How To Kick a Cold in the A** with Crystals

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gem elixir tea crystals for cold and flu

Yep, yep, yep…crystals for cold and flu!

Ohhh, the boring disclaimer:  I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care, blah, blah, blah.

Wrong season, I know…but I ended up succumbing to a cold 2 weeks ago; I got hit hard & I figured this is a perfect opportunity to let you all know how I use my crystals to bounce out of that (although I wasn’t bouncing too much at the time!)

Now, usually, I’m pretty resilient to these things but some of you may know that I’ve been doing some frequent acupuncture treatments to treat my allergies & I’m pretty certain that moved some energy around & temporarily lowered my immune system, allowing a nasty virus to sneak in.

I also think my recent excessive work habits & lack of sufficient sleep as of late also greatly contributed.

WORD TO THE WISE: This is not something that I normally condone but until I’m 100% done on my teaching contract this is how it has to be for me…only 4 more weeks to go!!! Then I’m gonna be full time  BOOBS TO THE WALL Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy! (quipped that little phrase from my chica, TipToeChick). hee hee!


Crystals Are Here To Heal You: crystals for cold and flu

Of course, I immediately pulled out my  carnelian & aventurine to self treat.  Carnelian is my usual go-to stone for colds. When I feel a little something coming on, I work with it, pop some garlic or echinacea capsules & that usually nips it in the bud. But I was a little late to the party this time so ended up having to pull out all the stops.


1. Carnelian: (boosts life-force energy, strengthens the immune system, boosts vitality & fortifies the physical body)

carnelian crystals for cold and flu


2. Aventurine (general health + vitality enhancer )…be sure you’re using the green kind!

green aventurine

3. Flu Tip: If you’re dealing with a serious case of the flu then work with “The Dolphin Stone”, larimar (calm, cooling, soothing energy):


So what do I DO with the crystals? There are many things you can do but these are just the few things I chose to do:

  • First thing I did was drop a carnelian stone in my water bottle = Instant Gem Elixir!
  • Then I put together a quick little mojo bag to carry in my pocket & keep under my pillow of 1 carnelian, 1 aventurine & 1 small clear quartz point to amplify both of their energies. The bag was green to resonate the green frequency of healing. 🙂
  • Then I made a loose tea blend using only my favorite organic dried herbs of licorice root, marshmallow root & echinacea purpurea root all steeped in a carnelian + aventurine gem elixir water using my loose tea infuser ball (actually a heart!) meant purposely for healing with its aventurine holder.


gem elixir tea

Energy Is Here to Heal You

  1. Next, my gorgeous friend (full of healing energy herself) Marie Flora Peterson sent me one of her meditation downloads. This was perfect. I lit some green candles, heated some organic healing + fragrant eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus) in a burner while I laid down on my couch in my healing sacred space & placed 2  aventurine on my heart chakra. Ohhhhh, this was so recuperating!!!
  2. Yes, more acupuncture. I knew another treatment would move everything back into alignment. Dr. Christa, my acupuncture doctor had me feeling much better & more at ease.
  3. Once I was on the mend & feeling much better, I booked a long overdue general grooming quickie at favorite spa, Namaste Salon & Spa  (she doesn’t have a website…note to self: convince her of the benefits of being on the Internets!) Getting myself cleaned up with some eyebrow waxing, ear candling + a quick toenail polish change (only $10 bux!) was really good medicine for my spirit.

Mama Earth is Here to Heal You

  1. Lots of rest. I know I was depleted in this area. I took a couple sick days & allowed myself to sleep & lay around as much as I wanted. Boy, did I NEED that!
  2. I also felt I needed some deep grounding. I got barefoot & placed my bare feet on the Earth for 20 minute intervals; Earthing! Why? Mother Earth’s surface is covered with balancing restorative electrons (negative ions), which are super-attracted to us. They’re great b/c they neutralize the excess positive ions (free radicals) in the body (very healing). BUT usually, we’re totally insulated from Mother Earth’s restoring electrons with rubber soled shoes & carpeted or tiled floors so we’re usually really  depleted from these restorative energies (especially if you’ve been working under fluorescent lights, cooped up, in front of a computer screeen, etc.) When we’re barefoot we’re PERFECT energy conductors!! That’s why animals are so grounded…are they wearing rubber soles? Emerging research shows that Earthing allows us to HEAL.  Want to learn more about Earthing? Check this book out:

So, that’s it. I licked & kicked it in half the time it usually would’ve taken me!! YES. And revived my body, mind & spirit in the process. Knowing how (& continuing to learn more & more) to work with energies & Mother Earth’s healing tools is such an AMAZING blessing + GIFT!!

I’m so excited to keep learning more + more +more & you’ll be able to as well!!! Have you heard about the FREE 2012 Energy Healers Conference? Join us to learn more ways to revitalize, glow & heal with energy!!!

Bright Sparkling Healthy Blessings to you!





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  1. I am brand new to crystals and have recently become obsessed. LOL. When you say you “work with” the stones or crystals do you mean that you meditate with the stones near by… or physically on you (heart chakra, etc)? Do you hold them in your hands….or does their presence in the room do the trick? I carry a few (Citrine, Rose Quartz and Aventurine) in a little leather pouch in my purse and have a few bigger stones on my window sill in the kitchen. I wonder if I should be doing more with these stones to reap their benefits? What do you suggest for a beginner? Thanks!

  2. I was just wondering is Carnelian one of those crystals that you can put in the water directly for a gem elixir? I’m sorry. I’m new to crystals. Thank you!

  3. I’m sorry, the part where you recommended the book on Earthing is totally blank. I’ve reloaded the page and pulled it up on my desktop and mobile… could you please let me know what that book is called?

    Thank you!

  4. Fantastic advice, I’ll try that next time I feel a cold coming on! Can I ask what you’d recommend for bereavement? My beloved soul mate has gone & I’m carrying Amethyst & Citrine with me in a little silk pouch just to keep me functioning. X

  5. thanks for your info, crytal is very good for healing even for physical body!

    you’ve mentioned about some energy moving around after the accupuncture which lower your immu system. well, here is the info for you : something often ignore in the western world about the acupuncture is that, you’ll easily catch cold after it. especially to whom has weaker chi (energy flow?? the definintion weak here, isn’t equal to what weatern medical called healthy.) so, favorable drink a glass of warm water right after the treatment helping to carry out the toxic. keep yourself warm and don’t touch/ shower with the cold water for about 1/2h after the treatment, the accupuncture is like doing the excerise without moving the physical body. your pore are wide open, so easily catch cold.

    if you follow the instruction above. accupuncture is very good for your body.

    ps: a lot of thing in chinese medical is making no sense to the west because it’s totally different study. (maybe this is why the above isn’t appled in the western world, plus, it is only limited the person who has weaker chi).
    last of all, apart from crystals. i also take very hot feet bath before bed time, this will help a lot to cure flu. lower the temperture if you have high blood pressure. same thing as above, drink warm water, keep yourself warm….etc.
    hope everyone has happy healthy life!!

  6. I am getting over the after effects of a kidney infection and tick bite fever. I have constant headaches and pain. My body use to be full of every and now I am fatigued. Is there anything that can help me?

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