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Hibiscus Moon Crystals 9 Comments

I have to brag. If I don’t do it, who will? Well, actually my amazing customers will!They’ve been so sweet. It’s my goal to bring my customers as much happiness as possible with their crystals and stones. It really brings me joy and fulfillment to do this. 😀 I know there are many here, but if you have a moment watch one or several of these happy customers with their Hibiscus Moon goodies!

They’re amazing folks, right? I love them!!

Comments 9

  1. Oh wow – don't you have the most gorgeous product – no wonder everyone is thrilled! I'm so glad your Etsy store has taken off like a shot – congratulations!

  2. Hi! I just saw that the shipment costs only 9 dollars. I thought it would be way more.Is there anyway i can contact you in person?
    If you do not mind giving me your email, i would like your advice on which crystall i should choose. Blessings and of course congragulations.

  3. I can't wait to order some. Could you let me know when you get another citrine bed like Autumn's? That's the main thing I'm looking for right now.


  4. Oh yes and you, my dear, are my other favorite YouTube starlet! 🙂 I love Magical Household book! It's very simple…nothing real complicated and it all perfect sense! I love your crystals. I am definitely ordering something from your Etsy Shop! 🙂

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