How To Build a Powerful Meditation Altar with Crystals

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We live in a very fast-paced world, and it can be so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day busy-ness, right?

Meditating is an excellent way to allow yourself to sloooooow down, get grounded & remain focused on your game, achieving your dream or simply living happy, whatever your goal. An altar is a place that you can come to for meditation practice & it’ll help you to get into that meditative state with more ease. Your altar is a sacred space that will fill you with a sense of peace & well-being….if you take care to imbue it with those energies. And crystals can help, Jelly Bean.

My meditation altar complete with a crystal grid.

My meditation altar complete with a crystal grid & crystal offerings.

Having your own meditation altar will give you a special space for a sacred ritual all your own. And, of course, crystals are a very important part of my altar.

Creating an altar of your own is easy to do & I think you’ll find that it quickly becomes one of your fav hang outs!

My meditation corner

My meditation corner

What your altar looks like will vary, depending on the kinds of things that appeal to you. You don’t need much space, but it is important to find an area that you can dedicate to your practice: your own personal sacred space. I have a chunky free eKit all about how to create your own sacred space with crystals. If you don’t have it yet, click here.

Your sacred space might be the corner of a room, the top of your dresser, even the glove box in your car. Remember that this a space you’re reserving to focus, clear & re-energize your spiritual energy.

How To Set Up Your Altar:

  • Take care to physically clean this space before you begin
  • You might want to burn sage or say a blessing
    I handmade my sage fan and added a green aventurine crystal to the handle

    I handmade my sage fan and added a green aventurine crystal to the handle

  • When this area is clean, some people like to begin by laying down a tapestry or a special piece of fabric (optional)
  • As you begin to set up your altar, think about your intentions. What is it you hope to honor with this altar, what sorts of things do you want to have as a focal point? What sorts of things help you feel calm or bring a sense of peace over you when you view them? These are the things that you will want to try to include on your altar
  • Pay attention to the things that call out to you, that you feel drawn to: perhaps there is a special candle or certain incense you like to use. Of course, crystals are very important for this, as are flowers, plants, feathers, seashells. Anything from nature is going to remind you to stay grounded & connected. You can also add a photo of an image or person that resonates strongly with you. So bring your favorites into this spacealtar4



  • Candles & incense will be an important part of any altar. Some people like to use the candle flame or incense smoke as a focal point when they begin their meditation


  • The main thing to remember is that the altar you create should be calming & appealing to you. It will provide you with a sanctuary that you can return to again & again, encouraging you to cultivate a deep, meaningful & yummy spiritual practice. 🙂


I hope this blog post resonates with you & encourages you to tend to your meditation altar & sacred space or to create one! Leave a message in the comments below if it does. I’d love to hear about your altar. ♥

Crystal Blessings of Peace & Sanctuary,




P.S. I would LOVE {translation: drool!} to see your meditation altar & crystals so please come post them on our Crystal Hottie Facebook Page & share them with our community!

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  2. Good very early morning! I have enjoyed all I have read and watched that you’ve shared about crystals and their uses! Thank you so much for everything I am learning from you! I have a question that I hope you can answer for me, or point me in the right direction for the answer. I am going to quit smoking, July 4th. I thought it a very good day to do this. I have bought a three stoned ring to ware to remind me of why I am quitting; for my health, my life ( I am facing surgery that for me is going to be risky,and my smoking just will make matters worse) and my loved ones. I would like to energize this ring with positive energy and strength to help me with what is going to be a difficult thing..breaking a habit that has been 30 plus years in forming. My question is, what would be the best way to do this? Thank you for any help you can give! Have a fun-filled and peaceful vacation!!Enjoy! 🙂 Blessing, Yvonne

    1. Post

      Good for you Yvonne. I’d say set a strong intention by using an affirmation in a meditation with this piece & do this everyday. This will strengthen your resolve as well as charge up the ring to assist you even more. Crystal Blessings!

  3. Hi! I gave a person an amethyst bought in Brasil and one day it suddenly turned black. I found nothing online with possible explanations to this phenomena, have you ever heard of this??? Thanks in advance.

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