Today we’re going to talk about some of the members of Team HM. I’m like a proud mama duck over here!

As you may know, I started out flying solo and sharing videos on my YouTube Channel (you can read about my crystal journey right here and here), but once the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy started in 2010, it grew very quickly and it was crystal clear that I needed a solid team to make this all work. Now, the team has grown and HMCA has over 2000 Certified Crystal Practitioners™ around the globe, in 48 different countries. Pretty cool!

Team HM lovingly answers your support questions, assists with tech issues, plans the logistics of a new elective or class, works behind the scenes on my livestreams, takes care of our website, and assists our students in our FB groups. I admit it, I have the best team! They’re smart, organized Type-A team players who run things behind the scenes because even though we can get a little woo-woo around here, I’m all business when it comes to HMCA.

And here’s the thing … many of them have also graduated as Certified Crystal Practitioners & Advanced Crystal Masters! 

So today I’m shining a light on these members of my Team that are walking the crystal talk!  They are running their own businesses, using crystals in their life, and creating their own crystal-focused careers in healing outside of their work on Team HM! Truly Amazing ❤️

1. First, let me introduce our Customer Support Specialist & Registrar, Alissa.

Alissa has been with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy for over 5 years and she is our go-to Customer Support guru. Alissa answers any admin questions as well as makes sure that all graduation requirements have been met when students are ready to graduate!

In Alissa’s words:

“My role is to ensure that our beloved students and customers have everything they could possibly need to be successful on their Crystal Practitioner journeys… and I am so blessed to be doing so every day!”

New Moon Weight Loss Grid

New Moon Weight Loss Grid is created by Alissa of Team HM


What do you like about working at HMCA?

First and foremost I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing community. Between my colleagues (Team HM ROCKS!) and the students I work with on a daily basis, I am continually inspired. Hibiscus Moon is as amazing, genuine, kind and cool in person as she seems to you! It is truly a pleasure to work with her every day and to support her vision through HMCA.

Were you interested in crystals before working at HMCA? 

I was really into stones when I was young. My parents got me a rock and mineral set from a local museum when I was about eight. It was all about the geology and I was SO into it! I still have the set and my handwritten notes containing the Mohs hardness, the physical characteristics, and the differences between the stones in the set.

Fast forward 30 years… I had just recently rediscovered the amazingly expansive world of crystals, energy work, tarot, and more… it truly felt like coming home again. I found Hibiscus Moon pretty early on and everything she said really resonated with me. I signed up for her newsletter and shortly thereafter, I received an email that she was hiring. I applied and the rest is history. 🙂

Did you have any certifications? What certifications do you have?

I am a Usui Reiki II Practitioner and am currently studying Herbalism.

Do you have another career? Do you use crystals or healing in your other career? 

I volunteer at a local crystal shop and enjoy getting to know all of the crystals there and helping customers.

Can you talk about the ways you use crystals in your daily life or in your work?

I often am wearing crystal jewelry or have a stone in my pocket – the crystal is chosen each morning based on where I feel I need the most support for the day. 😉 I have gorgeous crystals all over my home (they are not just for aesthetic purposes you know!), I work with crystals to help ease migraines and various pains, I make crystal grids and mini crystal grids for additional support when needed, I create mala bead necklaces based on my personal goals to help focus my meditations, I work with crystals in my tarot and herbalism practices and I even sleep with crystals nearby! And there is so much more…. the possibilities are truly endless!


Audrey in Session

Audrey performing a crystal healing session.


2. The next team member I’d like to introduce is our Community Manager, Audrey.

Audrey manages our social media, but really she wears so many hats at Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. As Community Manager, she ensures our students have an amazing experience in our groups, guides students to get the answers they need, and helps our students find the answer for any of their crystal course questions. She’s also our Social Media Manager and my executive assistant! 

Audrey calls herself a “zygologist” and I asked her to explain what the heck that means, she said,

“I love to put together the pieces of a beings health crisis to discover the root cause. And then help them become the healer in their own body – to heal body, mind, and spirit. I take that approach to EVERYTHING from my private practice to my work at HMCA. I also love to explore in nature – my ideal day is just being outside, noticing the sacred geometry occurring naturally, finding plant medicine and working in nature.” 

