Low Energy, Low Motivation Remedy: Crystal Grid

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OK, I need to get off of the ‘puter and get motivated to take a shower and get on with my day. I took my carnelian pendant off and my energy is back down again. Sheesh! Not sure what is going on. So I’ll be carrying a large carnelian stone with me today and hope that infuses me with energy to stay! Then again, I read somewhere that this may be part of my birthday cycle. That I will stay unmotivated until after my birthday when my energy will be at its peak again. I hope this is the case. I usually don’t feel this lazy!
This is how I ended up remedying the situation. Crystal Grid to the rescue!

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  1. Well, there's lots of reasons, either your immune system is up because you came across a virus, you've been doing too much and didn't realize you needed to renew your powers, or you're in need of an energy charge. Hope you get back into balance for the upcoming festivities.

  2. Hang in there Phanie…..the holidays are almost over with. Maybe that's what's draining you…I know it is me! Have a wonderful Yule and Winter Solstice!



  3. Thank you all. It makes me feel better to hear this. 🙂 And feeling my energy surge back now that my birthday is today. 🙂

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