Get To Know Your Crystal: An Exercise

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Today we have a guest blog post from Sweet Karina Ladet about how she uses crystals. I love peering into other’s lives & finding out how they work with the energies. Read on for a great exercise you can use to connect with your crystals.

Here’s Karina!

I have loved and felt attracted to crystals for as long as I can remember.

When I was younger I used to visit crystal shops and pick the crystals that called to me. I felt a strong connection in my heart and this would guide my choice.

I still choose crystals intuitively and over the years I have mostly chosen amethyst and quartz. I love them! In order to keep my mind clear and not analyse too much. I haven’t really found out much about their properties and I just recently found out what they are.  I was very happy to read that amethyst helps develop spiritual and psychic abilities and quartz is also known to strengthen and amplify energy.

Isn’t it lovely how our inner voice tells us where to go?

My Soul’s Purpose is to connect with my spirit guides and to communicate with them. I love receiving messages and I love it even more when I get the chance to share them with other gorgeous souls. Up until now I have mostly been doing one on one readings but now I feel called to share the very simple but powerful tools I have learned so that you can also connect directly with your guides.

It is my belief that anyone can channel their guides and that all it takes is an open heart and a longing to do so. When the time is right you will need to raise your energy levels in order to connect with your guides.

One way to open up and start to communicate is to do the following exercise:

  • Relax and take a couple of deep breaths.
  • Open up your heart and breathe through it for a moment.
  • When you feel centered and calm, choose a crystal that you love or that calls you at this time. Pick it up and put it in front of you.
  • If you like you can listen to relaxing music or move your body gently.
  • When you feel completely relaxed and centered close your eyes and pick up your crystal.
  • Feel how your heart opens up even more to the energy of the crystal and breathe together. Feel the energies merging together and raising your energy level.
  • Breath and enjoy the beautiful energy for as long as it feels right for you.
  • When you are ready, ask the crystal for a message and listen with your heart. Be open to any kind of communication (words, images, feelings, smells…).
  • Spend some time communicating with your crystal and let the energy flow freely.
  • When it feels right, thank the crystal and slowly put it down.

The key is to keep an open heart and if you don’t feel like you received any messages, just ask the crystal to communicate with you when you are ready. Have faith in your own internal rhythm. I believe that communication is possible when we are truly ready to receive it. Sometimes it happens right away and sometimes it takes longer. Trust that it will happen when the time is right for You, dearest.

When I teach others how to channel I use a couple of quartz crystals and I create a sacred space by placing them in a big triangle around the beautiful souls who are participating. I do this in order to create a safe space to hold them and also to raise the energy to facilitate their contact with the spirit guides.

I love the energy of crystals and it’s so compatible with the guides’ energy. They match so well!

As I continue to develop my spiritual work I feel a stronger need for protection and to keep my energy lovely and strong. In order to do this guess what I use? Crystals ; ).

My mother gifted me with a beautiful quartz pendant. This crystal is hexagonal and there is a woman sitting in a new moon, surrounded by stars, engraved on it. I love this pendant because it radiates peaceful energy and it comes from a very special place in Brazil where the well-known healer, John of God, receives people from all over the world. This place is located on one of the largest quartz crystal deposits in the world. (Maybe a place for you, Hibiscus Moon!!)

Gorgeous crystals show up on my path and I am so happy to have them by my side. They help me and give me the strength and energy I need. I feel that we need them more and more as the energies here on Earth (and in the Universe?) are shifting. I feel so grateful to be making this life journey with such powerful and intelligent companions.

Thank you for reading and thank you, Hibiscus Moon, for sharing your lovely space with me!

Big hugs, Karina

Karina is a channel and spiritual guide offering readings by e-mail, phone and Skype on Karina’s Inner Space. She has just launched her very first Communicate with your Spirit Guide e-course and also spreads her light and love during week-end workshops.


Thank you so much for sharing that crystal exercise with us, very useful!! So how do you like to connect with your crystals, Crystal Hotties?


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  1. Gorgeous pendant, Karina – and thank you for taking us through your process for communicating with your crystals. I’d love to try that with a few of my own pieces!



  2. I so love reading about other crystal junkie’s journeys…….crystals are one of the most amazing gifts on this earth………..thx for sharing this…….loved reading and learning…..

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I actually experienced the heart opening to connect with my guides today. This has compelled me to use my crystals next time…I have s beautiful pieceof Celestite that I got from a special shop in the UK…..I think it will be perfect 🙂
    I also love your quartz necklace from your mum…it looks like it is infused with some powerful loving energy 🙂

  4. I used to believe that crystals choose there owners ect… But I think of it differently now all crystals are the same now. You can program them with the feeling that you want to share, they work on an emotional frequency more then anything. The idea is to rotate it in your left hand if its an orb if it is a shard or anything with points hold it when your left hand with your right hand gently run along the edges with your fingers until it tickles. This is how you find the connection port. Once you have that spot close your eyes and relax think about what you want the crystal to give you. This is what is called the focus, you can do this with anything that comes from the ground not only a crystal just any rock ect… Its easier with crystals because they are a resonator. Okay this might be a little far our there but I do believe the objects attract something outside the physical world call them spirits or whatever I just call it static. The static will run threw your nervous system working out all the corrupted energy that is going no where. Some call this negative energy, I don’t think of energy as being positive or negative anymore, just slow and fast flowing energy. Like throwing a rock into a body of water it add mass that makes the container more heavy that slows down the flow. The body needs this static to be released as we are a bloody battery and when its full the energy has to discharge this is where the crystals come into play or you just ground yourself by going barefoot for a while. Now the reason why people place a focus on the crystals is so they can put themselves into the zone in a second. The most important thing about the crystals you have to handle them the human contact is the key or they don’t work. How you can tell that you are making a connection with your crystal is easy as when you hold it the crystal starts to warm up this starts to make the crystal sick to your hand. That is the cool thing and its not like it sticks. I have pet rocks all my life.

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