Ahhh negative people. Can you transmute negative energy? Can you use crystals to combat negativity?

Sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by them. This is especially so when you’re immersed in the matrix of Mon-Fri, 9-5….why is that? Is it really so hard to transmute negative energy? Yes…it can be.

I know for me…I try, boy, do I try to keep positive. But sometimes, these peeps are relentless! I think a lot of it is a cultural fitting in thing. Ya know…you don’t know what to talk about so our culture encourages us to complain about something…the misery & company thing. *sigh* Isn’t that sad?

Nothing nice to say, so complain with each other.

Sometimes the negativity parties can be so intense or non-relenting that you end up feeling annoyed, slightly depressed, emotionally exhausted or even physically tired.

What now? How do you remain strong?

People ask me this all the time. Don’t get me wrong. I get sucked into the black hole of this negativity-thumping all the time. But I’m getting better at catching myself & pulling out of its gravitational pull.

Crystals for Negativity + Other Tools

1. Be aware. Who are those negative peeps? Do you know? Sometimes, you don’t because they do it so much that it almost seems normal! So how do you know?

Do you just have that feeling when they’re around or after they leave? Just want to get away from them? Do they just drum up drama? Are they the type that always NEED something?

Once you know who they are, you can work on DOING something about it.  The 1 thing you have control over is your reaction to the situation. Thank Goodness! You can even avoid them. You say “HOW?” Dear Lima Bean?

How ’bout this advice from Marie Forleo?:

If its a family member,  you can simply step out of the situation & observe. I try to understand why the person is so negative. BUT, don’t sympathize with them verbally!

2. Say nothing
So here comes the negativity barrage. Smile & say nothing. Yep, just like grandma said…”If you have nothing good to say…” 🙂

If you don’t give energy to this interchange it goes away…no fuel.

This is usually where I get sucked into the Negativity Blackhole. It’s so easy to get pulled in. Next thing I know, I’m pissed about all sorts of things & I feel totally drained.

3. Try wearing black tourmaline (a great crystal to combat negativity).

Black tourmaline is known for its ability to transmute & “cleanse” energy. Here’s a video I did on that subject:

OR my favorite combo for this black tourmaline & smokey quartz:

You can really boost the energy of your black tourmaline if you put your intention into it. So, try visualizing the stone’s energy field cocooning you… because it actually is… but when you realize it, you can amplify it, creating a virtual force field around you. Can’t Touch This!

4. Say, “OK, now tell me something good.”
This is  major diffuser. Like water to the flame. I actually LOVE how this ends the tirade. Try it!! It’s kind of funny.

(Edit… I received so many funny, cool, good messages on FB on this post and 2 Crystal Hotties posted this video, so this HAS to go here!! PERFECTO!🙂

5. Restructure the Energy

Sage smudging is great for this!! It generates negative ions in our environment which makes the energy around us feel great! This is some powerful space clearing mojo that makes the energy in your environment sparkle again!! If you want to know the WHY of this (as I often do!) click here for a Web MD explanation.

transmute negative energy Crystals for Negativity

Can’t smudge? Its not always practical, is it?

I like to use a spray smudge that I make which includes sage herb tincture, smokey quartz gem elixir & black tourmaline gem elixir.

I use this to clear the energy after the negativity monger leaves the area. Spritz, spritz, spritz!!!

It really chases out the “Yuck and Stuck” energy, as I like to call it.

(Pssst! I’m working on an uber-secret Gem Elixirs Kit that will teach all the details on how to create one of these for yourself. Awesome fun!) This eKit is now retired as of the Summer of 2016. Sorry Crystal Hotties. 🙁

transmute negative energy Crystals for Negativity

Sorry Crystal Hotties. Not for sale. I can’t keep up with production on these. They sell out as quickly as I can make them! So, YEAH! It works!!

So what helps you to deal with negative peeps? Please share! We all need as many tips and tricks we can get our hands-on. 🙂

Super Crystal Blessings to you All!