Man Made Crystal-Stuffs: Orgonite, Andara, Aura Quartz | Fakes Series : Part 2

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Sometimes I tend to burst people’s bubbles with my scientific approach to working with crystals. Seems I have a slight aversion to working energetically or spiritually with many of the man-made “crystals”, devices & “stones” that may be whipped up in a lab.

mad scientist

I really am not 100% comfy with putting this out there but I keep getting questions about this stuffs & my opinion on working with them, so I figure I need to address it.

Secondly, let’s please remember that this is my opinion & how I feel. We are all beings of slightly varying vibrational frequencies so my reality may be different from your reality & therefore we may experience things differently so don’t take what I say as final…by any means.

Thirdly…I say this repeatedly & IT BEARS REPEATING…if it ain’t broke, please don’t fix it. If you successfully use any of these items & they are working well for you, please don’t stop. You’ve figured out what works for you being the brilliant wonder that you are. Please don’t let anyone else tell you any different!

Fourthly, I’m not saying that anything man made won’t work. And these devices might work GREAT! I just prefer a Mother Earth crystal or stone if there is one that I can use in a practical easy way that can achieve the same or better results.

OK, so here we go with the 3 most popular ones I get asked about…

Andara Crystals

Andara Crystals aka Monotomic Andara are said to be found only in in Northern California & South Africa; said to be a high vibrational soul enhancing crystal & said to be connected with a Lemurian temple complex.

In doing some investigating, I’ve discovered that they’re not a crystal at all but man-made discard glass (perhaps some are now making it purposely for sale as Andara), originally found in a California dump, commonly known as “slag” glass, the by-product of glass manufacturing.

Slag glass

Sometimes its called a “Crystal glass”. Technically, you can’t have a crystal glass. Its either one or the other. The very definition of a crystal means that the atoms are arranged in a geometrically perfect matrix. Whereas glass atoms are totally random.

In addition, Andara is said to be trademarked. That raises a little red flag for me. Just my HO. 😉 I’ll soon be bloggin’ my opinion on the trademarked crystals.

Here’s a site that goes into the metaphysical properties attributed to Andara.


“Orgone energy”, a type of force energy that is said to permeate the all & everything & is said to have the ability to balance & organize & even protect from computer EMF & wifi. “Orgone energy” is a theory attributed to 1930’s psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich.

Some of Reich’s students & followers experimented with making objects that seemed to harness this energy aka orgone generators. Some will even show you how to make your own “orgonite”.

Does orgonite work? Perhaps. I just prefer to use crystals to achieve the same results. 😉 For instance, I have a post here about How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing.

Aura Quartz Crystals

So what’s an aura quartz? They take a clear quartz crystal that’s been super-heated + bonded with various metals to get the variety of GORGEOUS iridescent colors we see on the market….so attractive to many of us. The process used is known as “vapor deposition”. The quartz is heated to almost 900 °C (1600 °F) in a vacuum chamber & then the metal vapor is added. The metal atoms fuse molecularly to the crystal’s surface (so, no, its longer silica), which gives the crystal an iridescent metallic luster. This high energy process molecularly bonds the gold to the crystal’s atoms. That’s a permanent bond between the crystal lattice + the metal molecules & changes the crystal on a molecular level.

I feel this does metaphysically weaken the aura quartz crystal’s energies in a big way.

aura quartz

Aura quartz crystal is natural quartz infused with pure gold.

So, you caught that, right?

This process does indeed alter & change the crystals molecularly.  I feel crystals that have been altered in this way have no connection with their original Dominant Oscillary Rate (vibrational frequency) & so, their ability to heal has been severely diminished or even destroyed.

angel aura

Angel aura is quartz bonded with either pure platinum or silver.

If Mother Earth didn’t cook it up in her kitchen…I just don’t feel its as powerful. What do you think?

flame aura

Flame or Rainbow aura is clear quartz bonded with the metals titanium and/or niobium.

And here, I’m going to repeat…b/c I think I had just better:

I’m not saying that anything man made won’t work. And these devices/crystals might work GREAT! I just prefer a Mother Earth crystal or stone if there is one that I can use in a practical easy way that can achieve the same or better results.

OK, so that’s my take on the subject. And I’m sure you have many opinions of your own to share, which I always love to hear. You know I always welcome a mature & respectful debate, Sweet Peas, so please comment below. Or if you’d simply just like to share your thoughts, that’s welcome too!

Super-Duper Crystal Blessings to you All!


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  1. 🙂 I can see how changing the molecular base would have a huge influence on the crystals healing properties, as in the aura crystals. Could this infusion of gold be beneficial if the crystal was reprogrammed?

