I did a poll on my Facebook Page the other day asking,

“What kind of a crystal grid would you need most right now?”

“Love & Compassion” was the winning answer with “Abundance & Prosperity” running a close send. After doing that poll, I had to ask,

“what kind of love?”

After all, we know there are so many types of love; I really should’ve been more specific. Some were looking for more love and compassion for others, some wanted self-love, some wanted romantic love, etc.

Crystals for Love

Just to keep it general, when looking to crystals for love to infuse love of all kinds into your life, I recommend lots of rose quartz. It’s an excellent crystal for love. Use it in meditations, to project energy into a room, in a crystal grid, wear it or stuff it in your bra (sorry guys).

I have a large piece on one of our nightstands at all times along with a HUGE piece in my sacred space. If I feel that things might be tense at home I will imagine a FUN-tabulous humongous rose quartz pyramid over my house as I drive up to it from blocks away. It truly works wonders! I also like to do a rose quartz heart meditation regularly. Here’s a vid I did on that a while ago:

Rhodonite is another good crystal for love for general matters of the heart and calming too! It’s also good for anxiety, compassion, and generosity. It has many of the same qualities as rose quartz (with some extra grounding thrown in) only a bit more expensive since it’s not as easy to come by. OK, hearts & love to all!

P.S. I love your comments and hope that Blogger has fixed the commenting back problems this week.