Is it Wrong to Charge Money as an Energy Healer?

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money energy healer

This is really a Part 2 of my blog post on How to Make More Money as an Energy Healer. Part 1 is over here if you haven’t read that yet.

This part addresses the simple fact that many energy healers & light workers out there find themselves struggling to earn enough to make ends meet. AND part of the reason is that there are some cultural beliefs that we shouldn’t be charging for doing this work.

Am I right?

I see many in our community:

  • under-valuing
  • under-charging
  • over-delivering
  • & ultimately burning themselves the frick out.

Sound familiar?

It’s really a sad situation & one that I’m passionate about eradicating!

It doesn’t have to be that way

I’m here to tell you can approach your business in a sacred, joyful & conscious way while still highly valuing what you do.

money energy healer

Over the years on this sacred crystal biz path, I’ve heard my share of negative comments (yeah, both directed at me & others in our community)… people angry that someone is earning a healthy income as a healer or, Heaven Forbid… that I’m earning my living teaching and certifying others in becoming Crystal Healers.

Their usual argument is that being a light worker of any sort is “a gift” and, therefore, you shouldn’t charge others if you’re truly working to help and serve others.

I have to say here & now that I think THAT is the biggest load of dookie I’ve ever heard!

In the beginning, these sort of attacks would wobble my resolve; make me feel insecure, start questioning things & make me wonder if I was doing something morally wrong in some way. Deep down I knew I wasn’t, but people attacking you can make you question yourself. Know what I mean?

Then I stopped and asked myself…

Wait a FREAKING minute! Why are the gifts of our doctors, lawyers, accountants OK to be charged for, yet the gifts of light workers and energy healers are not???

(BTW, I have an entire blog post dedicated to my take on this whole charging money for your gifts, over here.)

I’m here to tell you that not only is it OK to charge for your services, but it’s necessary. Unless you’re independently wealthy. Then, yes, please do serve others charitably as much as you can.

Not only is it necessary, but I also feel it’s gratifying in many ways. You must know & value your worth for others to recognize, support & appreciate it. Hey, you’re providing a much sought after, value-driven service or fulfilling a great need for someone.

money energy healer

In addition, in order to make big change for our planet we need to earn well so we have the means to make big change happen. If I want to be as philanthropic as I am (and intend on being for the rest of my life here on Mama Earth) then I need to earn the funds in order to support that habit, don’t I?

If this really isn’t sitting right with you… if you still think I’m greedy for thinking the way I do… that’s fine. We don’t need to agree. And you’re not going to change my mind. Further, I’ll tell you what…

You’re gonna continue to struggle financially in your healing biz as long as you stay planted in that lack-mindset. That’s a fact. Law of Attraction, Baby.

Sorry, but that’s just how the Universe works. So, if you’ve made peace with that, then quit reading here, b/c the rest of this blog post ain’t for you.

However, if you’ve decided that you want to end the burn-out & struggle then I’d like to offer you some specific steps you can take to move in the direction of releasing any money-shame-game so you can set yourself up for SUCCESS!

Mindset Shift

Over the years, through experience, education, mentoring, coaching (both giving & receiving) & the modeling of others I admire, I’ve gained a great understanding around this topic of earning money as a healer. Here’s the secret:

I HIGHLY VALUE what I do…. and that’s the KEY to others highly valuing it too!

In order to overcome this hurdle, you must shift your mindset around earning money as a healer. You have to feel it in your heart that it’s not only OK to make a good living, but that you WANT IT in a big way! ❤

money energy healer

Next, you have to think of WHY you want it in a big way. The “why” is different for everyone.

