How To Cleanse Your Crystals

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Working with crystals, I get asked this question quite a bit. In teaching both my live & online classes, I’ve polled my peeps or have done Facebook polls about it & found some very juicy things out about what people think about this topic!

First off, if it works of you, keep on keeping on!Don’t let 1 single thing I or anyone else says sway your feelings or intuition.

That’ being said, I often hear that some believe there are some crystals that need not EVER be cleansed. I hear this often of selenite, some kyanites but mostly, I hear this of citrine.

I feel that there are no crystals or stones that do not require any cleansing.BTW, this is my new fav way to cleanse my crystals!


At some point their frequencies will need to be readjusted, especially if they have been used for intense healing, just like any other crystal. Why would these specific crystals be any different than any other? Citrine is quartz with some iron & some heating. So is amethyst. What makes citrine so special that is would never need to be cleansed?

I know that certain authors have written that some crystals never need to be cleansed, but to my knowledge this did not come from the ancient teachings. I defer to those.

To me, the crystals are just like a guitar that’s been over-played, after a while it needs to be re-tuned. There is nothing molecularly different about selenite or others that would not allow their energies to entrain with others’ at some point in time requiring their frequencies be slightly readjusted.

Some say the cleansing for these particular crystals can be totally skipped forever because they have the power to transmute negative energy.

OK, that’s all well and good. BUT, Black Tourmaline does quite a good job at transmuting energies (the best in my opinion) yet no one says it doesn’t ever need to be cleansed.

This prompted me to do a vid on based on this topic.

If you  know me, you know I  love an intelligent & respectful debate…so if you’ve got an opinion, please do comment below. I’d  love to hear your point of view, Sweetie Pea! Agreed, disagreed or just general comments. All are welcome & safe here. 🙂

Crystal Blessings & Sparkly Clean Love to you All!


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  1. I really try to feel things out. If a stone doesn’t feel energetically compatible to it’s original state–which I have not been able to feel a couple times before because there were energies attached to it that were foreign to the energies that I felt from photos of the stone–then I would say, yes, it needs to be re-tuned. I wouldn’t say this needs to be done on a specific basis unless an action regularly done to the stone causes energies to meddle with it’s natural vibration–as I think you expressed above. I also feel that higher energy stones are more susceptible to these energetic changes, while lower energy stones have a tendency to be more stable.

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  2. Thank you for insightful ideas about crystals. Having only just started working with them & inspiration goes a long way to aiding ideas already in the making. I do agree that black tourmaline does a good job at transmuting energies. Many thanks again. Love & Light

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      I love doing this so no problemos at all! Yes, black tourmaline is the great transmuter & restructurizer of energy…if that energy feels “stuck & yuck” to you, bust out the black tourm! 😉

  3. I’ve never really understood the whole citrine never needs to be cleansed thing. If most citrine is lab heated amethyst, why would you never have to cleanse a citrine, but still have to cleanse an amethyst. Hope that makes sense. I believe in cleansing everything!

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