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Please note: This give away has ended. Thank you to all the Party People in the House!

I’ve been itching to do a give-away again. I just have way too much fun with these!! There will be 6 different winners this time!!! So here are the prizes:

1. Your choice of any 1 item you like from my Zazzle Store(pssst: there’s some really cute t-shirts in there!)

2. Two winners will get 1 free online On Demand Crystal Class (your choice)!

3. Three winners will get 1 free Crystal Grids Template Package just in time to set up for your 2012 goals!!!

Its super-easy to enter too! And there are 3 ways to do it & you can enter as many times as you like. Weeeeeeee!

1. Just leave a comment below to enter.

Be sure to introduce yourself &  tell me where you’re from, m’kay? Tell me why you love crystals or something sparkly like that! (Leave as many comments as you want! Each one is an entry.)

2. Sign up for my email newsletter.

If you’re already signed up to my newsletter, you’re already entered. But if you’re not, go ahead & sign up if you like weekly updates from my blog & special Hibiscus Moon deals & tidbits. 🙂


3. Blog about this giveaway & link to your bloggie below!

Doing this gets you 5 entries in 1 fell SWOOP! 🙂

THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!! The give away will end Monday, Dec. 26 @ midnight. I love you guys & am so grateful to you all!! Can’t wait to read your comments & connect with you. Thanks so much for playing! PLAY = FUN!!!

Oceans of Crystal Sparkles,



P.S.  I’ll announce the winners here as updates to this post AND on my FaceBook Biz Page.

Comments 421

  1. What a great giveaway! I’m signed up for your newsletter. I love crystals because I feel a great connection to them and they’re energies. I can’t resist buying crystals anytime I’m around them! It’s a problem 🙂 I love to use them for different things like meditation, chakra work, spell work, I put them in dream pillows and house clearing mists, I pretty much use them for everything! Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂 Oh and I’m in South Florida 🙂 Blessings!

  2. Cause of you I have gone a step ahead of myself in my family traditions of rock hunting.. If I didn’t know better I’d say I live in a Gemstone.

  3. I’m Lydia from Tennessee! So excited for a giveaway. I love learning new things about crystals and hope to set up a crystal grid soon.

  4. Going to see my Mom in GA and can’t wait to see what gemstones she has added to her collection and show off mine! It’ll be a crystal good time! =)

  5. We’re also going to be doing some crystal shopping with my husband’s holiday bonus! He has a love for crystals now too! I love that we have that in common!

  6. Hi hun I loved your you tube bus on growing your own crystals …see I’m a geek to when it comes to that I just received a Nat geo crystal growing kit for Xmas ….love your new crystal grids template pack can’t wait to do your courses …..have a bright crystally Christmas …

    Donna 🙂 ( crystal spirit oak)

  7. Hello =) I sign for the newsletter but I wanted to try this one too! I love crystals because they help me to be a better person everyday. When I use selenite or rose quartz I became much more calmer, when I meditate or work with crystals I feel so happy and grateful that my vibration rises instantaneously =) So that’s why I love crystals. blessings! Natacha Moura – Portugal

  8. Wow such an awesome generous gift! I’m in cooee bay, Queensland 🙂 I’m giving my life a make over at present and setting some very nice goals, methinks a grid could be just the thing 😉 Merry Christmas

  9. So excited to incorporate crystal grids into all my New Year goals! I have a 20 month old who also loves to touch and look at them. She always whispers, “Wow”. SO CUTE!

  10. Hi – I’m Janine from the UK and have always loved crystals, but am only just learning what they can do 🙂 I just recently saw your info on Crystal Grids and am hoping Santa is good to me!!

  11. I have always love crystals and moonstones. I were a moonstone ring, I never take it off. I believe that crystals can do so much then look good on a person.
    I always carry one with me.

  12. Hi, I’m from Iowa. I work with crystals every day in my life. I also make jewelry with crystals in my etsy shop. LWaite.etsy.com

  13. Ok, so I am signed up for your newsletter and I don’t have a blog as of yet, so I will enter here! Yay! I love giveaways! My name is Karen, and I am a crystalaholic….I am from North Carolina. I have been many things in my life including a pizza delivery driver, a soldier, a massage therapist, and currently a postal worker (who really does like her job despite the Christmas rush!), a mother and wife. Why do I love crystals and stones? Well, it started at a young age as a daughter of a devoted rock hound…Follow my story in the comments section to count as my entries..Happy trails!

