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Today I want to talk to you about my new idea for candles that I’ve been using lately… Healthy Crystal Candles, that is.

Here’s the deal guys …

I love candles.

I used to love ♥ Yankee candles and other highly scented ones like those. I was like a Yankee candle junkie.

And then I learned that they were bad for you in several ways but I still kept using them because I loved the scents so so much. I knew they were putting black soot in the air, I knew they had the lead wicks, chemicals and all.

It’s all shit, guys. You really don’t want to be breathing that stuff.

So I quit Yankee candles altogether about 7 years ago.

Those large candle companies and the enticing aromas; they know what chemical scents to put in there to stimulate parts of your brain that make you feel good… but it’s making your body feel bad.  I think inherently it might on the surface make you feel good, but really in the long-term, it’s messing with you energetically and mentally, not to mention physically.

People are wondering why so many have so many health issues that are going on right now, diseases, illnesses, cancers. We are just loaded up with toxins in our environment, every which way if you don’t get hyper-aware about it.

Just say NO to those highly scented, wonderfully scented candles. NO.

Sidenote: If you’re needing a bit of help to kick the toxic-candle habit … Did you know you can use crystals to help you bust bad habits? I wrote all about it over here.

Watch my video above and let me show you what I came up with. I was looking for non-petroleum, non-toxic, yet well-scented candles with a high-vibe energy and there are lots of options out there on the market, but you’ll notice the price tag can be hefty.

Soy is an option, you can go with soy if you’re okay with that but, I don’t know, there’s something about soy, most of the soy is GMO, I’ve heard, so I’m not loving the idea of burning something that’s genetically modified in my environment if I can avoid that. So I leaned towards something we’ve been using since ancient times: Beeswax candles.

I really wanted something that was 100% pure and healthy through and through; all cotton wick, with nothing in the wick that’s going to make it last longer like lead or any of that. I also needed it to not be a naked candle but encased in glass because I tend to forget candles sometimes and leave them burning. Just in case!

crystal candle

I have a little altar in my sacred space that I’ll often have candles burning on and sometimes I’ll just up & leave my space and I’ve done it before where the candles burned all night. Ooops!

Healthy Crystal Candles ~ quick and easy

So this is what I do:

Go online and just get a beeswax candle that’s already put in a glass container with a cotton wick. Just go to Google and type that and there are so many different sellers that have them, a lot of people on Etsy, you can go on Amazon and find them; just look for a beeswax candle with a cotton wick. This is the one I’ve been loving lately. When the candle burns down, you can just buy the wax refill for them and reuse the glass! ♥ that!

They’re not very beautiful. They’re not going to be toxically dyed bright colors to match the season and all of that but here’s what I like to do. I’ll take the candle and add some loose leaf incense using natural organic herbs. You can mix up a blend depending on what season it is.  In the video,  I made this one for Spring, for Ostara, so I used it all the way through to May 1st, but you can create a blend for whatever season you want and just sprinkle the incense in there right on top.

Incense Herbal Blend

Here’s a blend you can use for the current Holiday Season:

  • dragon’s blood resin
  • clove, whole or powdered
  • sandalwood powder

So I’ll sprinkle that on top of the candle. Every time I go to re-light the candles, I re-anoint them with a bit of fresh incense, and as the candle burns down, the wax burns down, it takes the energetics; the vibrational frequencies of this incense down and imbues it into the candle.

Essential Oils

[This step is optional.]

Then I’ll take my essential oils; a nice Holiday-themed blend would be:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Sandalwood
  • OnGuard ( a doTERRA blend)

(Lots of protection vibes with these specific oils.)

I’ll take a drop of the oil on my fingertip and I’ll just rub it along the rim before lighting the candle. This is anointing your candles with the energetics of whatever it is you want to bring in. Please be cautious with the oils, use no more than 1 drop and do this BEFORE you light the flame near your candle. I’m just sharing with you what I do. If you’re feeling uneasy about the oils then simply skip this step. 

If you want to learn more about the specific doTERRA essential oils I like to use, you can join my essential oils Facebook group over here.


Crystal Chips

Then I go for the crystal-power to further amp up the vibrational frequencies. Have you ever seen those little crystal chip bottles in stores and wondered,

“What can I do with those? What can I use them for?”

Sometimes they come in a set. Well, I do all kinds of crafty things with them! For this candle crafting, you just pull the cork out and sprinkle them right in, again, BEFORE you light the candle.

Here’s a crystal pairing suggestion for a  seasonal November-vibe candle:

  • Topaz for setting boundaries, clarifying and preparing your intentions as we settle into winter
  • Amethyst for protection and purifying negativity from your space

Then it starts to look really pretty from the top view, really dressed up! You’ll see. 😉

As the candle burns down, the oil will heat up and activate and the crystals and the incense will harmonize and sink down into the wax. So the more you use the candle, the more infused it gets. And then when it completely burns down to the bottom, you’re going to have really nothing left but just a thin layer of the wax and the crystals there. And sometimes the wax is so thin I can pick the crystals out with a pair of tweezers and reuse them. A lot of you recycle the ends of the candles (stick it in the freezer for an hour or so and the last bit o’ wax will pop right out!) so then you can just melt it, recycle it all up and do something else with it.