Okay, can you think of a more perfect person to be part of Team HM and my interest in science and research!?!?  I want to know more! Here are some other questions I asked Audrey:

Tell me about your certifications!

I collect certifications like some of my friends collect crystals! (okay so I collect crystals that way too!)  I am a functional and integrative nurse nutritionist and energy medicine practitioner. I have yoga teacher certifications, Advanced Crystal Master, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Functional Lifestyle and Nutrition Practitioner, Homeopathy, Herbalism certifications, and Certified Clinical Master of Aromatherapy.

Which came first: your CCP certification or your job with HMCA?

I was certified through another entity in crystal healing – but I decided to recertify with HMCA because I felt after working here that the curriculum was much more rigorous and the “gold standard” in the field. As a nurse, in order to practice anything in the state of Texas, it has to be evidence-based – and the HMCA program gave me the evidence base that I needed to confidently go out and start a crystal practice. 

What do you like about working at HMCA?

I have the privilege of getting to know 1000s of students each year, watching the lightbulbs go off when something clicks, watching women change course in their life, seeing people succeed in such unique ways and doing things we never thought of with their crystal practitioner certifications (even when we thought it has all been done!).

Internally, I have the privilege of working with and learning from some of the best creative minds in the online business space. It’s just an amazing experience and honor to work with my HMCA family and be a part of Hibiscus Moon’s team and her crystal education and philanthropic vision.

Were you interested in crystals before working at HMCA? Tell me about that.

I got my very first crystal in kindergarten. I was traveling from my home in Texas – through the Ozarks – to Kansas with my grandparents and little brother. We stopped at a roadside stand in the Ozarks full of crystals (and some of what I now know was slag glass). I picked out my very first Arkansas Clear Quartz, I don’t recall the price but it was 1985 so it wasn’t priced like it is now. I still have that crystal today and actively use it in my crystal practice.

Fast forward to adulthood and when I came on board at HMCA, I was already practicing crystal work on myself and family. It was HMCA that gave me the confidence and ability to hang the shingle and practice crystal healing as a part of my autoimmune practice on the public.

Do you have another career? Do you use crystals or healing in your other career? 

My work at HMCA is only a small part of what I do, I have a private practice, using all of the modalities I am trained in to help women heal from autoimmune disease. I help women from all walks of life, all over this great big mama earth to stop being autoimmune warriors and become autoimmune conquerors. Additionally, I work in the equine industry in private practice and use energy medicine to help horses perform and function at their highest purpose and ability. 

Can you talk about the ways you use crystals in your daily life or in your work?

I work with crystals professionally and personally. Even something as simple as sending a difficult email, having a virtual session with a client or when working with horses, crystals are part of the procedure. I love setting up crystal grids, performing distance crystal healing sessions, and even just carrying a palm stone or wearing crystal jewelry. Crystals are a part of my daily meditation practice and often my yoga practice too.


Angie in Tucson

Angie posing with an amethyst during the Tucson gem and mineral show.


3.  Next up is Crystal Coach Angie.

You may already know Angie from my Livestreams in Tucson, or from the class she recently taught – our Class Elective on Distance Healing.

She’s been on Team HM since 2014 and has served as a Crystal Coach for that entire time. Our crystal coaches answer questions in our student group each day classes are in session and then when we are not in session, Angie leads up the Live Office Hours, answering questions each week. Angie was one of those students that went from CCP straight to ACM and started a healthy crystal healing business right away, so she was a perfect candidate for being a Crystal Coach. Angie also is our Curriculum Specialist and our Head of the Student Success Department. When I asked Angie what she wanted you to know about her, she said,

“I love teaching. I love to laugh. In my weekly Live Q&As, I develop relationships with our students and help them to have fun with their practice, to dive deep down into crystal rabbit holes, and to hopefully empower them to have their own relationship to the stones and crystals we use in healing. I am also super passionate about sharing your teachings on crystal healing and your overall positive energy with the world.”