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  14. As I said, my wonderful Dad was a rockhound and I was the apple of my Dad’s eye; always by his side. At the time we lived in California and rock hunting and camping were my Dad’s hobbies. When Dad had time off from work we would go on many rock hunting excursions.

  15. We went several times to Jade Cove to hunt the magnificent deep green jade there. We could only go during low tide because of the high cliffs, but oh the fun we had! I found several nice pieces and I still have one that Dad made into a pendant for me.

  16. We went to the high Sierra Mountains to pan for gold. I remember how impatient I was trying to pick the little flakes out of the pan! I also remember getting to drink fresh, cold water out of the creeks back then without worrying about getting sick from the pollution.

  17. I was my Dad’s little shadow then. He even bought me a rock tumbler and helped me tumble my very own rocks! They were mostly agate and jasper, but to me they were gemstones!

  18. My best memory was finding this smooth round white rock. I turned it over and over looking at it. It was a milky white, smooth, but with a slightly chalky feel….”Dad, what kind of rock is this one?” I asked. “Leverite” He replied. Leverite. Cool….I couldn’t get enough of it. Every where I went I was finding Leverite.

  19. This went on for many years; up even into my teens. I would say, “Hey Dad! Look! Leverite!” while holding a chalky white stone. “Yep.” Dad would always reply. Then one day, it all came down like a ton of bricks, and I couldn’t help but laugh at how gullible I was. “Dad, is Leverite worth anything?”

  20. I just saw this wonderful giveaway via my Twitter feed since I follow you there. My name is Angela and I’ve loved crystals and semi-precious stones ever since I was little. I love bloodstone, black tourmaline and clear quartz crystal.

  21. Hiya HibiscusMoon,
    My name is Christina aka Rainbowsoul. I love working with the crystal kingdom ….. they are so magical! 😀
    My first crystal (quartz geode) appeared to me when I was about 9yrs old at the bottom of the garden & I have been in love with crystals ever since! 🙂
    I am not a collector of crystals but a keeper & I use them as a healer & for personal use.
    I live in London, UK.
    Blessings xxx

  22. Dad doesn’t get around so well these days. He has diabetes and congestive heart failure and his memory isn’t so good. His thick black hair is now white, and he shuffles instead of walks. He is living my me and my family now so I can keep an eye on him and help him get around. His eyes still brighten when I start talking about rocks though. Maybe I will go out a find him a nice piece of Leverite to put in his stocking this Christmas….. 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone!

  23. Hi I’m siobhan from Oldham.I love crystals because I can feel them, each one has an energy and aura of it’s own.I am reiki trained and find both treatments complement one another.I am new to the crystal world but have a stronge desire to learn more. It’s all new and incredibly exciting for me.

  24. Super excited about your give away, I blogged about it. I have subscribed and I have made a comment here. I love crystals they have been such a help for me and the chronic pain I live with, I use all kinds of stones and crystals and have received lots of help by these wonderful helpers.

  25. This is Michelle from Oklahoma, I already subscribe to your newsletter and I love it! I am currently saving up for some of your classes. I can’t wait!

  26. The angels and I simply cannot get enough of the crystal excitements! The colors and energy gets to be too much of a great thing to experience. I am so grateful to find Hibicus by the angels and I immediately purchased the book and the template. I am learning to use the grids to help magnify the angel readings that I do for my clients. I simply can’t get enough of this! Facebook is awesome to learn even more. I am proud to say that I am a crystal junkie! 🙂

    1. I forgot to introduce myself! I am the owner of angelmadesimple.com. I am working with crystals in my work with the angels. Finding crystal classes is not that easy. I am hoping to win one the Demand Classes!

  27. Hi,… Im ChickyBabeLisa… from Queensland in Australia… I’ve just started your Certified Crystal Course, I’ve only done one class so far but can’t wait to do the rest as am soaking up all the info I can and loving every sparky second. I have a newfound passion for cyrstals, I would like to work them in with Reiki which I have done for many years… thank you so much, I was lost looking for information and you have been an answer to my prayers! Being able to learn online in my own time and answer ALL of the questions I am bubbling with. Love & LIght, Lisa xox

  28. Originally from Florida… a traveling writer and photo artist. I just recently started blogging about crystals. I’m still learning about them and want to know more, especially concerning healing properties.

    I love your posts, thank you!

