How to Use a Pendulum to Find Anything

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Find What You’re Looking For…Using a Pendulum

I’m often asked how one can go about using a crystal pendulum to find a lost object. (Now, it doesn’t have to be a crystal pendulum…it can be any pendulous object at all in fact).

Pendulums & other dowsing objects, like dowsing rods (L rods or Y rods), have been used throughout history to locate objects or resources.

An 18th century dowser

An 18th century dowser

I feel & teach my students that a pendulum allows you to tap into what your higher self already KNOWS  so its not the pendulum having all the answers…you have them. The pendulum is just a tool that allows us to access them with more ease.

BUT… they’ve never been as gorgeous & juicy-looking as they are now!

chakra pendulum

 tea infuser pendulum

a tea infuser pendulum with green aventurine for health

Now, you do already need to sorta already know your stuff & have a clear idea of what your “yes” & “no” movements are in order to do this accurately. Here’s an oldie but goodie vid I did a few years ago that explains about that:

How to Use a Pendulum

You don’t have to be a pendulum expert by any means but you do want to have a good connection with yours & be accustomed to its movements.

A pendulum is pretty simple, only having 2 parts to it:

  1. The “bob” is the part that schwings
  2. The “fob” is the part you hold from which it pivots


Using a pendulum to find something you’ve lost can be very helpful while also giving you great practice & bonding time with your pendulum! I find the more you use it the better & more accurate your results b/c your connection with is stronger & it can more easily resonate with you (or you with it).


Its actually pretty fun to do this. Total play-time here.

  1. You can draw up a rough map of the space you think your lost object in. It doesn’t need to be fancy-shmancy…just a rough drawing will do.
  2. Then simply walk around your space from room to room, asking your pendulum if you’re close or not, hot or cold. Yup, just like the game. For instance, you can go to each room within your home & ask if the lost item is there until you get a “yes”.
  3. Then spend time going through each area of that specific room asking if the object is in this or that region until you’ve homed in on it like a heat-seeking missile! This can even be done from a distance! All you need is a map of the space the object is thought to be in & your trusty pendulum.

You can be loose with it. There’s no right or wrong way. You can do this either sitting or standing, walking from spot to spot, comfortably holding the pendulum’s chain between your thumb & forefinger ( the pivot point) at a comfortable height that feels right for you. If you’re sitting, then go ahead & rest your elbow on a table for stability. Use whatever hand feels most comfortable for you.

Just make sure that pendulum is making a connection with you!

I’ve seen some people making these special pendulum hangers that hold the piece for you but…for me…that’s missing the whole point. That separates me from the pendulum & I do want to make that connection with it. I’m not saying that it’s wrong…it just doesn’t work for me.

So Happy Pendulum Hunting! May you find what you’re looking for, Sweet Pea!!




P.S. If you have a favorite pendulum method, insight or tidbit to share, please do in the comments below! You know how much this Crystal Hottie community lurrrrves that. 😀

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  2. I have been looking for a very necklace that was very special to me for a couple of weeks and despaired I’d never find it again. UNTIL I read this blog posting! I got out my pendulum and found it within 10 minutes!! Yay!

    Thank you so much for posting this!

    1. I have lost a very important identity alien card. I am desperate to find it. I asked two dowsers to let me know where it is . One says it is still in my home and in my closet. I have looked there but did not find it. When I try to dowse myself I cannot get a specific location. Don’t know why as I dowsed in the past and found a lost object years ago. Dowsing can be frustrating when it doesn’t work.

  3. Enjoyed the article and the video. I picked up a pendulum a couple years ago when I was needing to choose some essences for my cats and wanted to try that method. It worked but afterwards I got a splitting headache. Since then nearly every time I use a pendulum I get a splitting headache. I don’t have this happen with other forms of psychic work. It’s the oddest darn thing. I really love my pendulum, a rose quartz rounded point with a blue and white celtic knotwork bead at the other end, but it sits in a special little pink stone box with a unicorn on the top more than it gets used due to the headache issue. So curious if anyone else has experienced this and/or has ideas on how to have it stop happening!

    1. I know that this is a silly question. But have you cleansed and charged your pendulum after you purchased it? You never know what it might of picked up on it’s journey to you. Hope this helps and you are able to work with your pendulum, it sounds beautiful 🙂

  4. Good morning,
    I feel quite madly drawn to the crystal chakra pendulum at the top of this post.
    Can you tell me where I might find one to purchase?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. I have that chakra necklace. It is quite heavy as a pendant. It’s going to make an awesome pendelum! Let me see if I can find the website I got it from..

  5. Once again fate takes a bow. I recently ordered a set of 3 terminated crystals. One is clear quartz, one is rose quartz, and the other is amethyst. I had no previous idea of what I was going to do with 3 of them but when I received them I sat down and meditated with them like introducing myself to them. The rose quartz spoke to as I figures it would since it is one of my very favorlicious crystals, and I wear it on a necklace. Then I put the other two in my jewelry box. A few days later I made my second besom to hang in my living room near the couch where I sit to study and read. I felt the urge to attach the clear quartz to the besom and did so. This leaves me to find a purpose for the amethyst. Now I know that I want the amethyst for a pendulum. I am almost certain I have the perfect chain for it as well. I must also add that when I tried clear quartz and the amethyst on the necklace, the loop would not fit over either end of the chain. Only the rose quartz would slide onto the chain. Coincidence? I think not! Blessed Be!

