I have a question for you:

Too many crystals, not enough time?

I sense that this may be starting to become a wee-little problem in our Crystal Hottie community. Some Crystal-Hoarding, perhaps?

Are we in need of a 12 Step Program here? 😉 


Hey! I’m the worst offender! I’m not immune in any way.
So sensing this issue is prevalent in our community, I recently asked this question on my Facebook Page:


And here are just a few of the great responses I received that prompted me to write this blog post…


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So let’s try to figure out what may be going on for some of us:

  • Maybe you just keep acquiring more & more sparkly babies, thinking a bigger collection will make it all click!
  • Maybe you keep telling yourself you don’t yet have the “right combo” of crystals…just yet.
  • Perhaps you simply think you just need ENOUGH TIME! **You’ll get to all that someday.** 😉
  • Or maybe you even think that someday you’ll read enough crystal books & somehow remember what all the thousands of crystals are & what to use them for. *snicker, snicker* Good luck with that 1! It’s a great goal to shoot for, but…fuhget about it!  You’ll never learn what all the crystals are for, what each individual crystal’s properties & characteristics are…b/c there are over 4,500 different minerals & more being discovered all the time!! Ain’t happening, Chick Pea.

I KNOW how this plays out b/c I’ve tried & thought all these things myself!!

Let me tell you a little-bitty secret:
“Someday” usually never comes.
Yep, just as the Creedence Clearwater song lyrics say…
“Well I’m here to tell you now each and every mother’s son, that you better learn it fast, you better learn it young ‘Cause someday never comes…”

Us humans…we’re really good at creating all sorts of excuses that can forever support procrastination. Right?

Let’s get real here, Lima Bean.

How many things have you said “one day” or “Bucket List!” to & actually completed? That ain’t how manifestation works. Someday will always be someday and will never be NOW!


And no judgement here.

If you’ve decided & made peace with the fact that you’re totally OK with simply being a crystal collector & never actually getting intimate with their energy & healing potential….there’s NOTHING wrong with that.

But if you’re intention IS to get energy-intimate, then please KEEP READING!

Action Steps to Learn How to Work with all your Crystals


Focused Blocks of Sacred Time

Not enough time?

Too busy?

Sorry, but BULLSCHIST!

First, you need to decide that it’s a priority to you. Then you need to make a commitment to your goal so it doesn’t get pushed off to “later”. You’ll always make of your commitments what you put into them. So stop watching TV, get off of social media or watching the negativity news stories on the local news or CNN….I bet you’ll find all sorts of time if you just cut out 1/2 of that shiz.

Still feel like you don’t have enough time?
All you need is a few minutes a day to work with your chosen crystal. Yeah, like 3-4 min. Who doesn’t have a few minutes for something as important as this?

You need to get real with yourself! Is learning about your crystals important enough to you?

If the answer is “YES”, then carve out that time in a weekly calendar. Make it a repeating weekly appointment on your smart phone now. Yep, do it now.

Then make that time sacred. Don’t let any freakin’ thing or anyone get in the way. Treat it like a doctor’s appointment…b/c you know they’ll charge you for that shit if you miss the dang appointment! It should just as important as that.


Eliminate Crystal Overwhelm

If you’re like me & have a TON O’ CRYSTALS then you may be suffering from Crystal-Overwhelm.


It happens to the best of us. You get paralyzed by all the crystals you see in the shops or all the crystals you’ve amassed for yourself & you have no idea where to begin or which crystal to go to.

So you just freeze & do nada. :/

How to get unfrozen? Just listen to your intuition.



THIS IS KEY & what I’m always preaching: Just use your intuition, Crystal Hottie.

If you get quiet & still you’ll notice that you’re naturally attracted to 1 particular crystal (usually 1, but sometimes more) for whatever reason. Maybe it’s aesthetically pleasing to you or you have a deep inner knowing that you’re attracted to that 1 crystal for a very good reason. Don’t ignore that!

Don’t worry about what the books say.

Go with your gut.

You have that feeling for a reason.♥


Publicly Commit

This step is super-effective.

If you’re comfy with it, social media is great for this!! In fact, social motivation is 1 of the most powerful motivators there is.

Whenever I want to commit to doing anything, I tell my online followers (whether on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram) or my Mastermind group what I’m up to & I ask them to hold me accountable! This way I know that if I don’t check in like I’m supposed to, they’ll be asking me about it.

Totally works like a charm for keeping me motivated to stay on track!

Maybe you don’t want to go quite as public with your intentions, but you can at least let your inner circle know what you’re up to & tell them you need their help on this. Tell them to ask you questions & to ask you about your goal to learn more about your crystals when they see you online or talk to you in person.

Ask for some accountability & you’ll get it!


Overcome the Fear of Failing at Crystal Healing

I really even hesitate to call the work we do with crystals “crystal “healing” (but cont. to do so b/c so many don’t understand what you’re talking about if you call it anything else).

So; “crystal healing, therapy, energy work”…whatever you want to call it…many think to themselves…

“Who am I to think I can do this? I’m going to fail. It won’t work.”


Because you cannot fail. First of all, bear in mind that when working with crystals, the “healing” taking place is a 2 way street…it goes both ways. You’re simply acting as a conduit for the work to take place, so that takes a lot of the pressure off, right? It usually totally dissipates the fear that so many of us have around this sort of work.

Yes, yes, yes…of course you’ll have to do some work, but if you do the work, you cannot fail. Simply think about who you’re helping, whether it be yourself or someone else, find inspiration in the fact that you are doing good, you’re bringing the light & you’re simply acting as the go-between for the subtle forces to work through you. That’s all. 😉

You can do this. I believe in you.

You have ENDLESS potential!

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What To Do Right Now

Review the 4 steps above & right down on your calendar when you’re getting started.

That’s what you need to do right now.

Don’t say you’ll “try” it!

You need to do it. As Master Yoda says…


If you would like to know some of my own personally researched and tried & truly EFFECTIVE Crystal Healing methods that I teach about, you may be interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course which is enrolling right NOW.

More Power to YOU, Crystal Hottie!

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