  29. Hi there! My name is Sharon and I’m in Horsham, UK!
    I love crystals and gemstones! They feel and look so good! Wear them and have them in my home!
    I would love to learn more about them so will looking at your courses!!!
    Have a great festive season!!!!

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  30. I am So excited to have found your blog and videos!
    I am from PA – I am a trained microbiologist- and YES! I too Love living with crystals 🙂
    I ave 2 poodles that love them too!

  31. I’m Kathi from Weston, FL. I love crystals because each one is unique and beautiful. I love to hold them in my hands and feel the energy that each one brings.

  32. Why do I love crystals? Let me count the reasons…1) because they are fabulous partners in co-creating the life that I desire 2) because they just help me to feel good 3) because they were put on this gorgeous planet for a purpose and I am a part of helping them to fulfill that purpose 4) because they are quite simply gorgeous and add beauty and depth to my environment!!!!

  33. Hello, I am Tom I’m 17 and I live in England. I have a passion for crystals and their energies and hopefully one day will be able to either open my own crystal shop/crystal healing centre or have private sessions at my home. Hopefully this will help me along the way. Also, I posted about this on my website.


  34. Thank you for being so generous as to make a giveaway! Im Alison from Baltimore, MD and started using crystals about a year ago as a way to heal my body, mind, and spirit naturally. I cannot put into words how much I have benefited from crystals. I am still new in my crystal journey but have always have a thirst for more knowledge and insight 🙂

  35. Hi! I am Benediza from Virginia. I love crystals especially for grounding and meditative practice. I love the stories in myth connected with many of the gemstones. Each crystal/stone has a story that stretches way back into the past. I like feeling that connection with the past. And jewelery making is fun.

  36. Hi Hibiscus Moon!! My name is Lauren and I’m from Kentucky. What a great idea for a giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity! I have to say that I’m a bit of a crystal newbie. I’ve been studying them for about a year and a half now. I’m drawn to both the science behind them, and the metaphysical properties. I’ve always held such an appreciation for earthy things, and crystals and gemstones are at the top of the list. Lucky for me, I live in an area rich in caves and caverns. My favorite stones are tiger’s eye and amethyst.

  37. Hi, Im from Kentucky. Im new to the Crystal world and I am very excited to get started working with them. I have always admired their beauty, but had no idea of their healing properties.

  38. Excited for this giveaway. I have been collecting crystals for some time now. I recently started making 100% all natural soy candles with 100% pure essential oils and crystals in them! Crystals have such healing properties, and they are wonderful to help with meditation and manifestation. =)

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  40. Hey Phanie, I have been reading your blog and checking out your classes (loved the vid on the garnet spheres, btw) and I LOVE crystals. I have little organza bags for sleep with crystals and herbs, for work (I read Tarot cards and do astrology) and I offer crystal suggestions on my blog LAGirl 13 Astrology Predictions. Maybe we could collaborate on something together; I’ve got the astrology/Tarot and you have the crystals! Great stuff; keep up the great work 🙂
    P.S. I’m from the Los Angeles, California area 🙂

  41. Hello,

    This is Diane Melendez in Jacksonville Florida. I am very interested in learning about crystals. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and really need to explore all avenues of healing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. 2012 is supposed to be a very unusal year and many current happenings seem to indicate we are in for many challenges. I would so like to have a Crystal Grid book to help me plan and deal with what is to come. Thanks for sharing this fun and informative giveaway. I wish you a very happy holiday! 😉

  43. The soft glow of moonlight glistening through my crystal. Inviting and intoxicating. Rising sun brings joy of a new day, crystal glowing with the morning sun.

  44. Hiya!! I’m so glad to have found your site as I’m a fellow Crystal Lover. I live in a small town in BC Canada (Castlegar) and LOVE using crystals for healing. I use them in my reiki/energy healing sessions, do crystal headings on myself & use them during meditation. <3

  45. i have 3 crystals on my desk. a clear, a citrine and lipodlite……and when i think about my job..—i need several more, howolite, rose quart, smokey and probably several others…

  46. long before i was ever interested in this or anything like this (approx 15 yrs ago) a friend gave me a rock hammer for crys-mas and I looked at it and thought “what the hell am i gonna do with this”?…I still have it…and hope to use it!!!—————–funny he must have known!!

  47. I really want one of those silk grids steph has…..im thinking about making one myself..it probably won’t be as pretty but…oh well..its the intention that counts

  48. when i was a teenager..in the summer I would lay back in the lawn chair and look at the sky and watch for hours all the diamonds sparkle .my mother used to ask me what i was looking at—there was no way to explain it…….I saw diamonds!!

