Aventurine Abundance Ritual for 2012!

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Today we have a guest post from Stella Seaspirit, who is such a sweet sparkly & gorgeous  soul! I love this little ritual for the New Year! Enjoy.
The more abundant we become, the more we are able to uplift, support and nurture fellow humankind. Seed 2012 with this potent magical missile, then allow all manner of abundance to flow toward you.
First gather some dried bay leaves, coarsely ground cinnamon and dried sage (harvesting from your spice rack is totally acceptable!) Crush the bay and sage so they match the cinnamon.

Next, create a link between you and the herbal powder by holding the container in both hands. Close your eyes and concentrate on it. Visualise it permeated with diamond light.

Then draw your attention to what symbolises abundance for you and how abundance feels to you. Hold this energy not only in your mind’s eye, but radiate it into the herbs from your body.

Repeat the above process with a cleansed piece of green aventurine to awaken its purpose to you.








Take the piece of aventurine and place it on a surface where you can scatter some of the herbal powder in a circle around it.








Imagine a shimmering green mist strewn with golden sparkles wafting around you, emanating from the ether.
FEEL the fullness of infinite abundance in every part of your being.
Affirm (either out loud or in your mind):

“I release the limiting thoughts that block my prosperity.

I open my mind, heart and being to the unlimited abundance of the universe.

Abundance flows around me and through me always.

I enrich the lives of others when I flourish.

It is done.”

Throw the herbal powder outside into the wind.

If it is small, carry the crystal in your purse or wallet or place it somewhere in your home or office where it will serve as a reminder of all the abundance that surrounds you ~ just look at all the green in Nature!

Go on, give it a whirl, then come back and tell us what transpires…

Stella Seaspirit writes about merging the daily grind with magical finesse, a practise which she refers to as Source-ry. Find her blog and a cackle of free offerings here: http://stellaseaspirit.co.za/blog.  You can also find her on Twitter @StellaSeaspirit and Facebook.




Yes, please tell us how you do with this ritual or if you do something similar. We all LOVE to hear about what works for everyone!!

Happy Brilliant Shining New Year!!!

I’m Freakin’ Thankful for THIS!

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Ahhh! Eeeeee! I am completely blown away & AMAZED at how well my book is doing. OK, yes, I know its no John Grisham novel, my book’s about Crystal Grids, for the love of CUPCAKES!

Really. I just put it out there not really expecting too much more (b/c I didn’t put a heck of a lot of my own medicine into it….’cept I did make sure it launched while the Moon was waxing!). More than several of my students kept mentioning I should write a book plus, I needed to get the info out of my head & onto paper (or into a Kindle) just to clear out some room in my noggin.

I read a great book on how to Self Publish & followed all the little marketing advice gems in there like a good girl then decided to let it takes its natural course. I have the Crystal Academy that I’ve really been focusing my energy on. I needed to just set it free.

So, I released it to Source Energy & then this happened! 

It shot up to #4 in my category as an eBook & Paperback!!!!, qualifying it as a Best Seller.
Its been a few months now & Amazon still has it on sale (a GREAT sign so say those in the know) & its still holding a high spot at #11 as of yesterday:

The cherry on top of my ice cream sundae is that I really just didn’t expect this!
I thank you all soooooo much for all the motivation, medicine, SUPPORT, validation & pure joy you’ve given me. You really have no idea how much this means to me & my sacred dream to bring the power of crystal healing to everyone
Oh Wow! And this:

OH! As if that wasn’t enough, one of my Crystal Healing mentors & favorite authors, teachers & guides, Joy Gardner of Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras: With Light, Color, Sound, Crystals, and Aromatherapy had this review for my little bookie!:
“If you would like to read a simple, straightforward book about how and why to make crystal grids, look no further!  Hibiscus Moon (her pen name) is a high school science teacher with a love for crystals.  She understands the logic behind using these high frequency tools to create a grid.  Not only can she explain how to make the grid; she can also give you some ideas about the science that might explain why the grid is effective.  This is a short-and-sweet little book on a topic that could be useful to just about anybody, because who wouldn’t like to create a good feeling in their home, or a peaceful or healing place, or to attract greater prosperity?”
Then 1 of my BESTIE Crystalline Cohorts made this vid:


And besides the coolio Amazon reviews, I’ve been getting these too:

