I Really Shoud Be Writing Holiday Cards

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…but I had to post this. A customer of mine sent me this message regarding her pendulum:

“by septlady profile shop contact

Hello, I know this is probably unusual,but I ordered a amethyst pendulem from you awhile back and thought you might like to know that I have had the most wonderful results with it!

To begin, my Uncle lives on a sailboat in the carribean. He is very good at keeping in contact with my mother by email. About two months ago she quit getting emails from him. She was on the verge of contacting the Coast Guard to do a welfare check on him. I had a map of the area he was supposed to be in and I used my pendulem to locate him. By my reading he was in or near San Blas. I contacted my Mom and told her what I thought. Two days later she forwarded me an email that my Uncle had sent her, and sure enough in this email he said that for the last 3 days he had been anchored in San Blas!

“After you left a spent a few days in Portobelo filling fuel, water, and making one more grocery run. I bought some lettuce and tomatoes and am still having salad for lunch every day or so. Then I wandered back toward the San Blas, spending a couple of days in Linton. For the last few days I have been hanging out in the East Lemons and eating on Mr G’s island. Last night we had a lobster dinner for 5 dollars. There were about 20 people there, including the crew and owner of a 120 foot megayacht.”

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product and I will surely be ordering from you in the future!!

Blessed Be,

2 December 2009 1:28am EDT

by hibiscusmoon profile shop

Hi SeptLady!

Thank you so much for senidng me this story. Its amazing. I am so happy to hear this. This is also a testimonial to your skills and gift, as I’m sure you already know. I just did a blog about using a pendulum in this very same way. Would you mind if I posted this on my blog? Not to worry if you do mind. I completely understand.

(((HUGS))) to you and many blessings,
2 December 2009 7:38pm EDT

Hello again!

I would not mind at all if you posted my message. As for my “talents” I credit most of the results to your product. This was only the second time in 8 years of learning my path that I actually tried any type on divination.

Thanks again.
Blessed Be

2 December 2009 9:25pm EDT

How cool is that?!

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  1. That's really gratifying, isn't it? It's like she knew which item would work for her. I think people are drawn to crystals and rocks that way. I can go on a vacation where here are thousands of beautiful rocks at my feet, but I always take the one that calls to me. It's never a visual thing. I don't pick the pretty shiny one at my feet. I wander as if it's telling me where it is. Sometimes it's not a pretty rock, but I take it. These rocks collectively over the years have been immensely powerful and attuned to me. It's hard to explain until someone actually uses them. I'm so happy for that lady.

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