  49. is there such a thing as an ugly crystal??..the closest i’ve seen is a piece of leipdolite…(i think)…it was round-ish and looked like bubbles..and i thought——————-damn–that thing looks like an infection..im not buying that!!!

  50. few years back i bought the crystal bible…okay..pretty…sat around on my bookshelf…till one day my friends were going to rock shop and i decided to have a look and in the back it explains some stuff about crystals and i thought..man,,this is interesting…then i saw steph’s book on someone’s u tube video…and i knew———it was over

  51. stephanie–any plans for teaching a mini geology class?? i would like it…a class on crystals and how they’re formed…where they can be found. what they’re made out of…stuff like that??…i would take it..!!

  52. well…i have to stop now…i have to go eat breakfast and take some meds….i have a bad sinus infection…im gonna find out which crystal would help me with that…but in the meantime….breakfast….but ………………’ILL BE BACK’

  53. i have collected water from a hurricaine from last year..i wonder if i cleansed them in hurricaine water if it would give the crystals more power??

  54. one of my friends say you can pick crystals right out of the fields they are plow in PA……could that be true???….i thought crystals came from much deeper in the earth..

  55. you can use your stone books for divination….just open the book and see which crystals are on that page and see what the crystals have to tell you..

  56. i can’t remember what kind of stone was thrown from the titanic from that crazy old lady…and she was nuts!! you’d never catch me throwing a stone like that into the ocean…!!

  57. I live in the northeastern US and have been watching your youtube videos for many months now. I love and collect crystals because I think they are beautiful – what girl doesn’t love sparkly things? Though I don’t use them as much for holistic purposes as I would like to, I do believe in some of their powers and would like to learn more. For now, I just enjoy having their beauty surrounding me.
    Thanks for sharing your passion with everyone! Give Topaz a kiss on the nose for me!

  58. i actually have one for my phantom crystal..but this one is too big and the lights are colored…i want one with just plain white light..

  59. chestnuts roasting on an open fire..no no no….crystals building far beneath the earth……………………………not bad!

  60. I went to the Moravian Church last night and the whole church held lit candles……..looked like sparkly gemstones…it was beautiful

  61. i took my last medication for my sinus infection last night and now im thinking…..hmmm i wonder if before i took them i should have placed those huge horse pills between two crystals….maybe it would have helpd…

  62. which brings up a question…..what happens i wonder when you surround something edible with crystals and leave it there for a while and then eat it??? …oh miss stephanie i have a question!!!

  63. know what else reminds me of crystals…that wonderful cake they sell at wegmans?? the one with all the different fruit and berries on it and they glaze it and its all shiny———and its so freakin delicious…..

  64. yep I was gonna buy one of them the other night…but it was 20 bucks..!! i’ll wait till after christmas and buy a smaller one…

  65. oh rock candy also reminds me of crystals……….its one of those things….its better for the eyes than for the tastebuds..yuk!

  66. i always wondered why the hell do they put the crystals inside the watch?? i always thought that was stupid..I was like—-you can’t see em….!!! NOW I KNOW WHY!!

  67. ok..we’re breaking 200 ..now ..what next..???…..oh ..wait i know…..its kinda gross but im running out of things to say….ya know crystals are kinda like the earth’s poop…wouldn’t it be great if we could poop diamonds???

  68. there are so many glorious things discovered found beneath the earth all over the world…..ever wonder what might be buried just beneath the surface of those big ciities that we cemented over??? hhhmmm

  69. know why we buy diamonds for an engagement ring (well usualy )…its because the diamond is the hardest crystal…which is a symbol of long love……………

  70. well i’ve signed up for the crystal healer program..now i have to figure a way to get the word out…advertise..or something…this is going to be soooo cool

  71. now where did steph say she was posting the results of this giveaway…oh yea..her facebook….i don’t like facebook..ever see some of the stuff people put on it?? sometimes its like a dumping ground of peoples emotions and weird fixations…i call it “IN YOUR FACEbook!”…sometimes its sooo bad..after looking at it..I need crystals to re-align me…

  72. the chipmunks…cristmas christmas time is here….no no no!! crystals crystals time is here……okay im getting neurotic now..but that’s okay..

