Lemurian Lab

Lemurian Lab Class Elective

Love Lemurian crystals? Then this lab is for you! I’ll be sharing actionable steps, protocols, and clear direction for masterfully working with these powerful crystals.

Do you sell Lemurians, work with them often but have no idea what you really have there? After taking this lab, you’ll be confident in effectively accessing the power + untapped potential of Lemurians as well as how to expertly identify them + distinguish various Lemurian forms/types. We’re going to connect the book knowledge to real-world applications!

This is a valuable core training for anyone looking for a deeper connection with these uncommon crystal beings.

Tapping into the records contained in these special Lemurian gifts will invite your consciousness to expand so you can fully tap into clarity, expansion, creativity, and highest divine cosmic records.

Why a Lab?

As a former science teacher, my FAVORITE kind of class to teach was always a lab — designed to allow practice, it gets the student actively involved in the learning process. When you’re involved and DOING, you retain the info being taught so much better! A lab environment gets you physically engaged and integrating the concepts!

You’ll get to experience phenomena directly as you learn specific Lemurian techniques.

In this lab you’ll:

  • Get actionable hands-on learning
  • Engage in a range of step-by-step Lemurian methods, skills, testing protocols, while applying effective techniques
  • Investigate actionable insights enhanced by theoretical + conceptual Lemurian history + lore
  • Practice gives you a higher level of clarity… which breeds mega-confidence, leading to more effective work!

No Prerequisites

Although there are no prerequisites to this class and it’s open to anyone, it’s recommended that you’re not brand new to working with crystals.

I’ve designed the curriculum so it won’t matter if you’ve taken my certification course previously or not. If you’d like to evolve your practice by working with Lemurian crystal energy while understanding all there is know about and expertly identify them, then this is the class for you!

Once again, this class is not recommended for those brand new to the world of crystals.

What You’ll Do/Learn

  • How to activate your Lemurian crystal
  • Deep dive into the history and lore of Lemurian civilization and their crystals + their dolphin connection
  • Explore their unique geology (learning how to expertly ID them in the field)
  • First-hand experience with course concepts and with the opportunity to explore methods
  • Experience various Lemurian Crystal therapy techniques + protocols
  • Engage in a Lemurian meditation – mega-powerful!

What You’ll Receive

  • ​​1.5 hours video class (approx.) of inspiring practical instruction – you’ll get LIFETIME access; watch + re-watch any time that’s convenient for you
  • mp3 audio lesson – so you can listen to the class on the go!
  • Lemurian Meditation Audio – 15 minute mp3, allowing you to deeply connect to your Lemurian Crystal
  • 30-min Q+ A video segment following the class, watch + re-watch any time that’s convenient for you
  • Transcript pdf – great if you prefer to read the content OR you can print this out, highlight and take notes
  • Class Resources pdf – including inspiring bonus videos, must-read books+ plentiful suggested resources to deepen and enrich your learning experience
  • Easy + practical related assignments + exercises to solidify and reinforce the info you’re absorbing
  • ACM NOTE: If you’re working towards earning credits for my Advanced Crystal Master Certification, this class earns you 2 credits!

Supplies to Have Handy

To get the most out of your investment, there are a few suggested supplies for this interactive class:

  • 1 natural Lemurian crystal (any size or color), test that you can FEEL the striations on side of the crystal with your finger – this site sometimes has a good supply of authentic Lemurians
  • 1 inexpensive laser light of any color (Use this link to search Amazon)
  • Blindfold (or anything to block light from your eyes)
  • Headphones (for use during the meditation)
  • Comfy quiet place to lie down during the meditation

I’m offering this experiential, packed-with-useful-crystal-info class elective for $97

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there a prerequisite for taking this class elective?” No. However… it’s recommended that you’re not brand new to working with crystals.

“What do you mean by “class elective”?” Advanced Crystal Master Certification is my next-level offering for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner™ Course.

ACM Certification, first, involves successful Hibiscus Moon CCH graduation, after which you get to choose a series of elective classes so that you can personalize your ACM journey with a specific area of concentration. THIS is one of those electives you can choose to take to eventually complete ACM. This class counts for 2 credits.

“How many credits does this class earn towards ACM?” This class elective earns you 2 credits towards Advanced Crystal Master Certification.

“I’ve taken your certification courses or your Crystal Formations class before. Is this just a repeat of that info?” No. While built upon some of the Lemurian info delivered in Crystal Formations, this is a total concentration + immersion on Lemurians including more in-depth identification info, experiential work plus specific Lemurian techniques.

If you’ve taken my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course, you know that Lemurian crystals are NOT covered there, therefore, this class elective beautifully complements the course.

“Will I need any supplies?” Yes. Please see the above list.

Have further questions? Just send an email here!

I’m offering this experiential, packed-with-useful-crystal-info class elective for $97

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Learn and get connected at your own pace, in your own time, on your favorite device.

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