How To Program a Crystal

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I wanted to actually call this blog post: “How to TUNE IN + Set Your Intention using a Crystal”, but I KNEW that the title that I settled upon up there would grab way more attention b/c it’s a topic I’m often asked about…“How do I program my crystal?”

That’s the lingo everyone is using. So when in Rome…

How to Program a Crystal

OK, so let me set the record straight here from MY perspective.

And keep in mind that this is my opinion on what works best & is most efficient…my theory, my method from the research & work that I’ve done & have had many of my students carry out as well…this is precisely what I teach my students in my courses.

If you know of another way that contradicts my method…that’s totally cool. I don’t ever say my way or the highway.  There are many ways to achieve the same result & no one is wrong or incorrect. It’s all about what resonates with you & your preference.

many paths how to program a crystal

Let’s get into it…

Do we really need to PROGRAM a crystal?

I feel that certain crystals can help with certain specific things or have a set of certain properties due to their unique molecular make up & vibrational frequencies. So knowing that …why would a crystal need us to “program” it?

Does the crystal really need us telling it anything?  So…we’re going to tell the crystal what to do for us or go about controlling it in some way? Are we even able to do that? Do we tell a medicinal herb how it’s going to heal us?

I just don’t vibe with this.

Not to say that it isn’t possible. But why go against the grain & the inherent programming that nature & Mama Earth baked into it?

Let’s say, for example, that I decide to use clear calcite to help gain a new perspective on something…do I need to tell the calcite this, program or charge it in some way to make it do what I want if I already believe that the calcite has this specific correspondence?

calcite perspective how to program a crystal

Or is that vibrational frequency already programmed in its energetic blueprint? I feel that it is so I take a simpler more practical approach to all this.

Although, I do teach in our Advanced Crystal Master Course how to program clear quartz crystals for special cases, this isn’t something that is always necessary & I don’t feel the program we imprint will have staying power anyhow…so it’s something that will continually need to be maintained.

For the most part…I leave it up to nature to do the programming. I think she’s pretty much got that process down pat. 😉

TUNE IN + Set Your Intention using a Crystal; Step by Step

Now, I do feel that it’s important to tune into the energy of your crystal…as you would turn the dial (back in them thar olden days…) to tune into a specific frequency to receive a desired radio station.

Then once you’re tuned in you can set your intention & align it with your crystal.  So its more about “programming yourself” than it is about the crystal. Get what I mean?

The difference here may seem subtle to you or you may say “Semantics, Babe!”, but in my mind it’s quite different.

In tuning in first, we’re getting into harmony with the energy of the crystal & then by clarifying our intentions we are making the sometimes muddy work of communicating with Source Energy way more clear. In addition, by doing this you’re laser-focusing your energy  to your purpose + objective!

My super-easy & practical steps:

  • First, do your research & choose a crystal that resonates with your desired intention (so the crystal already has its own “baked-in program” & you’re just looking for a match to what you want to achieve.)
  • Get cozy with your crystal in your sacred space. Doesn’t need to be elaborate…just any space you can be quiet in, is special to you & allows you to focus on the task at hand
  • Get into a clear & relaxed state by taking a few deep breaths. You can use some meditation music to help with this as well (here’s my Pandora Sacred Space Station so you can dive into that!)
  • Write your intention down on a small piece of paper so you can refer to it. For example, “I will work together with this crystal to achieve self-love & healthy confidence” or “I will work with this crystal to have a calm & anxiety-free week”. The options are endless.  ❤
  • Place the crystal at your third eye and visualize yourself LIVING your intention in 3D. How would it feel? How would it sound when you’ve achieved that intention? Really use your senses to visualize you HAVING that intention as reality & then visualize shooting that “vision” from your third eye right into the crystal like a laser-beam of light. This is powerful stuffs! You’re actually sending emotionally charged energy into the crystal like a computer laser writing a program on a microchip! Yep..this is mega-charged intention-setting.
  • Now hold your crystal over your heart as you send your feelings of gratefulness. Gratefulness that we’ve been provided with such healing tools + supports to assist us here on Mama Earth School. Gratefulness that your intention has already been set & is coming to fruition. Manifestation wheels are already rolling! Feel the joy of that & let it flow from your heart into your lovely crystal ally. And say a heartfelt “Thank you”.
  • Now, take a deep breath & you’re all done. 🙂


That’s all there is to it.

