How Do You Store Your Crystals?

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Are your crystals & stones out sparkling away, safely stored or simply gathering dust?

This is what I used to do (3 years ago)…but no more:

So, how many of you Crystal Hotties have your crystals, rocks, stones & goodies constantly out & exposed, or whether you like to have them kept in safe places & only get them out for those special occasions…like healing & meditation work?

Or like my friend & Crystalline Cohort, Cindy, says:

“Sometimes you want to just play & bond with them.”

I can totally relate! Ever have the need to do that? heeheee!

I keep most of mine out where I can look at them & purely enjoy them & where they are free to do there thing.

So where do I keep them?:

  • I’ve moved some of my more delicate or expensive pieces into my China cabinet to keep little kiddy hands off of them when they come to visit (thy can’t RESIST!!)
  • Some are busy working in crystal grids
  • Some smaller pieces are stored away in that wooden box in the vid up above with a cloth lining just to keep them all where I can easily find them
  • There’s my programmed crystal that’s always stored away SAFE & SOUND to hold its program better: I wrote a whole post recently on some changes I’ve implemented with that & why
  • There are others sprinkled around the house for various reasons (EMF protection, projecting good vibes, a little feng shui & a couple in my purse & car)

So what do you like to do, My Sweets? Please share more in the comments below! We love to share & read this stuffs!

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  1. Awesome blog article! I keep my favorite stones in a special silver necklace box, 8inch square. Crystals that are put away are in a box that says Live, Laugh, Love. They really like it in there! Good vibrations coming from the box. It is kept under my working grid in my bedroom. That is their fav place. I go back to work tomorrow, i will be bringing some tourmaline with me!!!

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  2. i have many crystals and gems that I have used for myself healing and energy but recently they have been stored in not good place my flat i am in with my fiance and kids is very mouldy and damp from problems in the past our landlord is taking ages to get some thing done and we constantly sick how can i get them all recharged carefully and keep them protected too from all this dampness. When i was in alaska few years ago i saw a wooden box pyramid with draws and have been hunting for something like that so can put them into chakra positions with there colours, what do you think is needed NEED HELP

    thanks Kathryn Regan

  3. My crystals are in an old rock crystal serving dish; it’s transparent so I can see them all. Yes, I do rinse them occasionally when I’m housecleaning to eliminate the dust build up.

  4. I like to use them a decoration, some go around my salt lamps, some my antique purple glass lamp (which I love it’s so pretty! I have to keep it in the window!) & the others I like to pair w other natural objects like other cool rocks, driftwood & palm leaves.

  5. Stones should be stored in silk or leather/suede after they have been cleansed. Silk and leather/suede are the ONLY materials which 100% block all energy from passing thru – so it prevents negative energy from being absorbed by the crystals & if a Pramic Healing Crystal has been accidentally left on, it will prevent the energy from effecting anyone near it.

    As far as color, white silk or black is the best because white already has all of the colors so it is universal or black because it is the lack of color (it absorbs colored light rays).

    This is one of many of the great teachings of MCKS Pranic Healing which has years of researching & testing the knowledge of many cultural & religious teaching around the world that are thousands of years old.

    Multiple energy clairvoyants where used to test & affirm the results of this.

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