin questions as well as makes sure that all graduation requirements have been met when students are ready to graduate!

In Alissa’s words:

“My role is to ensure that our beloved students and customers have everything they could possibly need to be successful on their Crystal Practitioner journeys… and I am so blessed to be doing so every day!”

New Moon Weight Loss Grid

New Moon Weight Loss Grid is created by Alissa of Team HM


What do you like about working at HMCA?

First and foremost I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing community. Between my colleagues (Team HM ROCKS!) and the students I work with on a daily basis, I am continually inspired. Hibiscus Moon is as amazing, genuine, kind and cool in person as she seems to you! It is truly a pleasure to work with her every day and to support her vision through HMCA.

Were you interested in crystals before working at HMCA? 

I was really into stones when I was young. My parents got me a rock and mineral set from a local museum when I was about eight. It was all about the geology and I was SO into it! I still have the set and my handwritten notes containing the Mohs hardness, the physical characteristics, and the differences between the stones in the set.

Fast forward 30 years… I had just recently rediscovered the amazingly expansive world of crystals, energy work, tarot, and more… it truly felt like coming home again. I found Hibiscus Moon pretty early on and everything she said really resonated with me. I signed up for her newsletter and shortly thereafter, I received an email that she was hiring. I applied and the rest is history. 🙂

Did you have any certifications? What certifications do you have?

I am a Usui Reiki II Practitioner and am currently studying Herbalism.

Do you have another career? Do you use crystals or healing in your other career? 

I volunteer at a local crystal shop and enjoy getting to know all of the crystals there and helping customers.

Can you talk about the ways you use crystals in your daily life or in your work?

I often am wearing crystal jewelry or have a stone in my pocket – the crystal is chosen each morning based on where I feel I need the most support for the day. 😉 I have gorgeous crystals all over my home (they are not just for aesthetic purposes you know!), I work with crystals to help ease migraines and various pains, I make crystal grids and mini crystal grids for additional support when needed, I create mala bead necklaces based on my personal goals to help focus my meditations, I work with crystals in my tarot and herbalism practices and I even sleep with crystals nearby! And there is so much more…. the possibilities are truly endless!