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  • The winner from YouTube is Krista Ducharme
  • The winner from my blog is Keliia

Winners, please send your email address for contact & further verification along with your mailing address to Congrats!!

WOOOHOOO! The BIG Grand Canyon Crystal Giveaway is up & ready!!!…in honor of my recent trip to the Grand Canyon.

This giveaway is WORLDWIDE!!!
Ends Friday, Nov. 9 @ midnight EST
Winners will be announced here on Sat., Nov. 10.



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Comments 61

  1. My favorite video I think is the one where you explain about hydro bubbles inside the crystals. I think that is fascinating. My favorite videos are the ones where you talk about different formations in crystals, like the bubbles, or rainbows, or windows, keys, twins, phantoms…etc.

  2. my favorite is your video on recommended reading. I am slowly collecting the books that you recommended I have my face deep in Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber right now and loving it.

    1. Post
  3. Yay, your generosity is boundless Hibiscus Moon!! Hard to choose faves, but one video that definitely stuck with me is the Self-Love Crystal Grid Ceremony that you performed on March 5th, 2010, and made public so others can participate. (

    I loved it for a number of reasons, namely because you walked us through the process of creating the grid, you allowed us to participate by putting our names in, and by watching you in action, you shared your knowledge, and your intention of “love, light and peace” for everyone, and you filled us with much more than just that. The video always resonated with me, even if I never took part in this grid ceremony.

  4. The first video of yours I’d seen was the Crystal Healing with Rhodonite one. 🙂 Love your crystal haul videos, plus the oracle card reading videos were awesome too!

    I also shared this on my facebook page, and I made sure the post was public, so you can see it. 🙂

  5. I love reciving your newsletters and reading your blog daily! Your crystals I recieved from you were also perfect! Most of all your books and videos are so informative! I can’t get enough…..

    1. Awww Sydney, that’s lovely!! This vid was also one of my faves, I just loved loved loved how Topaz wouldn’t let go of the amethyst teehee ♥

  6. I also posted on Youtube channel and tweeted this giveaway to give other people a chance to win and sub to your channel and get your Nltr. ((HUGS)) Destiny4ever30 ;0)

  7. I did all the requirements. I like this video: Visiting Springs for Gem Elixir Water — seeing the part about the Fountain of Youth was really interesting — I’ve never seen anything about this area and I was very impressed! (My You Tube name is MsCarolsueA)

  8. Heya gal! I have done all prerequisites for both the YouTube and blog contest.Have posted the YouTube video on my page(did it the other day)and I have linked from my Facebook to this page.I have been a long time subscriber and fan.You have made a definite impact in my work and healing alongside the Stone People.You truly are a brilliant light,thank you for your heart centered work and for bringing balance to the Universe 8)

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  10. I only just discovered you today, but your videos are very cool! (And what are the odds I would find you at the same time you are having an awesome contest? This is another video I just found, but love! — It’s the Chakra Workshop! I really am looking forward to the next class availability!


  11. One of my favorite videos is on healing for animals.
    The class on it that was within the HCC course was also a personal favorite! I love the idea of working closely with animals and connecting with them on a deeper level. My cat, Moksha, has taken such a liking to it and our bond has grown stronger than any relationship I’ve ever held with any of my many pets through life! This was just the first so I look forward to where it may lead me ~
    here’s a photo with him close to my four rose and clear quartz + my tarot cards for my 2nd day of the crystal reading challenge 🙂

  12. I really enjoyed the crsytal cleaning video you did in the deep sink. I never had thought about how to get the dirt off a stone before and it was very enlightening. I also loved hearing Topaz chatter during the smokey quartz video as well. She is too cute!

  13. Dang, I finely found where to post! Where do you find all the time to produce and write? I don;t have time to hardly listen to al your great stuff. Makes me want to have sick days, just to watch and learn all your magical stuff. I very much appreciate you blending the science into the learning process. Though not required for me by any means! I think i was born communicating with Earth’s gifts! I also enjoy the sweetness of how you address your audiences, both in writing and video. Namaste’, Babbs

  14. First video of yours that I watched was about cleansing crystals and how some believe certain crystals dont need to be cleansed.

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