One question I often get is:

“How can I use crystals to help heal this, that, or the other ailment?”

At first…I used just give the one-off crystal recommendation.HBGraphic4

And then I realized…well, no, I knew…I knew all along that I wasn’t giving the entire picture. That I wasn’t giving the whole story & it was really doing people a huge disservice. My crystal recommendations were usually given in a short YouTube comment or Facebook post & that’s all that a post really allowed for most of the time; and people on smartphones or whatever don’t really want to read anything longer than that anyway so I just recommended this or that stone. Plus, people came right out & said it; they really just wanted a 1 crystal answer. Yeah. If I got too complicated in my suggestions, they often told me this!

Everybody’s looking for the magic pill…or the magic crystal in this instance!

magic pill

Well, Chick Pea: I no longer do that.

For a while now,  I’ve prefaced my “crystal-cure” answers by stating that crystal healing is part of a sound holistic healing program. In other words, the crystals are not to be relied on all on their own for any sort of cure.

“Holistic” means that it takes into account all the different aspects that come into play with healing; physically as well as emotionally…and I’m talking about everything. This includes not just your body, but mind & spirit as well.

Crystals are great b/c they allow us to tap into similar vibrational frequencies (or healing frequencies) more efficiently. Not to say that it can’t be done without the crystals. Of course, it can. You can do everything & anything! It’s all possible. 

But crystals, as I always say, are here to assist us as a healing tool & support; allowing us to do the required work using less energy.

That’s the physics definition of a tool, you know!

Yep. You I used to teach this in my physics lessons all the time…definition of a tool: anything that allows you to do work using less energy.

Who wouldn’t want that? Of course, we’re always looking for the easy way out, right? A crystal can be that healing tool & support. Having said that though…I don’t think I’ve ever used them 100% all by themselves for healing a physical ailment. I’ve always used them as an accompaniment with other healing modalities.

For instance, if I feel like I might be getting a cold, I won’t just use a crystal to deflect that cold. I’m going to pool together all my known resources into my arsenal. Yeah, everything!

  • I’m going to use a crystal healing meditation.
  • I’m going to use gem elixirs.
  • I’m going to have a crystal healing session & have all my chakras cleansed & balanced.
  • I’m going to use herbs.
  • I’m going to rest.
  • I’m going to take the right vitamins & supplements that I know that can boost my immune system.
  • I’m going to reduce my stress levels.
  • I’m going to be extra careful to eat properly.

I’m going to do all those things that I know will help me to heal.

When people say that they don’t believe crystals can heal– first of all, your mindset is a big part of that sound holistic healing practice. Reducing your stress levels is also another big part of that sound holistic healing practice. Both of those things play a huge role in healing, by bathing each of your individual cells & energetic vibrational frequencies in the correct healing environment. And, yes, that has been scientifically proven for those of you that want scientific proof…check out Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work with epigenetics:

Through my research & work, I’ve discovered that crystals assist to further enhance & provide that “correct healing environment” required for healing.

So, yes, as part of a sound holistic healing practice, crystals can be a huge help!

“In a world of specialization, we have been trained to think of medicine as a separate world—when we are sick, we go to doctors and follow their advice. This is starting to change, with the increasing popularity of alternative and holistic approaches to overall health and well-being.” —Gareth Cook, Boston Globe, 9 June 2002

Not to say that using a crystal all by itself without these other surrounding healing modalities cannot work. It certainly can; and has many, many times. But I’m always playing the role of Ms. Practical. I tend towards doing things the most efficient way I know of; and for me, I found it to be most efficient to pull in all the things that I know are in alignment with the same goal in mind.

Why wouldn’t I pull in everything that I know if it’s relatively easy to do? If I know that 1 thing, or 1 modality, isn’t going to cancel out or harm the efficacy of another modality…if I know that they’re all going to work in concert together to achieve the same result, then let’s go for it! Right? Balls to the wall, Lima Bean.

Yes, taking or doing all these things individually may work wonders; but when you pull them all together, you create a 3rd resonant frequency. And this is, again…the physics teacher in me peeking through again…that 3rd Resonant Frequency (known as the Principle of Interference; google that if you feel like geeking out!) is greater than the sum of its parts & thus, produces a more profound healing effect! OH YES! Now we’re cooking with Hydrogen gas, Baby!

Isn’t that the epitome of efficiency?  Because it’s going to be so much more powerful & quicker in healing whatever it is you’re trying to heal or adjust.

And if you use all this alternative medicine in conjunction with Western medicine…well, look the frik out! Yes, I do feel that Western medicine can be a very important part of healing depending on the specific situation. It can provide all sorts of answers & solutions that we’re not able to do as easily (or at all) with alternative or Eastern medicine healing practices. I feel all the healing practices (modern, ancient & in between) are here to be used together & to compliment each other whenever appropriate.

I also know that adding crystal healing to the mix simply can’t hurt. Crystals – remember – are made by Mother Earth & God or Source Energy (please don’t leave me comments on the semantics of that).

Crystals are here to assist us; to be used as healing tools & supports.

Cheers & Good Sparkly Health~!