It’s a quick and easy DIY. And your space is going to smell really good and it’s just going to be lovely.  I’ll usually have two candles like that going on my altar. It’s a quick and easy way to infuse your candles with crystals, crystal energy, and other vibrational frequency energy.

I hope that this sparked some crafty ideas for you!  Will you give this healthy candle dressing a try? Do you get crafty with crystals & candles, herbs, and oils?  If you have any ideas of your own to share, please post it in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings and Happy Holidays,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. Thank you! Great information, I DO love beeswax candles and search them out when I go to craft shows. I haven’t been watching your videos as much as I used to…I’m changing that habit and am most delighted to be back!

  2. I love beeswax! It’s natural and has its own great scent.

    You’re not the only one that’s been turned off by Yankee. I take the time to read what’s in candles and all magicky goodies. If it’s “fragrance” oil or something fake, I skip it.

    I haven’t done a good, big glass jar candle in a while. There should be one right by my crystal grid for the new year…

    Thanks for sharing your work!

  3. I loved this video another thing you can do is place the whole candle glass and all into some simmering water to melt the wax some and when it melts add in the essential oil, crystals, herbs and then take it out use a chopstick to stir the melted wax and then let it harden up. That way the herbs and crystals are worked into the wax throughout so you don’t have to keep adding the herbs to each burn session. Also I use a lighter instead of a match because matches the sulfur part will release negativity into the air whereas the lighter does not….Just this is what I do. I love all your videos and happy to always see them…bright blessings deb

  4. Cool looking candles! And I love beeswax. Might try this with palm wax too. Palm takes color and scent really well. I found a local candle artist a few years ago who was devoted to palm wax. She added essential oils and natural mica based colorants to the wax. Wish I could get those again, but I haven’t seen her around lately.
    I used to be a Yankee candle junkie, too. But they use soy wax, and my family developed a hyper sensitivity to soy and other GMO products. Even the fumes off of a plain, unscented soy candle give my headaches. My sister gets asthma attacks from soy fumes.
    Ever try pouring your own candles? It’s fun! How about layering the crystal chips and wax? Like a parfait? I think it would look really cool! And the crystals would get an initial charge off the hot wax as you pour.

  5. Palm oil is not a good choice to use due to its devastating ecological and humanitarian effects. Palm oil, if not grown sustainably, ruins diverse lands around the world due to it primarily being grown in monocultures. Plus, indigenous peoples of the area are oftentimes forced to work on plantations in less than ideal conditions. I suggest avoiding palm oil in any form like the plague. It is truly a terrible substance. Just thought I’d share 💜.

  6. Great idea thanks!
    I put crystals (raw and tumbled) in my indoor gas fireplace and have not had any problems. I also sprinkle chips in my outdoor fire pit, grass, trees pretty much everywhere.

  7. As a natural/organic candle maker of several decades I would caution you about cotton wicks. A lot of times the cotton used in wicks is bleached during the process of cleaning before braiding into the wicks. Some companies also use paper threads to “stiffen” the cotton and lengthen burn time. It is not required by law to reveal the components wicks are made of so if you’re price shopping you might not be getting 100% natural or organic material. If you want a decent burn with a natural, nearly smokeless wick, use a hemp wick. When i was making custom candles I made all my soy and beeswax with wicks that had a organic hemp cores, organic cotton sleeves and were coated in beeswax. If something like that is beyond your budget, has decent hemp wicks at a great price. If you want to be sure about your soy being GMO free, is your go to source.

  8. Hello everyone 😃 I would like to share a little secret of mine about how I’ve been making my sacred candles 🕯and it is soooo easy 😉…
    First of I use organic soy wax ONLY and cedar wood wicks… for my delicious , relaxing and intoxicating smells … get ready ppl…I ground up incense cones and add them to the wax graaaadually… let layer by layer set for a bit before you add more wax with your desired incense wax mixture. I also add some fresh herbs complimenting the incense I use , lavender , rosemary , sage and so on. I’m telling you guys those candles are to die for and soooo easy to make 😃🤙🏼…give it a shot I promise you will fall in love making these candles ❣️❣️❣️
    Namaste everyone 🙏

  9. Oh and one more thing I forgot to add… you can also make your own little wax melts by pouring your desired wax mixture into ice cube trays and Vola there you have a created a house full of wonderful smells 😉🤗💞

  10. I’ve read not to use essential oils; no scent honestly and some oils have a low flash point. Do you have another suggestion for scenting?

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