5 Healing Stones for Your Toolbox

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Recently I was asked an excellent crystal healing question:

If you could only have 5 healing crystals in your toolbox, which would you choose?

Five?! Whatchya trying to do to a girl?

I’m trying to turn out some serious Crystal Junkies over here! 5. Pfffft~!

Heeee! All kidding aside…you do want to build up your crystal collection slowly & purposefully & we don’t want you breaking the bank while doing it. So, I’ll be good & stick to 5. 😉

I usually like to choose crystals/stones that are easy to find & inexpensive. We have so many to choose from so why not make it easy?

1. Green Aventurine

For physical healing, vitality & good health, green aventurine is my go-to stone. Its also a heart chakra stone & a must have for most ailments. These pictured here are on the light side…aventurine comes in many shades…can be dark, light to in between.

2. Apache Tears

For times of grief, apache tears are good emotional supports & healers. A type of black obsidian, apache tears are beat-up looking & usually not smooth (as black obsidian is) due to their violent creation (being thrown in volcanic eruptions). Grief can follow divorce, a break up of any relationship or death of a loved one. The soul needs to heal, as may the body. Apache tears can help with that.

[caption id="attachment_5089" align="aligncenter" width="458"] Here I’m holding an apache tear that I was putting into a grief mojo bag.[/caption]


3. Pink Calcite

From Peru, pink calcite can be either opaque or transparent & is often confused with rose quartz. Its a great stone to have around for over-all health & emotional well-being. Its also great for physical tissue repair & being a heart chakra stone, it works very well with any heart issues.

[caption id="attachment_5092" align="aligncenter" width="395"] Photo by my man (he’s not really “MY” man…but he’s da Crystal-Photo-Taking-Man…ya know?) Rob Lavinsky of irocks.com[/caption]


4. Black Tourmaline

Since so many health issues point back to being ungrounded, I feel its ULTRA-important to have the Big Daddy of grounding in the house: black tourmaline. This stone has the unique ability to transmute energy & help any being to ground & connect back to Mother Earth, alleviating so many health issues. Make sure if nothing else, you have some of this around.

5. Amber/Copal

Lastly, amber (technically not a crystal or stone due to its organic nature) this is a great stone for good emotional hygiene. It chases out depression & melancholy with it’s sun-shiney rays. Often sold as “amber”, copal is not technically the fossilized, hardened resin that is known as amber, but rather an immature recent resin/amber. Copal is the same thing, just not as old and the names are often used interchangeably. Even so, copal can still be very old dating back to the Tertiary period, 65-2.5 million years ago! The commercial value of amber is related to its scarcity, age, inclusions of extinct species & durability. True fossil amber is more valuable than copal & very, very expensive in comparison. We don’t need the super-amber version for our purposes here as both copal & amber have the same healing properties. 🙂

Amber/copal is a wonderful healer, stimulates metabolism, physical energy & energy flow or chi within the body’s energy meridians. Good stuffs!

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Right?

What are your fav. healing stones that you could not do without? Please post in the comments below so we can all share!

Deep Healing Sparkly Love,

Crystals to Help with Grief

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Sadly, as of late, there have been some people in my life who have had to endure the grief of losing a loved one.

It’s something we all have to go through at one time or another, but it’s certainly not something we look forward to and something we can use a bit of support with. We need to remember that grief is a very normal process that we must go through after the loss of a loved one to allow ourselves to process and work through.
If we don’t allow ourselves to mourn and grieve properly it may manifest itself in other ways and come up unpleasantly later.
As for crystals & stones to help us work through the grief & grieving process; apache tear, champagne tourmaline & smokey quartz are 3 wonderful stones to make the grieving process more bearable; helping to ease the grief of bereavement as we go through it.

I recently made up a mojo bag for a friend who lost someone very special that contained apache tears, smokey quartz, marjoram herb along with essential oils of marjoram & chamomile (see more detail in the video below).
Crystal Mojo Bag for Dealing with Grief: Grief Crystals

If using this for yourself, you may want to do some meditations with these stones and sleep with a similar mojo bag or simply carry it with you. You may choose to work with 1 or more of these suggested crystals, settle into a comfy recliner or lie down & listen to this Guided Meditation for Grief (courtesy of Meditation Oasis)

There is no way to avoid the pain of loss. Like I said, it is a natural part of the grieving process. But crystals can truly help us through, emotionally supporting us and allowing us to process and work through the grief.

How did the apache tear stones get their name (which are black obsidian that formed by being thrown into the air giving it a less glassy & more rough appearance)? There is a very sad legend behind the Apache Tears here. Click to read about that.

On our 2012 visit to Tucson, Frank & I took a side trip to Sedona, AZ & visited Apache Leap Mountain…a very somber yet beautiful spot:

Crystal Blessings & Much Love,

My Krypto Has Passed

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Here he is snoring LOUDLY!

I know the energy that goes into caring for ailing animals all too well. You may remember that back in May I lost my Mylo. Well, I just lost the physical embodiment of my last dog, Krypto, on Saturday. My heart is very heavy and raw right now, but healing. I know he has moved on before me into the spirit realm and he is waiting there with my other 2 dogs’ spirits. He is pain free and very happy now. I know this but it still hurts.

Here is video of Krypto just a week and a half ago. He had an “up” day and everything was “coming up hibiscuses”.

Krypto was a strong-willed, independent black lab/pit bull mix. We adopted him when he was 2. He lived to be 14 years old. He was a mischievous, naughty teenager and then a lovely laid-back adult that dealt with two silly dalmatians and modeled how to behave and how to just chill out. He was infinitely patient and directed the activities in everything that they did without being bossy or mean. He was never mean to anyone, EVER, except when he needed to protect my meek dalmatian, Floyd. He always greeted me with a kiss and then went off to do his thing. He loved to roll on his back in the sun with a huge laughing grin or a tennis ball in his mouth. Sweet, patient, strong and independent. Krypto, I’ll see you on the Rainbow Bridge when I cross over. I love you.

Light at the End of the Grieving Tunnel

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OK. Feeling better now. I am at peace with the fact that Mylo is free of his suffering, he lived a wonderful long physical life (15 years) and he is very loved.

I rescued him at about 5 years old and we had 10 fun years with him. He and my other rescue, Krypto, got along famously and were partners in crime. He was breathtaking to look at; an oversized, glowing white dalmatian. I’ve never seen one this striking. Sure, he showed up with his share of behavioral problems, but through hard work, persistance, love and dedication, we worked through them and came out the other side better people and a better dog for it.

This pic was taken towards the end of his life. We had much respect and love for each other. He is the sweetest and most respectful soul.

My sweet Meelo-Mylo.