Want to know how it all began? How I started working with Crystals

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Transcript of the video:

First, I want to tell you about a couple of things.

A lot of you ask me about crystal skulls.

We actually get pretty in-depth into that in my Advanced Crystal Master Course. A magazine that I subscribe to Rock & Gem, in its August 2014 issue, had a really good article on crystal skulls called Art or Artifacts.

2015-02-11 14.58.00

They tried to keep it relatively based in fact so that you can get a good overview as far as what’s what with the crystal skulls (giving you the facts) & then you can make up your mind from there. So, I thought that was a good article & I wanted to bring that up and tell you about that.

Then there’s the gem shows! The Tucson Gem Show is held every year in the end of January-February. There are some great online resources for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Fossil Showcase. They always have different things that are happening.

Sometimes the major places, the meeting spots move from spot to spot, but generally around all of Tucson; there are Gem Shows happening all over the place. And if you go to my YouTube Channel I have many years-worth of my escapades in Tucson.

Crystal Cohort Meet up!


This year, I was really looking forward to having a meet up with my Hibiscus Moon Crystalline Cohorts from my courses and really looking forward to meeting many of them in real life and hooking up in the “crystal-meca” of Tucson! About 25 of us gathered in a suite overlooking the gorgeous Tucson desert valley.





We had a little crystal show & tell, showing each other what we bought & what we found and our best finds of the year for Tucson 2015. If you go to Tucson Gem & Mineral site they regularly update info on all of the different main shows throughout Tucson. There is always a theme;  every year they have a theme.

In 2014,  I wasn’t really too excited because it was a very broad theme. It was like “silver and gold and gems”. Well…I was like, “isn’t that what we are here for?” They didn’t laser focus on anything for a theme, in my opinion.

The year before it was Fluorite. Now that’s a theme! I like a theme like that. 🙂 You know, really laser focus in.

OMG!! Just found out the 2016 theme!!!: “Shades of Blue – Minerals of the World”

For 2015, they took a kind of broader view, but I liked it. The  2015 theme was Minerals of Western Europe.

They showcased different minerals  specifically from Western Europe. That’s kind of cool. And you can check out the show details with their brand new website that’s Tucson.org. And here’s a visitor’s guide link also for different tips for staying up to date: VisitTucson.org

If you’re not planning on heading out to Tucson for 2016, then you can check out the Gem & Mineral shows and events in your area. Here’s a website called the-vug.com with links for checking out some other great gem shows around the world. If you’re a geo-geek, like me, you know what a vug is. 😉

There they list different shows according to area and state and different things that are coming up. There are a lot. Make sure to not miss any that are coming to your local area b/c THAT is the place to be for a Crystal Hottie in the know!

How I got started working with crystals

If you read my book Crystal Grids, you have a general idea.

You know that at a very young age I was enthralled with this coffee table book that my father had from a museum & it had all of these pages and pages of beautiful photographs of different rough minerals and then faceted gems made from the rough minerals. And I was just riveted to this book. I was always in it, 3-years-old looking at it, and couldn’t believe that these were things that came from Mama Earth because they showed them in a rock matrix. And as I got a little older I started to learn a little bit more about them.

Always fascinated.

Absolutely fascinated.

We started learning about geology in school &…again totally riveted.

When I went to college, I took a lot of geology focused courses. You know, I was in different science majors. And then when I got out of college, well actually when I was in high school, I started dabbling in metaphysics, more than dabbling I got really into it. But I didn’t make the connection of crystals + metaphysics yet.

In fact it all started when I began reading my mother’s copy of this book! I’ve since read it about 6 times & will liklely read it again many more. I’ve got some sort of soul-connection to it:

And as the years went on…I don’t know, I think I was around 28, late-20s or so going to events and classes and things that I went to having to deal with lightworking and metaphysics and things that I was really interested in; just really anything that was “on the fringe” or considered occult (hidden info).

