HOW I Did it & WHO Helped Me!

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I often get asked the who, what, when & how of this sacred crystal biz that I’m having so much fun with. Precisely how did it become the glorious thing that’s its become? Helping people realize their dreams all over Mother Earth? Yeah, I’m in awe of it myself.

Disclosure: I already mention it on my site but want to mention it again here in this post; I do have some affiliate links within this & other posts. I will earn a commission if you decide to no additional cost to you.  The only reason I recommend these people or products is b/c I believe in them with all my heart & soul. I KNOW from experience that they are helpful & useful. Please know that I NEVER recommend anything that I have not done completely myself & do not believe in wholeheartedly.

So, I’d been working seriously with the crystals for several years as a side-biz but it was last November when the bug hit me: that I wanted to go BIG with this. I made a commitment to myself then that this would be my last year at my then Science Chair position & I’d be immersed in crystal bliss by June, 2012. Once I set that goal, I had to roll up my sleeves & really get to work. That was a crazy-busy 7 months. Whew, I think that was the hardest I’ve ever worked. But I loved every minute of it…just about.

Geeez-Louise, I just realized that’s not even a year ago! Wow. This stuff REALLY WORKS!

crystal biz

So, here’s how I did it & exactly who & what helped me:

1.  Biz Coach Leonie: My catalyst back in November was running into Ms. Leonie Dawson! One of my Crystalline Cohort students mentioned her to me & I was immediately attracted to her & then to her  Business Goddess E-Course. I had a deep KNOWING that Leonie was someone I REALLY needed to work with. I have these intuitions about people & always follow them. Hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Leonie’s presence attracted me so much. And her E-course is simply genius & I WORKED that thing, Baby!

Then in Feb.-March, I worked with her 1 on 1 in a Business Illumination Session. I know she’s uber-busy right now & doing tropical Australian Mango Frappe Business Retreats right now, but keep a watch if she does those again. Truckloads of info!! I had a blast working with Leonie & learned GOBS from her. And it all worked b/c I implemented what she told me. Step by step, I did it all, leaving no stone unturned. That’s an important key right there. This comes pretty naturally for me being a Capricorn but you can totally do it too if your heart is set on it.

Here’s a FUN video interview I did with Leonie about what it was like to work with her (Mucho laughter ahead, I love Leonie. She’s such a bright angel of happiness):


2. Crystal Grid: Of course, I set up a special crystal grid for redirecting my business with the specific goal of making it my full time career & finding the right people to guide & help me. This baby worked like a charm! Not only did it give the big manifestation PUSH but I did indeed the perfect people to work with. BOY, did I ever!!

crystal grid

Yes, this grid worked like GANG BUSTERS!!

3. Biz Coach Lindsay: So now the biz was really growing. I needed more; more direction, more frequent customized coaching to get real clarity. So, for that I found Lindsay Wilson. Her energy told me right away she was the exact person I needed for further guidance. She had me dig right in & do the dirty work I didn’t want to do; the stuff that made me feel uncomfortable. Thanks to her guidance, I’m laser focused now with products my students want & crave, not wasting my time on stuff that “felt” or “sounded” good but was just totally wasting my time. Don’t get me wrong: I still only do what brings me joy but at the same time I KNOW its something that my students & other Crystal Hotties would love to gobble up. I highly recommend starting out with her Sales Master Class if she does it again. Now I work with Lindsay for 1 on 1 coaching & its perfect for where I am now.

Lindsay said this to me yesterday & its brilliant:

“Business is the easiest path to healing. It makes you face you’re stuff or you’ll keep running into it again and again.

You’ve got to work through it to move forward.”

That couldn’t be more true but I never thought that business would be the path to working that junk out. But it really does! So from Lindsay, I’m learning to get clear in both my mind, heart & soul. Then she showed me how to get clear on a different level with my peeps before I move forward with anything else. This is true on many levels actually & another very important key.

I’ve found that no book can give me the kind of detailed customized tools that a good biz coach can. So much time is NOT WASTED b/c I’ve chosen to invest in 2 MUCHO EXCELLENTE coaches that totally resonate with me. Yeah, there’s another important key right there.