Maybe you’re next question is:

“Where should I keep my crystal now? Do I need to keep it someplace special?”

That part is really up to you, Lima Bean. You can choose to take it with you in a little pouch…however I don’t recommend doing that with a really pretty or expensive crystal as it runs the risk of getting pretty banged up.

Or perhaps you’d like to keep it by your bedside.

Or maybe on a special altar surrounded by other objects that are special to you.


Just make sure it has meaning. As I teach about in my book, Crystal Grids…just make sure it’s in a space where you can give that crystal some daily TLC.  Don’t ignore it & don’t let it collect dust bunnies. You want to make a meaningful energetic connection of some sort with it on a regular basis: at least once a week, daily if possible.

And you know, if you’re a hard-core skeptic, none of this shizzle is going to work for you b/c that’s your intention. You don’t believe it will work…so guess what? It won’t!

If you do have total faith & believe then you & your crystals will do wonderful things together! Believe me. I know!

WHO done it?

Another point I want to bring up is that for me…it’s extremely important WHO does the intention setting for you.

I feel this is something you must do yourself rather than leave it to someone else to do for you. If you’re thinking “I don’t know what I’m doing so I’ll let them do it for me”, well…I feel this is giving your power away & taking the most important necessary element out of the recipe: YOUR ENERGY!

It’s so much more powerful when you can tune in + set the intention with your crystal YOURSELF.

I see so many crystals being sold at exorbitant prices b/c so & so “programmed” or “charged” the crystal up for you.

No thank you. Not for me.

I don’t want anyone else’s energy imprint messing with my mojo. No one can do it like you for you, Crystal Hottie!

And you see how easy it is…I just showed you. So why leave it up to anyone else? These are your precious dreams & plans. Treat them like your babies & don’t leave it in the hands of others.

Ready to give it a go?  Put these steps into action, grab your crystal, set your intentions & let your dreams fly!  I’d love to hear how it works for you & what you think of my process in the comments below.  

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. This is a relief to read as it is almost what I have been doing anyway and I’ve never had any guidance on what to do. But I do believe that if you are true to your own soul and hold that truth with yourself and your crystals then you can trust that you’re walking the right path. I’ve made some very difficult, heart wrenching changes in my life recently. It’s been a long time coming but when I finally truly tuned in to my inner experiencing and took up my crystals to support me I became strong within myself. My new journey is just beginning, there are ups and downs ahead of me but I believe that everything happens at the right time. A friend introduced me to your page and it’s exactly when I needed it, so thank you.

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  2. This morning I was putting newly acquired crystals into a new grid for sending my brother healing and support for his outlook. First, I lit a candle to start the process. Then I got out my Book of Stones to look up which ones I wanted to use. As soon as I chose one, then they went to bathe in the water from my new bath water filter I got a few days ago. I just rubbed them clean with my fingers in that nice warm bath. I made several trips to the bathroom to do this as I chose Epidote, Snowflake Obsidian, Unakite, Carnelian, and Green Aventurine. I also washed the quartz that went in the center. I also washed my quartz wand that I was going to activate this grid with; when it got washed it started to shine! so quickly it didn’t need much. As each one got dried I placed them right into the grid. Taking time to do this building process in steps really helped me stay focused and direct my intention. Once I had it just how I wanted it I was quite pleased with it.
    However, I love how you said to charge these from our third eye with a visual intention. I will do that over the grid tomorrow somehow, that is a fantastic idea!

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  3. Thank you

    I never resonated with the term “programming crystals” – unless you are building a short wave radio, such an idea made no sense with such things as crystals; which are not organic, but something which has grown within the earth – the key word here is “grown” and continue to change even when taken from their medium (something I actually worry about – should crystals be better left where they are?).

    I digress, how could any one assume to dictate to such things? Yes, finding a harmony with crystals makes more sense, feeling for rather than doing to (which applies to the rest of nature), fits my intuition.

    I do appreciate the idea of writing down one’s intention, as I tend to get distracted just staring into crystals, having a intention I can refer to while meditating with a crystal makes the most sense to me.

    1. Marcel Vogel the Nobel prize winning physicist did hundreds of experiments programming quartz crystals with amazing results.
      Do crystals know how to radiate positive energy without our programming? Sure. …but I also think they love being of service to us for a meaningful purpose as well.