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      1. I’m sorry but you clearly know nothing about quantum physics or alchemy. You are incorrect about orgonite and the aura crystals. I have no point of reference with the glass so I can’t speak to that.

        I will say that in the case of orgonite, not all orgonite is equal. Most of what is being made & sold on the internet is improperly made and I would agree that it is junk. However, when made properly, it is an amazing quantum healing tool that not only can heal body & mind but also is excellent EMF protection. In the case of the aura crystals, metals AMPLIFY energy, hence why metals are used in high tech electronics, weaponry, etc, etc. Then there is the alchemical change that creates something new that embodies the properties of all the elements involved.

        I must say that I was honestly shocked to see your opinion on these things and quite frankly it has diminished my view of your knowledge.

        1. Lana can you comment on this… I recently bought some crystals at a home decoration store they are true calcite, quartz, and celestite crystals however they’re all coated in a very thick resin or epoxy material. do you think that their qualities are diminished or being blocked by this coating ?

          1. You might look up Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D from the website Vesica. Some very interesting videos on how changed crystals lose their power. I’m not convinced about messing with the true vibration either. There are tests you can do apparently. 🌸 Yvonne

      2. I’m very late to the table on this subject, but Moldavite is highly regarded, but it is for the most part naturally created glass. What are your thoughts on this, please?
        Keep up your good work

    2. I Personally have found glass to have a much power as quartz crystals. I use quartz to help me with specific tasks and they are my friends. While I use glass to hold energy and do spell that my crystals don’t want to help me with. So I feel that glass is quartz without a consciousness.

    3. The metallic gas atoms bond only on the SURFACE of the crystal. The inside crystal lattice structure remains the same. It is the inside structure that gives it the unique piezoelectric property and the crystals ability to store, transmit and focus energy. So the vapour deposition process does not affect these abilities of the crystal. Besides metals like gold, platinum, silver etc ADD their own specific vibrational benefit. These are high vibration metals excellent for spirituality. Quartz being colorless will harmonise with all of these metals. Even though it is man-made but this particular work enhances quartz.

    4. I feel exactly the same about these man made stones. only the true real for me as well Thank you. Thank you for your insight on this topic.

  2. I am thrilled that you are covering this topic. We don’t carry any altered or man formed crystals in our shop simply because we have a small store and one of the fascinating things about crystals is that they are natural phenomenon. And I have wanted to ask you for AGES your opinion on trademarked stones- so I will be eagerly awaiting that article!!!!

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  3. I’ve been working with an aqua aura pendulum. It seems to me that the quartz amplifies the gold properties. Still not as strong as using a gold nugget and a natural crystal. So, IMO the crystal amplifies the coating applied a little. It seems to resinate more with the coatings properties.

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    2. lol, seems, working…. like we are talking about science here and not just talking crazy… minerals are amazing i dig that, i have huge collection… but people like this make me kinda sad that im belonging to same species as they.

      yeah, i know you will censor this… but really?
      i just got this cosmic “pompous ass” vibe from that reply and had to intervene. its karmic! ; )

      ps spirituality? healing? both? but with smile that stays for days? try changa then.

  4. While I love the pretty colors of the treated crystals and find orgonite fascinating and cool, I’m in total agreement with you in regards to working with natural crystals. I’m just not comfortable with any thing else although I have both orgonite and treated pieces as decoration. In fact, I’m wearing an orgonite chakra pendant right now with natural crystals in it and I’m pretty sure it’s the crystals energry I’m feeling not the orgonite (but it’s pretty and it starts conversations so it’s all good)!

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  5. I love aqua aura and have always been drawn to it. It has even come to me thru meditations! A lot of my customers request and I just placed an order! It is one of my all time favorites 🙂

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  6. One “crystal” I’ve always avoided is the goldstones. This began before I found out they were manufactured, I don’t even find them attractive and often wonder as to why they’ve ever been listed in crystal books.
    And I’ll also say, I do love the aura quartz, especially aqua and angel aura, but for everything I’ve ever read on them I’ve never felt the so called high vibe they are supposed to emit. But they are beautiful and the one I have wrapped is a good conversation starter. Perhaps that’s their special quality 😉
    Thank you for the article! <3

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  7. I think that it all depends, a lot has to do with how the healer and the one being healed feels about the crystal being used. I just think it’s important that people know if a crystal is man made or altered before they buy it or use it. I personally dont buy many of the altered ones as I find they crumble sometimes. All crystals go through a bit of rough and traumatic treatment before we get them usually.

