Sometimes I tend to burst people’s bubbles with my scientific approach to working with crystals. Seems I have a slight aversion to working energetically or spiritually with many of the man-made “crystals”, devices & “stones” that may be whipped up in a lab.

mad scientist

I really am not 100% comfy with putting this out there but I keep getting questions about this stuffs & my opinion on working with them, so I figure I need to address it.

Secondly, let’s please remember that this is my opinion & how I feel. We are all beings of slightly varying vibrational frequencies so my reality may be different from your reality & therefore we may experience things differently so don’t take what I say as final…by any means.

Thirdly…I say this repeatedly & IT BEARS REPEATING…if it ain’t broke, please don’t fix it. If you successfully use any of these items & they are working well for you, please don’t stop. You’ve figured out what works for you being the brilliant wonder that you are. Please don’t let anyone else tell you any different!

Fourthly, I’m not saying that anything man made won’t work. And these devices might work GREAT! I just prefer a Mother Earth crystal or stone if there is one that I can use in a practical easy way that can achieve the same or better results.

OK, so here we go with the 3 most popular ones I get asked about…

Andara Crystals

Andara Crystals aka Monotomic Andara are said to be found only in in Northern California & South Africa; said to be a high vibrational soul enhancing crystal & said to be connected with a Lemurian temple complex.

In doing some investigating, I’ve discovered that they’re not a crystal at all but man-made discard glass (perhaps some are now making it purposely for sale as Andara), originally found in a California dump, commonly known as “slag” glass, the by-product of glass manufacturing.

Slag glass

Sometimes its called a “Crystal glass”. Technically, you can’t have a crystal glass. Its either one or the other. The very definition of a crystal means that the atoms are arranged in a geometrically perfect matrix. Whereas glass atoms are totally random.

In addition, Andara is said to be trademarked. That raises a little red flag for me. Just my HO. 😉 I’ll soon be bloggin’ my opinion on the trademarked crystals.

Here’s a site that goes into the metaphysical properties attributed to Andara.


“Orgone energy”, a type of force energy that is said to permeate the all & everything & is said to have the ability to balance & organize & even protect from computer EMF & wifi. “Orgone energy” is a theory attributed to 1930’s psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich.

Some of Reich’s students & followers experimented with making objects that seemed to harness this energy aka orgone generators. Some will even show you how to make your own “orgonite”.

Does orgonite work? Perhaps. I just prefer to use crystals to achieve the same results. 😉 For instance, I have a post here about How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing.

Aura Quartz Crystals

So what’s an aura quartz? They take a clear quartz crystal that’s been super-heated + bonded with various metals to get the variety of GORGEOUS iridescent colors we see on the market….so attractive to many of us. The process used is known as “vapor deposition”. The quartz is heated to almost 900 °C (1600 °F) in a vacuum chamber & then the metal vapor is added. The metal atoms fuse molecularly to the crystal’s surface (so, no, its longer silica), which gives the crystal an iridescent metallic luster. This high energy process molecularly bonds the gold to the crystal’s atoms. That’s a permanent bond between the crystal lattice + the metal molecules & changes the crystal on a molecular level.

I feel this does metaphysically weaken the aura quartz crystal’s energies in a big way.

aura quartz

Aura quartz crystal is natural quartz infused with pure gold.

So, you caught that, right?

This process does indeed alter & change the crystals molecularly.  I feel crystals that have been altered in this way have no connection with their original Dominant Oscillary Rate (vibrational frequency) & so, their ability to heal has been severely diminished or even destroyed.

angel aura

Angel aura is quartz bonded with either pure platinum or silver.

If Mother Earth didn’t cook it up in her kitchen…I just don’t feel its as powerful. What do you think?

flame aura

Flame or Rainbow aura is clear quartz bonded with the metals titanium and/or niobium.

And here, I’m going to repeat…b/c I think I had just better:

I’m not saying that anything man made won’t work. And these devices/crystals might work GREAT! I just prefer a Mother Earth crystal or stone if there is one that I can use in a practical easy way that can achieve the same or better results.

OK, so that’s my take on the subject. And I’m sure you have many opinions of your own to share, which I always love to hear. You know I always welcome a mature & respectful debate, Sweet Peas, so please comment below. Or if you’d simply just like to share your thoughts, that’s welcome too!

Super-Duper Crystal Blessings to you All!