Waaaaaaah!!! It just doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂 So, no, amazingly, I didn’t do a crystal grid to oomph this along, but it was verrrrry important to me that the book be released during a waxing moon! Never underestimate the importance of that when birthing any of your projects! I’m about to re-release my Crystal Grids Template Package & almost forgot to keep this in mind. Not to mention that we’re in a Mercury Retrograde right now, & its been messing with me every which way BUT LOOSE! I think as long as I release within the waxing phase though I will be OK.
I consult here to check the moon phases &  this calendar to check on Mercury’s whereabouts.
OK, so what are you freakin’ super thankful for & do you employ any special mojo juice to kick it into high gear? Please comment below!

Thankfullness & Making Dreams Come True

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I am remembering, yet again, to be thankful for all the blessings, large & small…even the itty-bitty ones. But really I have sooo sooo much to be grateful for. Yes, things are shifting and changing, sometimes feeling funky, but its a fun ride, isn’t it? I am enjoying it. As scary as it seems sometimes, I have to remind myself to just let go & FLOW.

I was just emaling this to a dear friend today…I just hope I’m riding the waves the “right” way so I can continue to grow & evolve in the right direction. I went to the beach today, just for 10 precious, sacred minutes. I flicked off my sandals & flopped my butt into the sand…just grounding & looking at the lifeguards & having MUCHO RESPECT for them

one of them riding his rusty bicycle up to the lifeguard stand
RESPECT for choosing to work in a blessed paradise as their OFFICE.
I began longing for the days when I used to do that…working jobs out in nature, with gorgeous animals or in the parks. Yeah, scraping nickels to pay the bills & debtors nipping at my heels but I worked in nature & was so connected. I didn’t care about health insurance or any of that yucky mundane boring junk!

Now I work long hours, indoors under fluorescent bulbs with no windows (not a one!) & then work at my laptop all night…

so that I can live my natural life again soon….live the dream. AND I AM THANKFULL FOR THAT SACRED DREAM. A dream coming true. 🙂 

What are you thankful for? What are your dreams coming true?

Crystal Blessings!

New Site ~ Lots of Changes Afoot!

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Ahhh! I’m back! I feel at home, blogging away again. Oh! How do you like the new site?

I’ve been dying to blog this, that & the other, but I had to stay away for a bit while my sweet Angel at simplyjuicywebsites.com moved my site over to Wordpress for me & designed the SPARKLY CRAPOLA out of it! Even my old Blogger posts moved here along with me. How cool is that!?

So! There were so many things I wanted to blog about while I was on the blog wagon, but just had to keep it all bottled up. Now I’m ready to just BURST! I’m so excited about this brand new GORGEOUS site that Angel designed for me along with the sparkly graphics to boot created by Michelle!
I’m surrounded by lovely beautiful mystical muses who help me at every turn.
I took the photo of the amethyst up there in my new banner…that will be the star of the show on all my stuffs from now on.But funny thing is that I no longer own that particular amethyst & one of you sweet souls out there now do! Weeee!

Yep, so…I’ve been blogging since 2002 but have moved my blog from Tripod to Blogger and now here, so I’ve lost a good bit along the way like boxes falling out of the back of the pick-up moving truck. I know this place will suit me & my HUMONGOID growing pains…b/c yes, we are a-growin’! Who wants to come along on the CRAZY CRYSTAL TRAIN for a very fun ride? 😛

With a rapidly growing student body that is taking more time, I hired my lovely assistant, Renata, to help out plus I’ve upgraded some services, with everything becoming something bigger that cannot be done part time or on the super-cheap.
Quit?! No, I love doing this! My Hibiscus Moon biz has been my passion for the last 3+ years. And I really believe in it & all the lovely souls I have met through teaching about crystals.
So, through some business coaching, contemplation & meditation, its became very clear (CRYSTAL-CLEAR!) that I need to change lots of stuffs in my sacred crystal biz to make this viable; to make it work & keep doing what I love & allowing more & more of you to partake in this journey as well.

With all the new opportunities for growth literally sprouting at my feet, I made a decision to do this full time. But I will ease into that, need to make sure the bills still get paid & all that boring stuff. In the meantime, Renata and I will be running the Academy and I have a slew of crystal kits, ideas, e-books, classes, meditations, etc. just waiting to be birthed. This is so very exciting!!!