Me? I have 2 main reasons:

  1. Making a good living allows me to be happy & enjoy what I do so that I don’t get burned out & quit. If that were to happen to me or you, then no one gets served by what we provide, right? A prosperous income allows you to live, serve & give abundantly doing what you love & all while being authentically YOU! And feeling so well supported in it, that your passion never burns out. Your energy will be gracefully balanced.
  2. As I already mentioned, another huge motivator for me is philanthropy. I feel sacred business can & should be a force for good in the world… allowing you the opportunity to give in all the ways that you see fit, supporting causes that you believe in… in ways that you never imagined possible! Because you can afford to do so. ♥

“…a reverent businessman or businesswoman is a person who infuses a new energy into the archetype of entrepreneur, shifting it from a dynamic that is motivated by profits that are generated by serving others to a dynamic of serving others that is made possible by profits.” ~ author Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul

A nice side effect of this mindset shift is that you become a Prosperity Attraction Magnet! The Law of Attraction attracts more prosperity & abundance to you with ease. You’ll see.

Give Back

Having my HIGH VALUE mindset doesn’t mean that I never give freely of my services to those who cannot afford them.

money energy healer

I provide very specific avenues for that giving:

  • I create consistent free content that I publish on my blog on a bi-weekly basis (like this!) I have many followers who don’t purchase my course or products, but just like to consume my content. That’s great & I welcome it. This is how I get to serve them! 🙂
  • I give away a number of scholarships each year to my Certified Crystal Healer Course to those who cannot afford the tuition. We recently gave away NINE scholarships for 2017!
  • We offer convenient payment plans for my signature course.
  • My company gives very generously through our give back charitable donations.
  • In addition to my company-wide supported charities chosen by me, The Sparkle Team also get to individually choose charities they choose to support in this world so they also get to contribute to causes that are important to them.

You can think up other ways that you can give back and then create solid boundaries around them & stick to them.

I mean that last bit about solid boundaries! Create very tight systems, scripts & processes around exactly HOW you will give back & when, how many, how often, etc… and stick to it like molasses b/c if you don’t… you’ll find yourself being taking advantage of and burned out all over again.

By giving back in specific ways that you’ve predetermined, you’re being of service to those that truly need you and you’ll be feeling really good & solid about it, less likely to waver. You’ll be doing your part by generously contributing and serving others.

Plus… coming up with avenues to give back & provide for those in need removes any lingering useless guilt around earning a good living from your healing services… another nice side effect.

Keep Good Company

We’re so easily influenced by others with this money mindset stuff, aren’t we? If you have a group of friends you hang out with or a Facebook Group you belong to who have strong & outspoken opinions that charging for your services is wrong then it will most certainly start to rub off on you.

Have you noticed that happening?

Do you feel ashamed telling them about what you do or an event you have coming up or something new you’re selling? Yeah… peer pressure is very powerful stuffs in this arena! Some in our community can be oh-so-judgemental about it. Can’t they?

money energy healer

You’ll need to be very mindful of your relationships and who you’re spending time with & how they may be influencing your thoughts & opinions on this. Are they benefiting you or bringing you down?

It’s best to limit or eliminate your time with negative people and instead find others who value your worth just as much as you do.

Learn to Surf

Money is simply the bartering tool that’s preferred in our society today. It’s just how our world works at the moment. Money is simply another form of energy.

You can try to buck the system & make things harder on yourself than they need to be or you can learn to “surf the waves”.

Earning money… good money from your healing practice should not make you feel ashamed, uncomfy or slimy!

I’ve been in my sacred crystal biz earning a great living with Hibiscus Moon, LLC for over 8 years now. I finally decided to leave my full-time teaching job mid-way through 2012 b/c my biz was already super-successful.  I had to choose. I chose & happily never looked back.

If you want to learn more about how to be successful in your energy healer biz, surrounded by a Mastermind community of like-minded biz owners to support you, I share it all, everything I’ve learned over my last 8 years you may be interested in my Professional Level of the Certified Crystal Healer Course where my highly acclaimed Mastermind Program is thrown in for FREE with my signature Certified Crystal Healer Course.

Among many other topics I cover in that Mastermind Program, I’ll be teaching you:

  • How to make it easy for your clients & customers to purchase from you
  • specific ways to increase your income now; leveraging your time, passive income & how to perfectly package what you offer
  • Discover a range of sacred & successful strategies to leverage & deliver your divine gifts, services, messages and/or products to your tribe in ways that allow you to FLOURISH!
  • How to get out of overwhelm & kick procrastination to the curb
  • How to creatively re-package your existing offers & create premium packages that allow your unique gifts, talents & abilities to SPARKLE while getting your tribe to truly VALUE what you’re worth!
  • How to create offers, services, products & packages that appeal to our new age community… stuff your tribe will love & will sell like hot cakes.