Aaawwwww~this is what I am talking about. We have some good eggs here at HMCA! I asked Angie a few more questions:

What do you like about working at HMCA?

I love our team of creative, passionate people who are truly dedicated to our students and their experience here at HMCA. I love everything about my role here–the content of our expansive and extensive crystal healing curriculum, being in a position to assist our students on every level so they truly understand crystal healing, and then leading our student success team is an amazing experience. We truly have the best customer service team. Ever.

Were you interested in crystals before working at HMCA? 

Absolutely! I have always loved rocks and stones, so I started collecting when I was a child. I began exploring crystals again with my twin sister in our 30s. We would lay stones on each other for healing. I loved it, but wanted a certification to back up what I was feeling and experiencing.

Did you have any certifications? What certifications do you have?

I am a CCP and ACM through HMCA. I am also an Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. I am also a Level 4 Certified Earth Medicine Practitioner through SouLodge Earth Medicine School. I am also a Certified Professional Tarot Master through the World Metaphysical Association. 

Do you have another career? Do you use crystals or healing in your other career? 

I have a private practice through Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where I see clients for crystal healing sessions, tarot readings and shamanic healing sessions. I teach tons of classes in person and online around crystals, energy work, tarot, psychic development and art. I also hold circles for men and women around the moon cycles and just to connect.

Can you talk about the ways you use crystals in your daily life or in your work?

I always have a grid going. Right now, it is for protection and grounding. I have stones in every room and incorporate them in my daily life in thousands of ways. I make gem waters and incorporate them into cooking and just drink them. I take a crystal-infused bath everyday. I meditate with crystals. I wear them. I lay them on my children and husband and animals…literally, I cannot think of one aspect of my life where I do not use crystals.

Lisa at Giza

Lisa meditating at the Pyramids of Giza with her crystals.

4.  And lastly, Lisa, Team HM Content Manager.

Lisa has been with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy almost from the beginning. She has been working with HMCA for many years, and serves us in so many capacities. She’s currently our Content Manager and it’s Lisa’s voice that you hear at the beginning of my classes. She has co-piloted all events and classes. She is in charge of student content, the crystal cave, the blog, emails, and the newsletter. No matter what we throw at Lisa, she handles it with grace and laughter! Personally, what is so cool about Lisa is that she loves to travel and continues to inspire me with her learning. Here is what she said,

“I like to travel the world learning about new places and people – discovering the rocks and oils that are most common in their society and seeking them out, working them into my life back home brings the world to my sacred space and my students.”

YES!!!! Can I get an AMEN?!? 

I asked Lisa a few more questions, too.

What do you like about working at HMCA?

The mission of HMCA and Hibiscus Moon most of all.  Plus we have an exceptional team of heart-centered, creative, organized, and brilliant people which is so key to the work we do. 

Were you interested in crystals before working at HMCA? Tell me about that.

Absolutely, my interest in crystals goes way back to high school, with all the shiny rocks at Grateful Dead show parking lots and in the metaphysical shops in Salem, MA.

Much later, I subbed to the HMCA newsletter and that’s where I saw the perfect job description. I was already working for clients online and thought I can do all that! So I applied and became the Sparkle Engineer – tech support, FB support, and customer service at that time. Plus the Crystal Cave of course 🙂

Tell me about your certifications.

I’m a CCP, ACM. Plus I’m a Prana Vinyasa Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Professional Aromatherapist, and Certified Reiki Master. I’ve also done extensive studies and training in Earth Medicine practices and Celtic Shamanism.

Do you have another career? Do you use crystals or healing in your other career? 

Yes, I have a private practice and I work with crystals in healing sessions and yoga workshops, classes, and private sessions. I’m also a writer and editor in various energy healing modalities. 

Can you talk about the ways you use crystals in your daily life or in your work?

I work with crystals in meditation, yoga, and to support my life in all ways, every single day.  


Don’t you just love them?!? I have the best team in the biz, and you’ll be hearing more from them. Let me know what you think of our amazing team and their work.

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon signature