  73. its a good thing spelling doesn’t count on these postings because I would loose…but i do know how to spell the word ‘CRYSTALS’

  74. wouldn’t it be cool if it rained tiny gemstones instead of water??…..well maybe not…water is precious too….but it would be pretty woudln’t it?

  75. YAY I just saw this giveaway via RSS feed !! I love crystals so much that I chose my nickname because of that 😀 My favorites are moonstone and angelite ♥

  76. Happy holidays! I hope everyone is getting to enjoy some wonderful family time 🙂 My rose quartz has done its job, no family quarrels this year! Lol

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  77. Hi, I’m Dina (a.k.a TigressPhoenix on yourtube) from Jacksonville FL. Crystals are a passion of mine and have been since I was a little girl. I love how crystals sparkle in the sun (or moon) light. And the way they feel in my hands. Your videos have helped me to understand this better. Thank you *HUGS*

  78. Figured I would leave another comment since the contest ends soon! Can’t wait to learn more about crystals and using them.

  79. I’m Dawn from Boise, ID–the gem state! I love rock hounding here. I am fond of all things sparkly–sparkle is my favorite color! 🙂

  80. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I planned on taking classes months ago, but my family has fallen on hard times recently. Crossing my fingers and toes to win!

  81. I forgot to mention that my name is Emi and I’m from Los Angeles, Ca. I’ve always been fascinated with rocks and crystals since I was a child.

  82. I love love love crystals, rocks, and all things from nature. Ive been collecting rocks that I find here and there in nature and recently started a crystal collection only over a year ago. They are AMAZING! LOVE them, so thankful they are in my life!

  83. Hello everyone! I’m Yani from NYC! And I wanted to share my personal reasons to why I love crystals. First of all, I use crystals in my daily life. I use them for personal healing and the sorts.The way I choose my crystals to work with depends on what I feel and need at the time. I normally carry them on me whenever I go out. I also use them to make crystal grids. When I make my grids I normally choose crystals depending on the energy that I need at that time. Now, I usually don’t know each and every crystal’s properties, so I then go to one of my crystal books and find the information that I need. However, there are times I get drawn to a specific crystal and I take this as a sign of needing that crystal for a reason. I then take that crystal and hold it in my hands and meditate with it. I also go to my books to see if the crystal matches some of the properties associated with that crystal, And I must say that it has been right on point for me. To me, all crystals are beautiful and magical and each and everyone specimen out there has its own unique powerful energies to it.

    Good Luck to everyone who entered/ers this amazing giveaway!

  84. Hello everyone! I’m Yani from NYC! And I wanted to share my personal reasons to why I love crystals. First of all, I use crystals in my daily life. I use them for personal healing and the sorts.The way I choose my crystals to work with depends on what I feel and need at the time. I normally carry them on me whenever I go out. I also use them to make crystal grids. When I make my grids I normally choose crystals depending on the energy that I need at that time. Now, I usually don’t know each and every crystal’s properties, so I then go to one of my crystal books and find the information that I need. However, there are times I get drawn to a specific crystal and I take this as a sign of needing that crystal for a reason. I then take that crystal and hold it in my hands and meditate with it. I also go to my books to see if the crystal matches some of the properties associated with that crystal, And I must say that it has been right on point for me. To me, all crystals are beautiful and magical and each and everyone specimen out there has its own unique powerful energies to it.
    Good Luck to everyone who entered/ers this amazing giveaway!

  85. I’ve been following you on FB for awhile now and I took one of your online classes. Thanks for the contest, sounds like fun.


  86. Your work with crystals and stones amazes me. I so want to know more. I would like to also be considered for your contest. Thanks.

  87. Denise from Bama! I want to become a student in the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy! Crystals are calling me! Thanks for this giveaway 😉

  88. I’m Kimberly and I’m from Pennsylvania! Crystals are so healing and wonderful! I really hope I win one of the crystal grid packages!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

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  89. Hi Stephanie, I am an etsy customer and know you from facebook also. LOVE your crystals and stones and the energy you contribute to them also. <3

  90. Helllloooooooo from the UK!!!! Lovely Giveaway you’re running here Kendra! Good luck everyone!! Love, light and crystal hugs to all x

  91. I reieved 3 crystals from a friend a yr. ago & what a difference with my healing. The rose quartz has helped me with self love & forgiveness. The amythst & the quartz that looks like ” a wand” in your vids seem to help me ground but I’m not sure.
    Every full moon I take them to the ocean to clean & then put them in a glass jar with the same ocean H20 & let them sit in the moonlight overnight.

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