Harvest Moon

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Tomorrow night’s full Moon, ah—the Harvest Moon, which is always the full moon closest to the northern autumnal equinox (Sept. 22). Back in the day, the farmers used to depend on the light of this Moon to gather up the last of the ripening crops, way late into the night. So enjoy your Full Moon. I will be doing a Full Moon cleanse with all of my crystals and stones.

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  1. I'm looking forward to it – a cleanse is a wonderful idea. Since we arrived in our new home, I haven't really touched my crystals and stones. Into the moonlight they will go.

    Thanks for posting this and sharing your plans!

  2. I was going to put a jar of water under the moonlight all night long. I love when it gathers the energy. I put my stones in it and they seem to come to life with more energy. I can't wait! I'm going to swim in the chilly pool water under the full moon and soak up the power of an autumn moon–I truly think there's no better moon than the harvest one!

  3. The moon is incredible tonight! Tomorrow will be even better. It's definitely a time to take pause and notice the splendid evening.

  4. For a wonderful change I'll be home so can love the full moon from my own back garden. In the southern hemisphere here in Australia, it's just gone past our Spring Equinox so not a harvest moon for us but just as beautiful. Nice to know we're sharing the wonderful energy of the moon all around the world together.
    Smiles, Amethyst

  5. Just came from Mrs. B.'s page. Your blog look great with this halloween decoration! Crossing fingers to win your awesome special oil!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  6. My Wife, DONNA Heizman, graduated from your course earlier this year. She had assembled a large collection of crystals and was looking forward to operating a crystal healing business.

    Unfortunately, and very unexpectedly, my wife died on September 13.

    I am writing to you to see if there is any graduate of yours in our area, Bethlehem PA, that might be interested in having Donna’s crystal collection.

    Feel free to email me, or call or text me at 6:10 703-0460.

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