How Do You Know When to Cleanse Your Crystals?

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A couple week’s ago I did a crystal survey on my FB page asking:

“If we had some one on one time, what 1 question would you ask of me?”

I promised that I would take the 2 most popular questions & turn 1 into a blog post & the other into a video.

The 2 most popular questions were:

1. How do you know when to cleanse your crystals?

2. What 5 crystals should you have in your beginner’s kit?

So just in case you missed it on my YouTube Channel, here was my response to the THE #1 most popular crystal-related question:

How Do You Know When to Cleanse Your Crystals?

OH! If you’d like to know my absolutely most fav method in the whole wide world to re-tune my crystals, it’s using sound acoustics. I explain how to do that here:

Crystal Energy Cleansing using Sound: How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Since I always get asked, these are the crystal singing bowls I use & recommend…Silver Sky Imports (yes, they’re expensive & very fragile) & these are the tuning fork set that I use. Nope, it doesn’t matter what frequency you use when it comes to re-tuning a crystal. 🙂

And my answer to question #2 was posted here a couple weeks back.

Super Sparkles to you today!

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  1. This was very enlightening for me. I have never thought about it before, but of course the crystals don’t need us! It is almost freeing to realize that we are not doing them as much harm as we like to believe. Now I feel like I can live in better harmony with my crystals, knowing that they do not need to be programmed and cleansed all the time.

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  2. Greetings. I would like to know where to place or position certain crystals in my house, purse, car and workplace? I store all my crystals in a wooden box but I know crystals can be more beneficial to me if they are placed in and around my living and working environment. I have most of the essential crystals . I can purchase what I do not have.

  3. Love the video on cleansing Crystals!!! I’ve read and watched a few videos regarding this subject but almost every time my gut always tells me that it’s unnecessary to be so regimented about it. I actually look at my crystals and say nah there’s no way this energy needs that amount of cleansing. I do however agree that tuning into and using your intuition to sense the energy and decide if it needs it works best. Another way I notice when they need cleansing is their color. Don’t know if anyone else notices it but they tend to look dull. NAMASTE EVERYONE ❤️

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