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  8. Puts me in mind of GMO seeds. Man may be able to “improve” Mother Nature in some regards and in some cases ( such as some hybrid seeds) but I don’t feel that it’s always an improvement. Something is usually lost in the process. It seems that natural real substance is traded for the financial interest of those promoting the improvement. This is not always the case ( some hybrid seeds) but enough for me to steer clear of GMO seeds and manmade or ‘ improved’ crystals. Let it be said this is just my own humble opinion.

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  9. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Recently I purchased a Lightbrary crystal on EBay. Photos taken in the sun looked ok but when the crystal arrived, holding it in my hands it felt and looked “sad”. It was obviously heat treated to get the Smoky Citrine look but failed. It ended up with 85% internal clouds. I don’t think there is any way to reclaim its identity but would love to hear any ideas on how I might help this crystal friend. Blessings. Gaye

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      1. Thank you for the suggestion. I have never buried any of my crystals as I heard they can actually move a little depending on how deep you place them and was always worried I wouldn’t find them. I’ll rig up a barrier around the area down to about 6″ -10″ and I hope that will be sufficient and mark it with my favourite garden circle stone. At the moment it is in sea salt water surrounded by green and yellow tumblestones to give support. Just loving all the information! Blessed Be.

    2. Because crystals, like humans, are all “unique vibratory beings,” as sound healer Jonathan Goldman puts it, I would suggest meditating with this crystal and asking it and Spirit to give you insight on what would bring healing.
      It is lovely that you sense its need and want to respond to it. I am often drawn to acquire crystals that need healing in some way. I have very rarely been called to bury one, though that is certainly a valid option. The ones drawn to me usually want me to do reiki or other energy healing, or do sound healing. I do feel it is always best to “consult” and treat each crystal individually.
      I wish you success in healing and restoring your crystal!

      1. Greetings Susan. Thanks for your suggestion. I will certainly meditate with her. Perhaps in the garden and request Mother Earth’s energy as well help from the other Elements. As you mention, Crystals can be drawn to you and with this one, I do feel I’m there to help. I’ll go with my instincts together with appreciated suggestions and guidance from the Crystal and Spirits. Blessed Be. Gaye

  10. Funny how everyone’s experiences and opinons differ! I personally LOVE goldstones…especially blue goldstone! Don’t know why, know they are man-made, but there is something about the sparkles in the goldstones that I just love! That said-to me they are eye-candy-love looking at them sparkling, especially in the sun. I DON’T tend to use them for anything BUT eye-candy. Same with aqua-aura, and a few other treated clusters with bonded rainbow colors-they are gorgeous! For any work, however, I only use natural stones. Right now I am really into Arkansas Quartz, and have a guy on Ebay that is able to get the prettiest, AND most powerful quartz clusters I have ever seen!!! I have quite the collection of crystals and am learning how to use them. Would love to take your course, Hibiscus, but am trying to live on a very limited (SS Widow’s Benefits) budget and have even had to curtail my crystal buying! 🙁 Can’t find the Crystal Grid book I bought before all the money was gone! O well, in a box somewhere and I will find it eventually! Love your page and blogs! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Bright Blessings,
    ‘Connie Blackburn

  11. Thank you for posting this Stephanie. I have pondered the Aura Quartz issue for quite some time. I have used them with amazing results, but I too, do not adhere to the use of man made material, or altered either for that matter, except however, I do have, and use, the true Vogel wands. I never thought about the fusion of the metals changing the molecular structure, that changes things. I know I will not purchase any more of them now, so thanks for the info. I never bought into the whole Orgonite or Andara thing, it just never felt right, and I have done some research on them, so it is nice to get validation. Thanks for your article.

  12. Hi there to all my beautiful crystal friends out there, and especially to you Stephanie! I always said I would NEVER use anything but a natural crystal. I never liked the feel or energy from orgones, or anything but from mama earth. But never say never!!! I still almost always go to a natural stone, but the information I have been channeling the past few years is that as our energies are changing and the earth’s energies are changing, so too are the stones and crystals, so that they may accommodate us and the shift. There are now people out there who are receiving information about how we can do these treatments to the stones that will enhance their energy for the benefit of all. Having said that, there are a lot of people that are doing this just to make a buck and are “hurting” the stones, so know and trust your supplier. But IMO I have found aura quartz that has had extremely beneficial high energies, excellent for contact with angels and celestial beings, and very healing. But again I’ve also found it where it’s just felt “fried”. I think it can be an extremely high energy healing stone, and we can embrace the idea that other beings may be teaching us to enhance some stones properly, but it may take some time to work out the “bugs” and for the right people to be doing it for the right reasons. This is just my experience, try it for yourself and see how it feels to you. But again, trust your supplier. Let me know what you think!
    May you all receive an abundance of love and compassion- Shellee LaCombe, CCH, ATP