Check it out here.

So, tell me Crystal Hottie? Have others berated you for wanting to earn a healthy income from your gifts? Do you value yourself, your gifts and all that you have to offer? It’s time to shine, Sparkly One and lift each other up. Please tell us in the comments below?

Your unique brand of healing, energy or support is needed in the world & you deserve to be joyous & successful doing it!♥

~Hibiscus Moon

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  1. Hello Hibiscus Moon!

    Do I need to be a massage therapist, reiki, or some other kind of healer to have a successful cyrstal healing business? Would love to know your comments & insight on this.

    With Gratitude

    1. Post
  2. To be honest we’re not supposed to be charging hefty prices for energy healing..the gift was giving to us to be a blessing
    And when your a blessing to others your needs get met
    That is the Law of Attraction
    That’s God’s law
    It’s really supposed to be by donation
    And if a person can’t afford it
    Not a payment plan..just be a blessing
    I’ve never lacked anything by being a blessing
    As a matter of fact I always get double or triple blessings because of how I operate
    Bills paid extra money for whatever I want

    1. If a person has been given the given the blessing of being able to speak persuasively, or the gift of being able to program software like a whiz kid, or was born as a math prodigy — should they not be able to charge for sharing their skills? Ah, but you’ll probably say that they went to public speaking classes, or college to find-tune the programming and math skills, so they should be paid back for their investment. It seems to me that many, many energy healers have invested time, money, and effort in perfecting their skills as well, and deserve to be paid outright, not have to beg for a donation like someone on the street. They’re not monks or panhandlers – they’re making use of a skill they have perfected.

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    2. Post

      Tiffany, I have to disagree with you however I don’t disagree with your right to do it this way at all. No judgements and many blessings to you. But when you say this is what we’re “supposed to” do… that I cannot go along with.

      1. I had a pastor once who saw me for spiritual direction, something I am gifted in and have trained in for over a decade. He appreciated our work together, but at one point he admitted that he found it odd that I charged for my spiritual work. I lovingly asked him if he got paid to be a preacher/pastor. All he could say was, “Wow. Yes! I get it.” He was a quick study. Love to all.

  3. Hello, Hibiscus Moon! And other Crystallites out there!

    Of course it is appropriate for light workers to charge for their services. Those who say otherwise are part of the problem, agents of the dominator culture we’ve been living in. Thankfully, that is changing.

    I would love to establish a crystal healing practice. I greatly appreciate your free material. A Great gift!

    Currently though, I have no resources, even to take your basic course, which I have wanted to do for several years. No money, and actually, no human connections. Everyone in my life was negative and harmful.

    I have been ill for a couple of years–all right, I’ve lived with mental illness all my life, and sometimes it gets really bad so that I can hardly function.

    I’ve always been connected to Spirit and loving my crystals, shells, and rocks, though.

    Obviously I have lots of work to do on myself, but I cannot wait too long for that or nothing else will grow.

    All that to ask a question. Do you think it appropriate for someone in my position and condition to think about healing?

    And another: I’ve always been closer to animals than humans. Is crystal healing good for animals?

    Apologies for this novelette. I always write long! Thank you!

    1. Post

      Crystal Blessings to you Pamela. ((HUGS)) I ABSOLUTELY think someone like you should be thinking about healing as you say. You have so much to teach and offer others. In fact, I’m writing a blog post about this topic right now! Hope you get a chance to read it and take something from it. Yep, crystal healing + animals go hand in hand. I teach a whole class dedicated just to that in my CCH course. ♥

    2. OMG, Pamela! Are you my twin? :))) You have so much to give, girl! I can tell, I know exactly how it is! People who suffered in life are always gifted. They have a gift of understanding!
      Diagnosed with chronic anxiety and depression… Unemployed for four years… Living in one bedroom apartment with 13 cats… Betrayed and abandoned by someone who you thought was your soulmate and only friend… Don’t threat!.. I laugh, laugh, laugh about all this!!! Because I can’t cry over it anymore. No use. And I will be putting up my soul biz together! I can and I will! And you will, too! Good luck to you, Pamela. I believe in you!