I would either read books or go to classes and events and find out more & more. I started realizing there was a connection with the crystals. I started working with them on my own reading books and doing a lot of introspective work and research on my own.


And I had this science background, because by then I had started teaching Science and my favorite thing was to dive deeply into Geology. But then I started realizing this whole “crystal healing thing” and the more and more I learned about crystal healing, crystal therapy and the more I read about metaphysics, the more I realized there were these common threads and these ways that it could merge together with science and physics specifically.

And I was like:

Wow! I wonder if anybody else is noticing this or understanding this and seeing these correlations?

So, I couldn’t really do anything about that until I discovered YouTube. I discovered YouTube in 2007, and right around then made my first video. And I knew there were other people dabbling in other things, but not really so much into the crystals but I put the videos out there with just my hands showing, not my face because I was still a teacher at the time and I was really afraid to “come out”. (I was a science department chair in what was at the time the largest school district in the US. Teachers doing social media in a big way is not a safe idea no matter what the topic.)

And I started realizing, finding and making friends with other people on the same wavelength and making connections that way. Then…like the world just opened up. I started telling them about everything. I was like “well what about this? And what about crystal grids? And what about…”

It just kind of exploded from there. Those of you that have been with me awhile you know the whole story, watched the whole thing unfold and you know exactly how it happened step-by-step and it’s like I always explain it this way:

It was like the universe was just pulling me along and  really saying “just follow your intuition and I’ll keep opening the doors.”

The business? That all unfolded the same way. I just listened & if it resonated for me, I followed.

Did it feel scary? Hell, yes!

Did I feel ready? No way!!!

But the fear felt exciting too & it felt RIGHT.

And that’s how it has always been for me on this path with the crystals.

And more and more things happen throughout my life that keep reminding me of this…because sometimes I forget to follow, remind my brain to follow my intuition…which comes from my heart. Because when I don’t, that’s when I get into little messes & things. Know what I mean?

When I follow my heart & follow my intuition things always seem to work out. And, go ahead and start before you feel ready.

That’s my message here to you today. I hope you do the same.

Follow your heart, follow your intuition wherever that path may lead.

It can only bring you to good positive things.

So let’s hear it Crystal Hottie ~ How did you start working with crystals? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. OMG! I know exactly what you mean when you said “it’s like the whole world opened up!”

    I got into crystals through one single book a friend gave me. Which was about metaphysics. Which led to another book & another & so on. I was reading books on lucid dreaming, working with your spirit guides, light work (which is what led me to crystal healing!). I remember having these epiphanies about life & wondered why no one else around me knew about it! Of course, that’s when I found a whole community online that I could talk to about this stuff! I now make jewelry all inspired by crystals, gems & minerals!

    I just found your blog yesterday & so glad I did! I can’t wait to get to know more about the science behind these gems I fell in love with!

    Much love soul sista!
    Xo, Brittany

    (Sorry for the long comment. I get pretty excited about this stuff.)

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  2. A few years back I got invited to a crystal awareness day. I sat next to some very large crystals and kept getting drawn to look at a large piece of Labradorite. When I say large it must have been several kilos but it was beautiful. It was strange at the time but it was as if it was communicating with me. Since then I have collected many books and hundreds of different crystals. Recently I undertook a crystal healing course and am busy setting up my own crystal healing space. I love all my sparkly friends so much and enjoy sharing them with folks.
    I share your love and enjoyment of these fascinating babies, just a shame that we don’t have anything like the Tucson event here in England. Keep spreading the word x

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  3. Inspiring Hibiscus! It’s so lovely to see how following your intuition and your passions and just saying “yes” to stuff really works miracles! Love it. I would also just love to go to that Shades of Blue conference and see all the blue minerals, yum yum yum.

