OK, so want to impress your crystal-lovin‘ friends? Talk science to them. Works every time.

And Lemurian crystals are quite intriguing to many crystal lovers. So put those 2 together & you’ve got a winning match. 😉

Don’t know what a Lemurian crystal is? Although we do go in-depth on Lemurians in our Advanced Crystal Master Course, briefly…a Lemurian is a crystal that comes from a particular region in Brazil & has these deep horizontal striations on its shaft that are known to carry recorded information from lost civilizations. Pretty cool, right?

In today’s featured video, Rev. B asks:

What’s the deal with all the different colored Lemurians?

Great question b/c we are beginning to see them popping up in almost a full spectrum of colors!!

Click play below to learn more about 4 different colors of lemurians:

It’s all about the chemistry & geology…

  1. Reddish, pink-ish, mauve colored: iron containing…very grounding, loving energy, connects us more to Mother Earth, great for root chakra as well as heart chakra work
  2. Pink colored: lithium containing….calming, emotionally balancing
  3. Clear: no additional elements…clarity, amplifying
  4. Smokey, brown: naturally radiated…de-toxing, cleansing, protective

As always, I’d love to hear from you, Crystal Hottie!

(I have an older video I did here on what exactly a lemurian is, a lemurian seed & a pink lemurian).

What other lemurian colors have you come across? What sort of energy do you sense from them? Please share in the comments below.

Lemurian Blessings!



P.S. Make sure you watch to the end of the vid. I have a special gust appearance. 😉