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The Power of Crystal Energy

This product is no longer available. You may be interested in one of my other ekits available in the Shop.

OK, so I know you’re totally into crystals, Sweet Pea. Do you have a whole bunch of them but not quite sure exactly how to use them? Do you want to tap into their crystal energy?


In fact, I often get this question: “What is this crystal good for & what is that 1 good for?” I usually tell people that the best way to know what a crystals is good for & to get to know it well is to meditate & work with it. So the next question I get is “Well, how do I do that?” So, I decided a long time ago to create some guided meditations & a journaling guide to help you out with just that! But……other projects got in the way so it took me a while to get to it, but HERE IT IS! Weeeeeee! Finally. I’m so excited!!

Have you read about the crystal energy & properties in books, but it just doesn’t seem to make sense for you?

Once you work with & entrain with your crystal the way I show you here, you’ll witness their powerful magic & learn to work with your stones to manifest all sorts of dreams, intentions & needs…specific to you!

You’ll also develop a deeper connection to its energy so it can be a powerfully uplifting spiritual tool & support to you.

This eKit will teach you to connect with your crystals & stones in a profoundly meaningful way, establishing your own personal relationship.

You’ll learn just how the crystals work with your own personal energy to help you in your work & your daily life.

crystal energy

get to know your crystalsget to know your crystals

My Get to Know Your Crystals eKit will give you the precise direction you need. AND its available for immediate download!!!! That means, like, right now. Download, it & go. 🙂

crystal energyThe eKit includes 2 guided meditations, 1 of them using alpha binaural beat technology. I recorded these specifically for connecting with your crystals, helping you to easily tap into what the stones hold for you personally. In addition, the pdf eBooklet includes a crystal journal page pdf that you’ll be able to print out as many times you wish to put together your very own personal-to-you Crystal Journal. You’ll also get step by step tips & instructions on how to go about your crystal meditations to get the most out of them.

After connecting with your crystals, you’ll be SUPER-EQUIPPED on how you can best use your crystals for many areas in your life — money, health, relationships, happiness. Both of the mp3 meditations are designed to be completed within 5 min. or extended for the full length (1 is 1/2 hour, the other a full hour). And you can listen to them on any device that plays mp3’s!! (*Headphones required for the full alpha binaural effect. What’s that? Please read below.)


What the heck are alpha brainwaves? And why an alpha binaural beat meditation??

I chose to record 1 of your mp3’s using a very special technology known as binaural beats. This special mp3 is an Alpha brainwave meditation created to help you deeply connect with your crystals & stones, no matter how difficult meditation may be for you.

You see, alpha brainwaves (8-12Hz) are slower yet higher in amplitude than our normal waking state of beta brainwaves (12-20Hz).  We usually slip into alpha when we daydream or rest, as it’s a bridge between our conscious mind & our subconscious. Alpha is fantastic for strong visualization & is SUPERB “brain-food” for creative bursts, relaxation & intuitive messages. Needless to say…this is an ideal state to be in when trying to make an intuitive connection with our crystals.

So, you say you’re no good at meditating, hmmmmm?


No problemo, Sweets!

crystal energy

Binaural beats do all the work for you. How convenient! By using binaural beat technology, I created 1 of these mp3’s to precisely induce an alpha brainwave state! It does all the work for you. YOU DO NOTHING EXCEPT PUT HEADPHONES ON & VEG OUT. It doesn’t matter if your mind wanders. Your brain will be entrained (gently forced) into alpha!! Doesn’t get any easier, does it?

This eKit Includes:price

  •  6 page pdf eBooklet, including your Crystal Journal print out template page (print as many as you like)
  •  31 min. mp3 guided meditation, guiding you as you mentally dive into your crystal’s interior (adjust the time to fit your needs)
  •  1 hour Alpha-inducing binaural beat mp3, guiding you on a gentle crystal cave journey (adjust the time to fit your needs)
  •  SUPER-simple step-by-step crystal meditation instructions

Download immediately by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. How fun! Only $14.97.

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Buy now to get the INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE Get To Know Your Crystals eKit delivered to your inbox…& begin gettin’ to know all your crystal babies for just $14.97!

This product is no longer available. You may be interested in one of my other ekits available in the Shop.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

As Always, Crystal Blessings!