4. Take Care of Me: Next, I made sure to not neglect ME & give myself spiritual & nutritional support. This is probably the most important step right here. I saw myself slipping here a few times & would catch glimpses of the consequences, which scared me straight. I’ve been going to more guided meditations lately b/c that makes me meditate longer & feel really supported. I also purchased a BioMat for myself to reduce any stress, fatigue & allow my body to more easily carry out its everyday functions. I purchased more crystals that I knew I needed & have been wanting to work with:


This is a new vivianite I just acquired for waking up my biophotons, while bringing forth more compassion & love.

I also sought the supportive guidance of my Intuitive Physician, Dr. Laura Koniver for helping me to tweak my health & stay balanced. *This reminds me I need to book another session soon!* Keeping your health in check is so important while working on a biz but so easy to over look. I know when I’m eating right & working out, everything else just falls into place so much easier & unforeseen health issues are less likely. Plus it makes me more disciplined which is an all around plus. Nothing like a health knock-out to take the wind out of your biz mojo & manifestation, so please take good care of yourself.

5. Hire Support Staff: One thing I magically realized when I turned that corner in November is that in order to focus on the stuff I love to do & create & teach I needed to learn to ask others for help & to leave the marketing brainstorming & techy bits to the others who do that really well. I have been blessed with finding just the perfect absolutely right people to work with all the way! Enter Dawn & Michelle.

Michelle, Tech Princess Extraordinaire!

Michelle Millichip is Princess of all things technology. She has technological super powers that others only dream of (I don’t dream of these things, but I know that many do). If I wonder about how to go about something, she figures out ways to build it, achieve it, make it happen. She also takes care of tech support for our Crystalline Cohorts always so sweetly & with a smile. We all adore her! I am so grateful to have her with us on our Sparkly Team!!

Dawn, Sparkle Engineer Supreme!

Then there is Dawn Martinello who is my marketing mavin, sparkly idea incubator, support assistant, office administration right-hand woman. A Sparkle Genius actually. She’ll come up with amazingly creative ideas that light me up & also helps me with all sorts of Academy tasks such as general support emails & everyone loves her too!

I also get to brainstorm & talk through ideas with these 2 gorgeous ladies which is an amazing blessing! I am so grateful to Universe for having my path cross with all these lovely people.

If you’re looking to turn your passion into your full-time DREAMBOAT to Blissland I also want to say this to you, Chick Pea:

Don’t bother investing in the perfect program or perfect coach if you’re not ready to WORK IT! Work every millimeter of it. No procrastinating, no half-measures. Are you ready to commit to it & DO IT?


Then go get to it!

As Always, Sparkly Crystal Blessings of Joy!



P.S. What is your big sparkly dream? Start the intention-setting now & DECLARE it in the comments below. AND, if it has anything to do with becoming a Certified Crystal Healer…enrollment is now open (last time for 2012) & you still have time to grab up Early Bird Pricing!! Click here for deets.


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  1. Hibiscus, your article is awesome just like you! I have followed you since you started your biz on side. I couldn’t wait to see more of you because your passion of crystals really shows in your teaching!
    I received your July Newsletter and saw Leonie Dawson link. When there is a student there is a teacher. Sure enough I am in her Goddess Circle at the same time that I am taking your Certified Crystal Healing course!
    You are absolutely right about taking care of me. I am overwhelmed with my work load and I can see the difference in taking care of me and my sacred space. My angels guides have told me that after my certification in crystal healing, the door of possibilities are going to open so far!
    Thank you so much for being you! You are the crystal teacher everyone should be learning from!
    Love you!

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  2. Thank you thank you!! Working with you is so amazing. I am so grateful everyday that I’ve been a part of this amazing journey you are on. Supporting your big dreams has helped me achieve mine – this truly is my dream job – using my tech skills to help realise the creative visions of inspirational entrepreneurs and teachers. Plus I get to chat with the gorgeous Crystalline Cohorts everyday! It doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

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  4. I have read this article before but reading it again just now has hit me with a powerful KA-POW! Thank you for sharing your story, such a beautiful experience<3

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