    1. Hi Shellee! I agree with what you had to say, I feel the same way. I tend to resonate most with natural crystals myself, but I do have some aqua aura, angel aura and purple/blue goldstone that I find to be *very* high energy and incredibly useful. It’s funny, too…a lot of what’s out there on the market is treated, and many people don’t realize it. The majority of “citrine” that’s for sale is heated amethyst, though you rarely see even some of the most reputable crystal shops state that fact. I’ve worked with the heated amethyst version as well as the natural and I definitely feel a difference, though I think that’s because the places I got the former were more concerned with making money than the energy of the crystals. I debated with myself for quite a while before purchasing my aqua aura, angel aura and purple/blue goldstone pieces. I’m glad I got them, in the end. My aqua aura and angel aura crystal skulls in particular are powerhouses that compare with any of the natural quartz in my possession (and I have a LOT of natural quartz! lol). This is a very interesting topic! Especially when you consider the extreme heat (and cold) that crystals are exposed to naturally. I’m sure, too, that some metal particles must fuse with crystals naturally over time. Of course, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Just as some folks can’t stand to be around black onyx, or other crystals. I used to get massive headaches holding black onyx when I was a teenager, and with every piece of jewelry I bought that had black onyx in it, the stone would inevitably crack or pop out. Now, black onyx and I get along just fine. I have some orgonite as well, that contains natural crystals. I personally find it to be so-so, but I can understand where it would work really well for others. I’m sensing that perspectives on this sort of thing are going to change quite a bit over the next few years, it’ll be exciting to see if I’m right! Blessings to all.

  13. As a medium and intuitive, I am drawn to crystals. There is a company that makes Sawarovski crystal bracelets and says that she charges them with angel connections. It makes the Indigo child in me so angry because it is lies!
    That said, I get attracted to, and enjoy working with aqua aura crystals.

  14. Hello, I was very interested in your opinion about altered stones and crystals. I too prefer the raw stone and then the tumbled/polished stone. However, I work with the altered stones by using their color and calling on the crystal’s spirit to aid me in my healing. I also Reiki my stones a lot and it really pumps up the power! So basically when I use the crystal beads (Swarovski, etc) I am generally working by the color vibration.There is spirit in everything, just waiting to serve us humans if they can! lol I am enrolled in a crystal healing class with Geoffrey Keyte but I have been having a very hard time learning as I cannot seem to retain anything (I have Multiple Sclerosis which affects my thinking and cognitive processes) so I tend to just go with spirit. I certainly admire your energy and dedication, young lady. You are a wonderful light warrior!

  15. I have always felt the same way. But I never knew that angel aura and aqua aura were man-made, or altered by man’s hands, which leaves me feeling doubtful about their having retained the powerful qualities of clear quartz. But, damn, how pretty they are! It is possible that they still have excellent value as a color therapy tools, at least. And, my God, Orgonite has polyester resin in it! ICK!!

  16. What a wonderful diversity of thoughts and experiences expressed here! I’d just like to add a bit of my own story.
    My very first pendulum was an aqua aura quartz. I could feel her energy “fizz” in my hand from our very first encounter, and that was the beginning of my journey into clairsentience and communicating with crystals. This pendulum and her companion aqua aura cluster have been powerful healers and allies in my own spiritual development and my work with others as an intuitive healer and reader, and the spirit of the pendulum has even become one of my guides from the crystal realm.
    So again, it seems to me that our perceptions and interactions with human-altered crystals are quite individual. I admit that it grieves me to know that people subject crystals to such extreme processes solely to make them more appealing to OUR eyes, with no regard for the inherent beauty and powers of the natural crystal.
    When we all fully “wake up” spiritually, most if not all of these practices will end–and I’ll be glad for that! But at this time, many “altered” crystals exist with their gifts intact or even enhanced due to some metaphysical alchemy that we can’t fully understand from a strictly 3-D perspective, I see it as testimony to the incredible love and perseverance of Spirit manifesting within physical forms and even overriding human interference. Love truly does conquer all.

    1. I had a angel aura pendulum and I felt the same as you !
      Time to share MY story.
      I went into my local crystal shop and went to buy a beautiful, sparkly malachite , to find it had been sold. Suddenly this crystal was shouting at me and soon I could not resist . I now meditate with this carnelian every day.
      Crystals are amazing and everyone should love crystals like us fellow CRYSTAL HOTTIES! 🙂

  17. I love your article. I have a very deep relationship with Aqua Aura, but I do understand why you choose to avoid it. My personal take is that because we each have a certain type of vibration, the vibrations from the crystals we choose (or that choose us) tend to be the ones that complement that vibration. I had a dream where Aqua Aura came to me (though in the dream it was called Golden Quartz but was the iridescent blue of AA). So maybe Aqua Aura came to me and helps me when I work with certain energies – in particular healing and meditation – and it enhances my work. And maybe the same happens with you and different crystals that I probably wouldn’t be able to resonate with because our vibrations and frequencies are different. I don’t know if that makes sense lol…

    I don’t like the Orgonite though… and have avoided Andara for the same reasons as you (in particular, the trademark).

