In preparing for my free Crystals & Sacred Spaces eKit, I  really got into reevaluating my sacred space and how I use crystals in it.

Part of the reason we love crystals so very much is that many of them resonate with the frequencies that influence a quiet, inspiring space for rituals like prayer,  meditation, yoga or quiet time for creating & journaling.

Maybe you’re just craving a little spot to relax & let go. A place to renew. We have an innate need for nourishing our spirit, don’t we? A place that allows you to feel more centered, grounded and happy! 🙂 Ah, sweet pea…. you can create just that with crystals to help you along. It’s within your reach.

Oh yes, a sacred space allows you to express your creativity too. It allows you to get creative with a sensory experience too. Let this just be a little springboard for you. You can set it up once or change it up with the seasons or special holidays you celebrate. Do whatever feels good! It can also change as your ideas of what’s sacred change or as your needs do.

And you can create this space wherever you are… and I do mean wherever! I’ve had my SUPER-CREATIVE Crystalline Cohort students create these in a closet, a desk drawer at work or a glove compartment in their car!!! So Yep’sirree… ANYWHERE. 🙂

Here are your Sacred Space How-To Steps:

  1. Figure out where this space will be. Is it a whole room or does it need to be portable (a traveling space togo…link in a hotel room)? Then plan accordingly.
  2. Sacredly clean your space. If you’re able to, open a window or two first. Let that stank, stale out, out, out! Then do a physical cleaning; dust, vacuum, scrub, whatever… just get it clean & fresh. Mmmmmm. Next, you can use any method you prefer to clear your space energetically; sage smudging, ringing a crystal singing bell or even a Negativity Neutralizer Spray Smudge that incorporates transmuting crystals such as Smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline. Remember to do your cleaning again whenever you feel your space needs it or whenever the energy just feels “stuck or yuck”.
  3. Now, gather up all your “sacred” objects. This changes from person to person. We all have items that feel spiritual or sacred or carry a special meaning for us, however since you’re here…I’m sure this list will include some very special crystals….right? In fact, some crystals are a must-have for this type of space; rose quartz, amethyst & smokey quartz are great choices. You may choose to use an altar or a crystal grid here too. It’s all up to you and what feels right.  
  4. Make it comfy! If your space isn’t someplace you just LURVE, if it’s empty and bare or just messy & cluttered…then it won’t feel sacred to you. Put some comfy pillows for seating, get rid of the clutter, use pretty candles & have some great things to look at… like GORGEOUS SPARKLY CRYSTALS (hee hee hee hee). Wait! Is this just an excuse to buy more crystals? Nooooooooo. yes.
  5. Now introduce some Sacred Sounds: this can be sounds you make yourself, again, with a crystal singing bowl or tingsha bells or get some CDs that can really get you in the space. I have some audio that I highly recommend listed here.
  6. Sacred calming scents can also be used such as herbs, incense, and essential oils. Use whatever makes your space feel sacred to you, Sweet Crystal Hottie.  Ahhhhhh.

Now your Sacred Space is ready for you.

How you use it is totally up to you.

If you feel inspired to get your Sacred Space mojo on….go grab your Creating Sacred Space with Crystals FREE kit now.

sacred space

Nurturing good stuffs there.

If you’re interested in learning more on this subject in one of my On Demand online classes, take a look at Creating Sacred Space & Self Protection Using Crystals. It’s available for download and you can watch & learn right now. Wooot to that! 🙂

If you have a sacred space, please share how you use it OR if you have plans for one, we’d love to hear those too!