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Here’s a great question from 1 of our thoughtful & caring Crystalline Cohort students (seems they’re all like that!!) on how to provide crystal healing to someone who may not be familiar or open to it specifically for some “get well” mojo. I thought many could benefit from this Q & A.
So let’s share!
My landlady is pretty sick, and she has had some health issues lately. She’s going in for surgery on Friday, and I wanted to pass by tomorrow to give her a little “healing + quick recovery” mojo to keep with her while in the hospital. Like, a little sachet with some charged crystals. Any suggestions?
She’s terrified to go in on Friday but really isn’t into crystal healing or energy work. Just want to send her some light and some good vibes, so she knows she’s not alone going through this painful experience!
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How caring of you!
There are many different things you can put in the little mojo bag but if she doesn’t know much about crystals then I would just give her an easy general healing bag of green aventurine, clear quartz, jade & red jasper.This will be a sweet little gesture & should be able to ease her into it.
You don’t have to put all of them in there but a mix of them would be nice.  She may ask of you…as people often ask me when I do this sort of thing…“What do I do with them?” No complicated instructions or anything.  Just tell her to keep it close by or under her pillow & let the crystals give her the energy that she needs to heal. ♥
So how about you Chick Pea? Do you have any special things you like to do for a similar situation? Please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear!

Crystal Blessings to all the Crystal Hotties!!

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  1. I am starting to have more depression and anxiety. What can I start using to help me through this? Along with the two above mention I am starting to have panic attacks and it scares me.

  2. Sandra,
    Pink Kunzite is excellent for alleviating panic attacks. Black Calcite is good for depression and Blue Calcite helps with anxiety. There are many others as well. You can do a Google search and choose the ones you are led to.
    With love,

  3. Sandra,

    You should check out healingcrystals.com for their list of emotional ailments. They list all of the most popular stones for depression, anxiety, and tons of other ailments. Depression is a tough one, and I’ve also had anxiety problems in the past. I’d suggest finding a trained professional for you to speak with.

  4. My mum just had a kidney transplant and was feeling pretty bad in day one of recovery. So I took her a little pouch with red Kasparov, carnelian, rose quartz and jade and set it by her bedside. Through that night the nurses tried all sorts to give mum some comfort, in the end she asked them to pass her the crystals and within an hour she started feeling so much more comfortable and at ease. She’s recovering nicely now but won’t walk from her bed to her chair without her crystals. She is spreading the word to anyone who will listen about the powers of crystal healing yay!!

  5. Oh and my 2yr old daughter has been waking several times a night from frightening night mares so I slipped a little bag of amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and sodalite under her pillow and she has started sleeping soundly all night through! I’m just beginning my crystal journey but its making so many positive differences to my life and my family’s xxx

  6. What a lovely and productive get well soon gift.
    I’ve a friend in hospital with pneumonia: any suggestions for specific healing stones?

  7. PLEASE help me with healing stones for stage 3/4 Ovarian Cancer.
    I need to make a mojo bag for her. What should I include?

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