  18. Thank you so much for this post. I have been wondering what you thought about Andaras. I appreciate the knowledge of the oxymoron of the term “Crystal Glass”. 🙂 I haven’t seen that term in my dealings with Andara but it’s so good to know. My friends and I have been working (healing) with them for some time now and have had very good results. I even cured my heartburn one evening with a higher heart Andara! 😀

    As you said…”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, so we’ll carry on. Thanks again so much for your views on these crystals.

    Bright Blessings,

  19. I found myself in agreement with everything I recall just reading. I prefer raw stones (just a personal preference). I don’t really have any attraction to the man made stuff other than it is pretty.
    I do have spheres, shaped crystal wands, egg shaped, fetish carvings and so forth but I mostly use them to set energy in a room.
    With that said, metaphysical training has taught me it is all energy and able to be utilized in pretty much any way you choose. The trained person could hold a blade of grass and perform psychic surgery for instance. In some instances the physical materials present may be little more than props to be seen while the unseen is performed.
    I do however have a glass wand, a supposed smoky quartz a little larger than my fist and tabular but very uniform throughout and I have a blue quartz pendant I got from my mother in the mid 80’s that she told me was likely irradiated to make that color…..but it felt right.

    To each their own! I say if it works for you, go with it.

  20. So true, Vance:

    With that said, metaphysical training has taught me it is all energy and able to be utilized in pretty much any way you choose. The trained person could hold a blade of grass and perform psychic surgery for instance. In some instances the physical materials present may be little more than props to be seen while the unseen is performed.

  21. I do think crystals are affected by bonding and don’t give off the lovely healing energy and I always remember when choosing my crystals , ENERGY COMES BEFORE LOOKS ( of course that sometimes doesn’t work e.g when I saw AutumnStarMoon ‘s crystals on YouTube !)

  22. I much prefer to work with Mother Earths natural beautys and would’nt feel comfortable having something that has been altered in my collection of treasures. But as you said, if it works for others who are happy then so be it 😀

  23. You have a very interesting point. Crystals are wonderful perfection formed in the chaos of creation. So their natural energy is something to be revered, and respected.
    However, I’d like to offer a different opinion if I may. I believe that “manufactured” crystals, like those you have mentioned, do serve their own purpose. I think of it like this: God/Universe blessed us with the ability to learn and manipulate nature in a way that allows us to thrive. Where once, a severe wound would have been a death sentence, we now have the knowledge of how to heal the wound with medical advancements. More to that fact, Nature gives us grain, which is good, but mankind figured out how to make bread from that grain. The grain is completely changed, but it serves a whole new purpose, and is now useful and beneficial to mankind. Few would consider that “playing God” or “going against nature”.
    Anyway my point is I believe that science (humanity’s understanding and intellect) and Mother Nature can work together. Nature provides the raw materials, and humans use them to create something new and equally as useful.
    This is just an opinion! I totally and completely respect your views on the subject! Like you said, everyone has their own feelings and knows what works best for them. And there is certainly a lot of gray area when learning what crystals you are comfortable and not comfortable working with. I personally have had wonderful experience working with Aura quartz. But I’m sure it’s not for everyone.
    Thank you for your input on the subject!

  24. Recently an Angel Aura Lemurian Seed weighing only 16 ct or about 3 grams was sold on EBay for $81.00. The seller quoted in his sales description – “Many people mistakenly think that this process diminishes the energies, however, Robert Simmons & I have both verified through personal experience that it has dramatically enhanced the Lemurian energies as well as added new properties! This crystal has been charged and cleansed in the recent full moon, which is known to dramatically increase a crystals power! This is an extremely powerful crystal! The energy it gives and what it can do for you will astound you!!” I am not judging as I am not an expert but YOUR comments make a lot of sense. If the colour and integrity of a crystal is artificially changed in my opinion, some of it’s metaphysical attributes may very well change. Sometimes a crystal sings to you for a purpose not related to its “norm” and colour and I have many favourites like that. I also unknowlingly bought some Citrine that had been treated and it felt “burnt out” and sad. Some Aura quartz look really pretty. I guess we all make our choices but love your stand on it.