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        Yes indeed he did, Beth. And I teach a similar process in my Advanced Crystal Master Course, but I feel that due to the very specific dominant oscillary rate of a crystal, the program we dictate to the crystal cannot hold very long & it naturally will default to its inherent Earth-programming.

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      1. Thank you for your link – everyone needs to read it.

        I cannot say for sure whether all my collection has been ethically sourced – at least not until relatively recently.

        I have, in my internet explorations, made contact with local sellers near to the mines. A good seller will have no problem with replying to questions. That’s not to say they don’t ever lie – but enough interaction and how they conduct themselves with their buyers is another good indication. I am learning as I go…

        Now, I am going to venture into la-la-land, please forgive;

        Aren’t the crystals still growing when mined? If left alone, wouldn’t they continue growing and haven’t we interrupted that growth?

        That said, I know I feel nothing but good from my crystals (as I commented to Beth above) however, I do not feel entitled to these entities, I feel honoured.

        When I receive a new crystal, I welcome it to my home acknowledging where it is from (including sellers’ locations) and the journey it has made to reach me, whether local or from O/S.

        Phew. Thank you for listening.


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  4. I have discovered a crystal tunning fork… After a water cleanse ,Sunshine , Moon rays ,Sunrise ,Sunset!
    This happens the days of the full MOON most of the time.I find the tunning Fork to me fun,
    Effective ,and easy. I also walk through the the house cleansing other stone”s and grids…
    I do move most of my stone every month during the Three days of the Full Moon on to my deck.
    PRay light a candle and activate them with good intention!!! The sound from the tunning fork
    Aliens the energies of the Crystal or stone to its original frequency’s!!! THis makes sence to me!!!✨✨✨

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  5. I agree completely and this is the only way I have ever put a crystal to use! I see people struggle and complain about how their crystals just don’t do anything for them. I always tell them how I do things, which is everything described here and they are totally surprised. Upon receiving a crystal from a purchase I clear it with black kyanite and sage smoke. I don’t want a crystal charged by anyone. I totally get that and see it alot. I see crystals being sold for such a high price because so and so worked with them and charged them just for you! I have been wondering lately about using Tabular quartz to energize a crystal. Is this true or just a myth?

  6. Thank you so much for the article. I too believe the crystals already know what to do and in most cases come to us just for that purpose. Programming them only limits them and doesn’t really allow the crystal to do the job it was sent to do. Great info and great job as always!!!

    1. Programming doesn’t limit the crystal, especially when working with its inherent traditional properties, it helps hone in on and clarify one’s intention. It works towards maximizing potential of the power of one’s mind.

  7. Many thanks Hibiscus Moon for the guidance & thoughts on tuning in & setting intentions. Much needed as I just received some special crystals to assist me in re-tuning myself! Chelle all my love upon you during this time. May your Crystals give you the peace & healing you so desire.

  8. WOW when I was finished dedicating my crystals I actually felt a little nauseous and light headed. Thank you for telling me how to dedicate my stones to a specific purpose. Can’t wait to use them. Thanks Deb

  9. I always felt that programming a crystal was weird when there is so much info on the properties of each crystal. It makes FAR more sense to me that you should program YOURSELF! I like that!

  10. Thank you for this article , I have struggled and failed for around 2 years to Program Crystals using the sharply breath your intention into them and the Vogel methods . These I felt would be arrogant and intrusive to the crystal . Now I just sit down ,quietly relax , rest my forearms on my table , place the crystal between my thumb & first 2 fingers on each hand , Feel my Heart at the same time feel the crystal . This for me is better as I connect with myself -and the crystal with love . The crystal is appreciated as a friend . Some people state that If a person is Right hand dominant then that is their giving hand -then their Left hand is the sensitive Intuitive receiving hand . I use both – to both give and receive -to – through and from the crystal at the same time . I have found this to be a kinder & more caring method . Many Blessings from Paul .

  11. I’m very grateful for this latest info as I’ve felt torn about this very important step with crystals…..just “how?” There are ago many explanations about this and your intention makes sense totally! I’m calling a new friend today that’s struggling with her new enlightened empath self and understand her feelings as I’m a newbie also to that knowledge. I also love everyone’s comments…..learning this excites my journey through life! I thank you and thank all of you!

