How Did this Crystal Academy Begin? A Labor of Love

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Good Busy 🙂

I’m often asked how all this started & I’m not quite sure myself. BUT, I think I’ve stumbled across something quite exciting, fun & much needed….online crystal classes.

Through my YouTube channel *where I got started teaching about crystals online in 2007* I’ve found that many people, besides me, are intrigued by crystals & are being called to work with them more & more. Attribute it to energy shifts, a higher calling, or whatever you want…but I’m here to tell you its happening BIG TIME!

It quickly became apparent I could not answer the questions one by one via email. There were too many. So while I was making YouTube videos, I started getting many questions & took to writing crystal articles & blogging more & more about them to get all the questions answered. And I was & still am, so very grateful for all the questions! They are the reason I am doing what I am doing today. 🙂 And they push me to keep going & going.

I was writing, blogging & vlogging about crystal energies & crystal healing & was writing so much that I soon realized a disorganized book was pouring out of me! But the more I put out there, the more questions poured in & began receiving several  inquiries about teaching online. See, at the time, I was also running & teaching a local meetup group: Goddess Gatherings, with my BFF, Cathy where we incorporated a lot of crystal teachings (yeah, did that in my spare time…*what was I thinking?*) Actually, it was loads of fun & but zapped us too much energetically.

Oh yes! Forgot to mention that I also worked (still do) full time teaching science & run my crystal shop on Etsy. So, all this was starting to snowball as I realized that there are so many lovely sweet peeps like you, Sweetness, who NEED to know more about how to work with crystals!

It was time to reorganize & make some changes. I truly enjoy researching, experimenting, working with, writing about & teaching about crystals. I love it with all my heart & my Crystalline Cohorts (students in the Certified Crystal Healer Program)…they KNOW this.

I realized that writing the articles, the book & teaching local classes could be parlayed into something more meaningful for everyone involved! 

I decided to merge the article writing, the local classes & all the online inquiries & wrap them all up into online crystal classes w/ a bow on top! Nothing like these classes were be given anywhere (still aren’t…not in this format, not in this way), that can be taken by people all around the world, anytime! It truly excites me every time I think about it!!

This idea resonated with me so strongly. I made immediate changes and got to work right away on it & The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy officially began 1 year ago. This all so exciting because people have responded so positively to this so I know the Universe certainly guided me in the right direction! It always does when you expect great things, doesn’t it? 

I am filled with gratitude to all those who were instrumental with their guidance as well as with their GLORIOUS questions! This is an amazing journey that I’m on & I’m still so excited to see what’s up ahead! I hope many more of you will be joining us. 🙂

If you would like to take a look at what the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy offers, hop on over here.

So please share what brought you to my site…do you love crystals, want to know more about healing with them, dreaming with them, angel connections, anxiety relief…anything else? We love to talk crystals  ’round these parts!

Crystal Blessings for 2012!

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  1. Love learning how your journey started……..I LOVE crystals……as you know :). This is so great what you’re doing….spreading some crystal love all around the world! Awesome!

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  2. I found your site last summer thanks to a link posted on a discussion forum – and I’m so glad I followed that link and found you! Your courses are *amazing* and I can’t speak highly enough about them (and you!). I’ve taken several other crystal classes over the years, but none of them have been as thorough, comprehensive, and as wonderful as your classes. I love the format and the videos. Being able to see *and* hear the information helps me absorb it better – and you share SO much information and knowledge! You and your crystal healing program have been blessings in my life. Thank you… 🙂

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