  6. I am from India, Kerala. And i am a budding dowser. I came to know about dowsing just last year and i started getting information on net. While doing my search i came to know about automatic writing. When i tried that i was ablet to communicate with my guardian angel and after some practice with the help of my angel i am able to get results correctly. The surprising thing is now i am able to communicate with GOD directly. You may not beleive this, but it’s really true. And i thank our Almighty for blessing me with such a wonderful gift. My contact No. is 9961123205

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  8. This article helped ridiculously well! After reading this article and trying it myself, I found my iphone within minutes. #TrueBeliever

  9. I just lost the diamond out of my engagement ring- going to try this, I have just started with the pendulum and other divination as I have just read your fabulous book!!! Thank you for both

  10. I have two beautiful pendulums and for the life of me they wont’ respond to me 🙁
    I have tried under many curcumstances, moods, times of day and I get nothing. It just hangs there limp 🙁

  11. I use my clear quartz pendulum over my arthritic knee often, works better than pain killers. I really must find a course on dowsing for healing

  12. I have only been using mine for about 6 months,my daughter told me about them,mine is a green ocean glass that was made for me by a friend and it works wonders
    Thank you for sharing Love an Light

  13. Hi, excellent article but I have a problem. I have had lots of results with my pendulum over the years but recently my husband said he misplace over $10,000 Australian Dollars in the home. I kept getting different answers for different rooms etc and still have not found the money. Any tips? Thank you

  14. I’m a Unicorn Healing Practitoner certification course and I love to use my pendulum to communicate with my spirit guides (or in this case, Unicorn guides), but also with my crystals! I simply have my directions programmed a little differently since it’s designed to be a conversational pendulum… Vertical swing indicates Yes. Horizontal swing indicates No. Right diagonal indicates “This is not for you to know,” and left diagonal indicates, “I’m sorry, but I just don’t know the answer to your question.” Left/counterclockwise spin means, “Please rephrase the question,” and the Right/clockwise means, “I’m done having this conversation with you now.” It’s a great way to speak with your crystals as well as your guides!

  15. Does it effect the pendulum in any way, stop it from working correctly, if you are using sewing thread? My pendulum is not on a chain. Just sewing thread. I have not tried using it to find lost items. Just to ask questions about future. Does not seem to work.

    1. Maybe you are not meant to know the answers to your questions. Try something different and see what happens.

      Love and Light

  16. Someone told me that if you lost something most pendulums work better for you than they do for yourself. Is this so or true? I have been dowsing a map for myself and I was told that if it is for you, you should have some one else do this for you and you will have better luck. If so, why could this be? I would like some clarification on this. Help please, Bill…..

  17. Someone told me that if you lost something most pendulums work better for you than they do for yourself. Is this so or true? I have been dowsing a map for myself and I was told that if it is for you, you should have some one else do this for you and you will have better luck. If so, why could this be? I would like some clarification on this. Help please, Bill…..

  18. Someone told me that if you lost something most pendulums work better for you than they do for yourself. Is this so or true? I have been dowsing a map for myself and I was told that if it is for you, you should have some one else do this for you and you will have better luck. If so, why could this be? I would like some clarification on this. Help please, Bill…..

  19. i have used pendulums for years. in my personal experience, i have found: 1. to have a connection with the pendulum (i used to use my wedding ring) now i use a gemstone. and 2. always ask to show me “yes” and “no” sometimes they differ.

  20. What if you’re looking for something and even the pendulum don’t know where it is? T-T
    I asked if my lost key was in the room I was in, and it said no, so I moved to another room where it’s most likely to be and asked if it was in that room, and the pendulum didn’t move at all..

  21. I was looking for a journal I had lost but my pendulum kept changing what it said when I repeated questions and then it said that it didn’t know where my book was. Can anyone suggest some help with this?

  22. I was helping a coworker find a diamond she had lost from her ring. I went through the office carefully and each room I got a no, until the bathroom where I got a yes. It was not in the bathroom and actually was found days later but in the bathroom of her house, not work. Don’t understand why I got the yes for the work bathroom.J

    1. Since you did not ask about her bathroom at home, your pendulum did the best it could to let you know it was in a bathroom at least. Pretty smart actually!

  23. I’m trying to use a pendulum to locate my missing cat. I got the area where she may be located, but now to figure out what house she is at. I consider all cats to be lucky, because they are the key to unlocking any pendulum. I have used a standard necklace in the past to find my earrings and my favorite ring, they were in my room under my bed last time I tried it. It really works Finding a cat, still figuring that one out.

  24. I was looking for a lost object recently and discovered that using a pendulum will help me to locate the object. I search for for the object in my house from room to room and it only directed me to the main room which is my room and kept on pointing to my cupboard. i have searched all over my cupboard but i could not find it. Its an A4 sized envelope with documents in it. What else can i do? But the pendulum really respond to me.

  25. I recently dropped my pendulum and the top broke off. Will this have an adverse effect on how it performs? I have since been using it and I don’t believe there are issues but would like to ask someone with more experience.

  26. I was in a store the other day with a huge display of pendulums of all materials, shapes and sizes. I tested several out and found there’s a spot over my knee where the pendulum feels like it hits an energy barrier and then will start spinning as though being pulled by a magnet. Each pendulum I tried spins equal well, but spins counterclockwise over my right knee and clockwise over my left. Isn’t this opposite of what is conventional? Thanks

  27. This is so freaky. Some family friend showed me a long ago that I could put a lost item on the end of a bendy metal rod and it would circle if it were near the same thing, so like a hairties on the end of it would circle violently if there were haieties nearby but not do a thing at all if there was not haieties in the area. I was so freaked out by it. Well for a few weeks I had lost my hair clips and was searching everywhere for them, for the fun of it I had a hair clip that I just bought and I tied it to the bottom of the string, I have no fancy pendulum. It circled violently near the other hair clips that came in that pack. I walked around my room and it was motionless and then it was spinning violently near my bin of laundry, looked through that, no luck, looked through the bin next to it and there was my pack of hair clips I was looking for for weeks! I had already looked there, I guess just not hard enough. It still freaks me out that this works tbh.

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