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  26. Thank you so much Hibiscus Moon! Much appreciate the research you have done and the time and energy to publish your findings. I, for one, want to know what is being advertised and sold … and what it is really made of and what’s been done to it. Again THANK YOU and BLESSINGS for your scientific research! Keep it coming!!!

  27. I generally only believe what I experience. I am an empath which is why I am addicted to stones. Such an easy way, when you are sensitive to energies to fix a little issue by exposing yourself to something of a different vibration. That having been said, all stones are different. All emeralds are not alike. Some stones you pick up are energetically depleted or sometimes past the point where they can be cleansed due to whatever or whoever they have been in contact with. Not all diamonds or any mineral are necessarily worth buying no matter what they look like. Synthetic stones feel like glass- not having any specific vibration except the general stuff from being touched. BUT I have seen lab grown stones that have the real thing as the base that hold as much of the energy that they are supposed to. I have one Sapphire that is like that, that is just as powerful as any real very expensive sapphire that I have seen. There is some real truth to the aqua aura quartz stuff. Something about the fact that it is married to gold maybe? I don’t know. I just know that from an energetic viewpoint it is some powerful stuff.

  28. Thanks for covering this topic! I figured aura quartz crystals were man-altered.. I agree 100% with you! And I’d rather not waste my money on stones that aren’t straight from mother earth! Thanks again for this article! 🙂

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  32. This is a great site and very helpful post, thank you. I disagree with nothing that you said, but I just wanted to mention that concerning the aura crystals, the metallic deposition is only on the surface, not inside; it does not penetrate the crystal. This is basically still a quartz crystal with a bonded coating. I’m sure it changes a great deal energetically, but it does not change the quartz into something else, it’s still quartz, and if topaz is used, it’s still topaz, though perhaps no longer useful for energetic healing. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the coating created interference of some sort, or even a form of “poisoning” so that a coated crystal might not be useful at all.

  33. Oh wow! I know I’m late to seeing this, but I just wanted to say THANX! You are preachin’ to the choir here! I have been saying these same things for a long time now. Glad to see someone else thinking it too! 😀

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  35. i like your site and your honesty i have several andara crystals and have wondered how they got to look like broken glass.i have felt some energy coming from a couple of them. i also have a aqua crystal a beautiful blue triangle pendent .
    do you sell crystals?

  36. Thanks for all the great information. I work with Andara crystals, most often while sleeping. I have three, each extremely unique in ways I could never make up if I tried. Most Andaras are fake, true. Even a site that swears they are Lady Nellie certified is a fake site! I wish you addressed them more than just stating they are from a dump. Nonetheless, maybe better to deter people from Andaras, as there are way more fakes out there than real ones. Also, being a steward of an Andara is a big responsibility. Blessings!

  37. I Believe in the power of the earth, but i imagine what if you could learn from the Earth to create things like it. Use our technology to create things just as Our planet does.

    Now to my idea, What if we were able to create a pure SiO2 Quartz Oscillator that was 10 feet by 5 feet wide. Suspend it in a magnetic holder then set up multiple quarts resonators in 5X by 3X atoms thick rings up the main oscillator, would we be able to resonate in the GHZ?
    Better still if created a huge copper dynamo on the bottom, would we be able to essentially pull energy from our very core?

    What i am talking about is not just a human energy cleanser, i am talking about a planetary energy cleanser. It’s time, time to help heal the world.

    We have the technology, and we have the imagination, and we have the will.

  38. Me neither When purchasing crystals Im Always Draw to their energy but imported from a friend a crystal the aqua aura quartz… and I don’t feel the energy ( also my opinion but hey that’s me) and I do not see the Beauty of it sorry that I did when looking at a picture before But and the rough touch crystal puts me off must say Deffo not my favourite but hey My opinion just Loved the explanation by the way Thank you