  12. I’m very new to the exciting world of crystals, and I’ve been reading books, info sites, etc. in order to learn. Well. I say I’m new. I’ve collected rocks and minerals my entire life and taught units about them during my teaching career. Now that I’m retired and arthritis has set in, I began looking for natural ways to help with the pain. After deciding crystals might be the way to go, I thought…hmmm…I wonder if all those pretty rocks and minerals might work? Sure enough, my collection already included many amazing crystals that are now out from behind glass and out in my sacred space and various rooms in our home, sending out their energy. My new crystal friends!

    All that to say that your ideas on programming make so much sense! I’d been wondering why it was that if we selected a crystal for certain properties that we then needed to tell it what it already knew so well.

    I’m reading through your blogs but have one question, if you don’t mind. Can I carry too many crystals in what I’m calling my healing pouches? As I mentioned, I’m focusing right now on pain in my spine and fingers from osteoarthritis. I’m a guitarist and music teacher now, so this is very important to me.

    I did buy some of those kits designed for specific purposes, though I have done my own sage cleansing and have been meditating with them to make them my own. I also carry some in a separate pouch for creativity and tuning in to my angels and spirit guides. I just wondered if there is “too much of a good thing” when it comes to carrying crystals.

    Thank you so much for your informative site! This 58 year old gal is delighted to join all your beautiful hotties! ?


  13. thank you for this info! I want to know if you can use this to set the intention to help someone else by sending the positive energy to them. she does not believe in the power and energy of crystals, so will this have a negative effect if she’s not aware of my doin this?

    1. my opinion; it will not have a negative effect; but anytime you are doing any kind of work for another, you should always ask their permission. if you don’t feel that she would be receptive, then just ask for “her highest good” and allow whatever to happen. if she accepts, consciously or not, then great.
      i have a very christian friend who did not believe in ‘rocks’ but i had a crystal that when i meditated with it i ‘heard’ her name. so i focused on my friend with the intention of her highest good. a few months later she said something back to me that i had been telling her that she had not been able to accept. i smiled and thanked the crystal. 😉

  14. love, love, love the comments i’ve read.
    i totally agree with the summation that we are not adding TO the crystal, but connecting WITH the crystal.
    when i started with crystals i was drawn to them but wasn’t sure what to DO with them. then i was ‘told’ to meditate and ask. so i did. i ‘heard’ the name or title or purpose for the crystal i was holding: “sojourner”, “seeker”, “dog”, (that is interesting b/c i refer to her as a ‘pooch’ instead of a ‘dog’).
    i like the idea of holding the crystal to my third eye to help visualize my intention and over my heart to “seal the deal” with gratitude.
    every time i read a post on fb or one of your blogs i get re-energized to play with and learn from my crystals and gemstones.

  15. This really hit me-in a good way. Have been spending time with an angelite heart after a recent traumatic event. I had the piece previously for a little while, but had never worked with it. The “pre-programming” was spot on. It called to me, and has proceeded to be a source of comfort and angelic peace. 🙂

  16. I totally understand your explanation about letting mother Earth do the programming. That’s why I love learning about each crystal’s properties.

    But what about Lemurian Quartz? Could they have really been “programmed”? They do mine these crystals from the ground too, so the earth would have changed them if they were left by the Lemurians.

  17. I was just thinking.Can i program a crystal to more than one thing ? I have a large standing point.Hand size. I like to program it with several things.When i relax and sit with it, it would be good.😊💚

  18. As for other people charging crystals, I do completely agree with the absurdity of the price at which people sell them, it seems to be prone to fraud (or inauthenticity) in some cases. However I must also say that in my experience, when having been gifted by loved ones crystals that they set intention for me, or receiving one from people that I admire and who’s energy I resonate with, I find that their intention in conjunction with mine has helped me feel extra supported in my endeavors.

    You can always sit with the “pre-programmed” crystal and set the intention to accept only that portion of programming which you would want to receive or that you would have set for yourself anyway. Then you can bolster it with intention of your own.

    The main power lies in your clarity of the intention and to not just rely on the crystal to do work for you without being accountable for your own supporting thoughts, actions, and intention.

    People close to me that have charged crystals for me sometimes see things more clearly than I have been able to in certain situations (at least still in the subconscious), and their insight has been invaluable in my growth and evolution as I meditated on their insight. (Clearly, these are people I love and trust who have my best interest in mind). I just bring this up as a point that having crystals and stones programmed by others isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be an ultra-charged tool. You can always clear them when you are done and start over.

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