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  4. Greetings! While searching for some Blue Moon ceremonies, I came across your site last night. I was drawn in to say the least! My crystal journey is just beginning…..a friend introduced me to the world of crystals, and I am now realizing that I have been drawn to these “pretty stones” for a very long time, but didn’t know the power and energy they have been providing me all these years. I was very ill in 2014 – cause unknown, but seemed to be environmental…I began blending eastern and western medicine with very good results. I then began using essential oils and the results have been amazing. It has been just over a year using the oils, and I feel wonderful!! When my good friend led me down the crystal path, the energy I felt was overwhelming, a little scary, and a lot exciting!! I completely welcomed it all into my life!! I went to my jewelry box and to the very nice rock and mineral display in my classroom (yes, I am a teacher) and brought out a plethora of crystals; many of which were my mom’s or grandma’s jewelry. That is when I realized that I have always had a connection with the metaphysical /crystal world. I always respected my intuitive nature, but apparently was not ready for my journey to take flight. It is now taking flight!!! I am letting my intuition and the universe guide me on this incredible journey. I am finding it difficult to balance teaching, life routines, and my journey, but….I have only just begun to tap into the “help” that the universe has to offer!! So exciting and thankful that I found your site to help me in my journey!! I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason…..my illness was horrible, but brought me to a place I may never have discovered!! Thank you, Hibiscus Moon, for being there as well….Namaste

  5. How can I make this short! I have always been drawn to gemstones. I started with a slide bracelet with birthstones of my family members. Then I wanted a collections of colored stones. I had the opportunity of going to a self awareness training in Utah. During time off I would go to a Mall across the road and there was a bead shop in it. I was in my element and knew it. Starting creating bracelets with the stones I was most attracted too. The first one was a Purple Jade and Amethyst. Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Turquoise, Red Coral. I even made friends bracelets as souvenirs, as close to their birthstone I could get…which the only one was Emerald. I chose Malachite. During a meditation, Christ came to me and handed me something. I looked at it and it was a Crystal Quartz. I asked him what it was? He said, Knowledge. Took me awhile to process that. Once home, I missed it so I went to Walmart and bought inexpensive jewelry making supplies. Taught myself…and from the memories of the bead shop. A person was always there to help and to put the clasp on. I learned I had to invest in proper tools. So got an inexpensive set of those. I was making bracelets and giving them away. Then got into earrings. I was also processing my meditation revelation. I started only using gemstone beads. Through using and working with them, my awareness came into where the beads come from. That’s it! I started getting my first Crystals. Rose Quartz,
    Crystal Quartz geode, Rutilated Quartz, Angelite, other common ones. But in 2007, on vacation in Sedona, AZ, I got my first piece of Selenite and an Amethyst Geode. A large piece of yellow Calcite. My awareness started to really raise. And every since then my Crystal collection grows just like my awareness!!! I just don’t live near any rock shops. The shows are 2-3 a year about 3 hours away. Not really good shows for hard to find pieces. And more and more they are getting more about jewelry. In 2009 my husband and I went to Coleman mine in AR. We got lots of Quartz by finding them. But we went to shops in that area and got some others. There’s a Crystal Warehouse and mine in Mt. Ida, AR. I bought a piece of Mt Ida Quartz in 2008 in Alaska. I live in MO so being around 4-5 hours from these Quartz capitals decided that would be our next vacation. Our vacations are planned around rocks. I go to Gemstone shows in IL to get my beads for jewelry. We haven’t had a real vacation since 2012… just short trips to IL. to the shows. And once to Eureka Springs, AR. Not too many rocks there. A great coral shop, a rock shop where the owner had a focus on and a great selection and source for Coral. And there’s a Astro-geologist there that is so amazing to talk to. Of course his focus is Meteorites, Moldavite and Tektites. Retirement, health and finances have limited our vacations. Husband retired in 2012. But I have some places on my bucket list that I have set the intention will happen!!! That’s the highlights of my Crystal journey. I make jewelry and sell it to friends who love stones like me. There’s only a few around here. And no true rock hounds like us. Crystals opened my mind to the other natural healing modalities. So when Christ said they were Knowledge, to me, that’s exactly what they have been.?✨?

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