  39. GREEN Aura Crystal Titanium Silicon CLUSTER Crystal Rainbows…I just received my first piece of crystal in this category; Weds. Aug. 24th 2016. My Angels are wanting me to share My Knowledge..what I’ve been shown. I know when I hold a True Crystal exactly what I should be feeling, sensing, experiencing. I Am VERY finely attuned to them for Crystals are Known As The God Stones. This was the “very first images & info I was shown & taught about during my death experience on Oct. 30th 1992”. Since childhood I’ve had a strong attractions to Stones & every time I tried to learn about them I was blocked. I knew “They” would one day explain why They did this w/me. And They did when I died For Knowing nothing about the Real Properties & Purposes of Stones..especially very specific ones such as Crystals..then My Knowledge gained via my death experience is Trustworthy & Authentic. This also naturally explains Christ’s statement, “I tell you if man does not praise me the “Stones/Rocks” surely will..!” Put a Crystal on over your heart & it will magnify Your Energy(s)/Aura. This is very prevalent when you take it’ll have a sense of something “leaving” you. Stand in front of a mirror put the Crystal on…watching closely…then remove it. Do this several times & you will see the incredible change of “Brightening Up”. Where does the Earth get it Energy(s)..what propels the earth…where do all plants, animals, life get their energy to be alive…From Crystals, Diamonds, Rubies, etc. So…removing these from the earth is like turning the light switch off. Since this process completely changes the Crystal(s) on the “Molecular Level”… I’m holding a “DEAD CRYSTAL/CHILD”. It is like having the Innocence of a Child taken away. So now I have a dead child…and I can feel My Soul grieving for this once Magnificent Life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & helping ppl to understand what these thugs are doing w/our Earth Children. Namaste My Sistah’s n Brutha’s.

  40. Can you do an article/post about fake fluorites? I’m in the market for a fluorite tower, but I’m having trouble determining what’s authentic. I know that they are on the softer end of the Mohs scale, but i need more help.
    There are so many fakes out there!! And like you, I only like to work with crystals or minerals that have not been altered.

  41. Greetings, and interesting to read the comments posted. My suggestion would be to first place the crystals that you acquire onto a bed of Amethyst. This WILL transmute and heal anything that requires healing and realign the crystals with their pure essence. Blessings.

  42. I believe that glass is natural in some way as is made out of sand and sand is Earth. We are drawn to what we are and we should stick to that whether it’s a crystal in its rawest form or a piece of broken bottle found on the beach. There’s a reason and time for everything

    1. I also meant to add that … (although I have only tried a few orgonite items, and don’t know much…) I believe one really nice benefit to the orgonite is that it is a way to share the properties of crystals to larger groups of people, as well the ability to use small amounts of some very expensive, or rare crystals (which, I’m sure many of which are not ethically sourced in many ways). So, maybe it’s both less environmentally invasive and (potentially) less exploiting to some who retrieve crystals? I’m not sure. I have to research more, but this was one of my impressions. Something to ponder? (Although I’m guilty of using the real thing!!) Just something to consider!

  43. Hello, thanks for opening this discussion. I, too, read this article a while back, and thought that I would never purchase altered crystals, but…
    since then I have purchased and experimented with a few! And… I’ve been very pleased with the results! My dog loves aqua aura for her thymus. She has problems with her neck and chooses her crystals all of the time. After using the aura quartzes, I don’t feel that it is a coincidence that man/woman and Mother Earth are working together to create something to help each other! Besides… Has anyone seen this? This crystal healer measured the energy fields of the aura quartzes, and measured them to expand much, much more than without? I thought this was interesting…
    I felt similar with some of them in my hands. Also… Melody had some very positive things to say about aqua aura + angel aura… and.. she is my girl! And Judy Hall, too! I just purchased my first blue goldstone! I haven’t felt it yet (bought it online) – but, it honestly just looks beautiful – like the galaxy, so regardless of if I can feel it (we’ll see!) it has a therapeutically visual effect. Also.. what does anyone think of Fire and Ice quartz? Have not (yet) purchased yet, but, again Judy Hall had really positive things to say! So… I’ve shifted my opinion! Has any one else? Thanks again!

  44. I am new to crystals, and I accidentally got a titanium-oxide-coated black kyanite fan thinking it was blue kyanite. I know something was strange when it looked different from the blue kyanite earrings I got later. Rather than be disappointed, I let it speak to me. It’s black kyanite wearing a peacock party dress, and it couldn’t be happier! It loves being pretty, it came to me on purpose, and I’ll be wrapping it and wearing it as a necklace. I wouldn’t necessarily try to buy an altered crystal on purpose, but I wouldn’t reject something the universe brings my way, either! All my other crystals are raw / unpolished, but I’m happy to have this peacock kyanite fan to wear. You just can’t argue with the level of joy that crystal feels! It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.

  45. Orgone FYI

    If it is made correctly you can put a volts meter to it and get a reading. I made a small piece and tested this out myself so I am simply passing on first hand knowledge. Who knows what the implications of that means because i do not. I know the theory behind it, but if thats true is anyones guess.

  46. Hi! @Lana is correct. I think it would be best if we do some research first before we get our opinions out there. Having an informed thought is always better. Also I have noticed that you didn’t thank her for her two cents unlike any others. That bothers me a lot as much as your gramatical error in using the word “STUFFS” where it should only be stuff. Sorry but I cannot help but try to help. Interesting topic though. More power!