  4. If potential clients agree that money serves as an energy exchange, then they will also agree that an energy healer spends a lot of energy to heal.
    A person has to have an understanding of true educational process – and all the time and energy that has been put into research and learning, and manifesting that knowledge into a useful educational tool or a course.
    One cannot truly heal others if they don’t do it thoroughly and know precisely what they are doing. One cannot teach others if they have no clue what they are teaching and how it works.
    The question I will be asking myself is – do I want to have cheapo, ignorant clients or do I want to have intelligent, generous souls that I am happy to work with and help. Not to offend anyone, but everyone should choose what their heart and mind aligns with. Someone is just not my person, and I am just not their person either.
    I love how Hibiscus puts it: “Your energy will be gracefully balanced.” This is exactly what it is all about – balanced energy.

  5. I have found, in fact, that undercharging clients makes their experience less beneficial as well. If there isn’t an equal exchange, there’s a lack of balance, and they feel uncomfortable, or even guilty,which is counterproductive.

  6. Yessssss I love you Hibiscus moon!! You have said exactly what I believe! We all have the right to make money from healing like drs n others do. As I see it, our healing and other light work is our time and energy used, money is also energy too so we are exchanging energy and it should be this way. Definitely don’t listen to naysayers and party poopers!! Go make money from your healing 😉 no shame at all! Exchange that energy! It is ok to love money –
    Money is energy and it is important xoxo

  7. You know, I don’t think what a lightworker does shouldn’t be charged for because like you said, we pay for a doctor and we pay for a beauty service so, we should pay for an energetic service.
    For me, while I love crystal healing, I can’t get by on gratitude even though a client being grateful is the BEST feeling in my world.
    I also feel that I don’t need to charge an exorbitant fee (yes I’m looking at you healers in South Africa that charge an organ!) Because I want my services to be accessible to anyone!
    I just wanted to get this off my chest LOL!

  8. Lia,


    I live with 3 cats in a one-bedroom condo. It seems you and I do have much in common.

    Thank you so much for your comment! I need that loving support right now. And I return it right back to you.

    You WILL do it. I know. You have already inspired me today.

  9. I have not met one good healer that does not give a lot away. Sometimes I am surprised at how much they do give away for free. If you are a good at what you do a fee should be charged, two main reasons. 1 your clients take their reading/advice more seriously. 2 when you are working with a client you are using your energies and time to sit with them. And everyone’s time is important and have a value of worth.

  10. Interesting topic. Will always be a taboo subject but thankfully we are moving forward from the middle ages. When you would be burnt at the stake for knowing about herbs! When you put your time and energy into helping people you deserve to be paid. I echo what one of the other people said. You give a lot away for nothing. A lot of cynical people think “oh, that is to draw you in”. Nonsense. No body can make me believe what I don’t believe period. Even the Romany gypsies charged for fortune telling. I also find it interesting that the one’s that scream this “omg! That is wrong” do not know what they are talking about.Generally suspicious people who have trouble believing in anything especially themselves. I do not know if it’s right or wrong but if you are making a difference to people’s lives and giving them direction then I say good luck to you. As you know quote from avatar ” all energy is only borrowed. One day you have to give it back”. I am not a healer I am just highly empathic. I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

  11. Simple. Since everything is energy, there has to be an equal energy exchange or you will create a void and burn out. The client is paying for your time, not the healing itself. The Divine provides that. And, yes, it is blessed to give.

  12. I don’t think you can compare energy work to being a law or even medicine. Anything other than pay-what-you-can is pricing out people who need you the most. I feel like anyone charging $100 an hour or more can’t be that in touch with anything spiritual. If you are doing good work you will make a living and you won’t get burned out.

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