Crystals for Love

I did a poll on my Facebook Page the other day asking,

“What kind of a crystal grid would you need most right now?”

“Love & Compassion” was the winning answer with “Abundance & Prosperity” running a close send. After doing that poll, I had to ask,

“what kind of love?”

After all, we know there are so many types of love; I really should’ve been more specific. Some were looking for more love and compassion for others, some wanted self-love, some wanted romantic love, etc.

Crystals for Love

Just to keep it general, when looking to crystals for love to infuse love of all kinds into your life, I recommend lots of rose quartz. It’s an excellent crystal for love. Use it in meditations, to project energy into a room, in a crystal grid, wear it or stuff it in your bra (sorry guys).

I have a large piece on one of our nightstands at all times along with a HUGE piece in my sacred space. If I feel that things might be tense at home I will imagine a FUN-tabulous humongous rose quartz pyramid over my house as I drive up to it from blocks away. … Read More