  47. I am freaking sensitive to all energies, crystals and gems in particular. I have collected rocks my whole life … they “call me” from across the room at lapidary shows. I communicate with and receive higher wisdom all day every day. Crystals aren’t the only thing, my sensing/feeling/knowing body is so well tuned, I can instantly pick up on whether something is beneficial or detrimental. I can hold a crystal and I begin to sweat and the stone heats up. Other stones feel cold or pulse or a million other things. With Andaras, I feel absolutely nothing. Nothing. No feeling happens, no information comes through, absolutely nada. I’m definitely not the only one. If what Karen from another groups says is true, that some “work” and others don’t, I have clearly never experienced true andara. Someone else mentioned that the hardness of the stone actually shifts with the presence of something they call Prima Matra. I’m very curious if that person has actually tested hardness of the crystals they are working with? I’m not trying to be antagonistic. I operate almost exclusively through intuition. At the same time, I am an engineer. So when people start making scientific claims, I want to see proof. Anyone can say anything about anything. And the people wishing to sell metaphysical tools make a whole lot of claims. Sadly, many are just made up nonsense. I use a lot of tools. Thank heavens I’ve finely-tuned myself enough to know what is genuine and what is not.

    On the flip side, I know aura quartz is done through a man-made process. And yet, I can actually feel, and those with psychic vision can see, a massive shift in my energy field when I put on my giant aqua aura quartz pendant necklace. Unlike what I don’t feel with andara, with aura quartz, I feel a lot. Perhaps the quartz was programmed … because it can be. Or perhaps I am resonating with the gold. Regardless, at least there is a feeling that comes with that stone. Unlike the andaras I’ve experienced.

  48. Good morning!

    Thank you for your work! I have enjoyed your scientific perspective on crystal healing for many years, and always recommend your crystal grid book to newbies. 🙂

    I would love to read (or watch!) your thoughts on lab-grown gemstones! Molecularly, are they the same as their earth-grown cousins? Do you feel they carry any of the same vibrations?

  49. I agree wholeheartedly. I have instinctively felt the same over a lifetime of working with crystals, before I even knew what I was doing. I have had the same aversion in terms of how I feel (or rather don’t feel) when around them, energetically and intellectually.
    That said, all things do hold energy and I have found a rare few that found a home here with me. Though, those seem to have been temporary residences. 🙂 Nature has no lasting rival in my experience and opinion.
    I echo your feelings on each finding and working with what they feel is right. I further feel you have left this space as open as possible for each to find their own way. The only way it should be.
    I found your article in searching for this specific topic as a reference to my own feelings that were highlighted recently. Thanks for putting this out there.

    1. P.S. On Slag: I’ve got the heart and some large chunks of green slag dug up from my brother’s yard in Pennsylvania which was created by lightening strike. Beautiful pieces and meaningful in certain energetic symbolism. I would consider these made by nature and though potentially good conductors of energy, not quite amplifiers or radiators of their own unique frequency.

  50. I’ll have to disagree about the aura stones, at least ones that are made with pureness and integrity. But in general I agree that trademarks and special coatings are for profit margins only! I find the aura stones powerful..enhanced and not depleted. I concur with Naisha Ahsian in Book of Stones on this one. Perhaps one day there will be a way to measure! Until then I go with my experience 🙂 Thanks HM always love to hear your take!

  51. Thank you so much for addressing this topic! As a graduate gemologist, I have been “turned off” by fakes and marketing gimmicks for years. My first reactions to Orgonite was, “wow, I wonder how many people have been suckered into buying that stuff?” Don’t get me wrong – the pieces are really pretty and affordable, but I can’t understand how they would even transmit energy through the resin (a.k.a. plastic.) Isn’t plastic used as an insulation material on things like extension cords, etc? I would much rather use the crystals just as Momma Nature made them.

  52. Hmmm. As an analyst with a background in geology and mineralogy, I do not subscribe to the “healing energies” bit. I DO know there is a spiritual realm, and there is much we humans do not understand about that area. I consider myself a spiritual person, and as such respect the folks responding here and each of your individual journeys. For me, this metaphysical side is a bit too far-fetched. But like I said, none of us know it all and each of us is on this journey called Life. May we each find the Truth in our Journeys.

    HOWEVER, that said, what *really* bugs me is when man-made or man-altered rocks and minerals are marketed as “Natural” or “Real”. I appreciate your candor and effort to address the differences, and make clear to me that, for example, “angel aura quartz” is a manufactured (man-altered) specimen, not a purely natural occurrence. I leave the debate about energy and frequency effectiveness those for whom it matters. I just appreciate Truth in advertising, and appreciate your post… 🙂

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