Full Chakra Recalibration

Class Elective

Full Chakra Recalibration Class Elective

This class is more of a WORKSHOP because we’re going to get in there and DO some essential energetic hygiene together. Chakra hygiene is something I’ve been passionate about for years. I highly recommend doing a full chakra balancing session at least four times a year at the solstices and equinoxes — but we don’t always get around to it… do we? 

I felt it was time for a bit less talk (although I can’t help but share some chakra insights with you!) and more DOING — the “doing” of taking care of ourselves because I know too many of us aren’t pausing to do this important work. We inherently know that we need to maintain our own auric field hygiene before we can do it for others. But are we really taking the time to do that? With this class elective, you’ll get some vital self-care checked off while engaging in a powerful crystal experience.

Is it time to hit the reset button? Sometimes we just need a little push or a good excuse to get some much-needed self-care squeezed in.

Well, this might be your “good excuse” to take that time. We’ll embark on a relaxing crystal journey to cleanse + restore chakra energy while bringing your entire subtle energy system into a state of harmony and balance.

In this interactive and experiential workshop, you’re going to participate in a full-body chakra recalibration. Get a full tune-up! You’ll be using your own pre-selected chakra stones as I guide you on a journey to efficiently entrain each of our energy centers.

Ready to go on a little trip?

No prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to this class elective. It’s open to anyone, even beginners. In fact, it’s a great introduction to chakra energy and crystal healing.

I’ve designed the curriculum so it won’t matter if you’ve taken my certification course previously or not.

What You’ll Do/Learn

  • Basic chakra background – how and why chakra balancing with crystals is effective
  • A science infusion of the how and why crystal chakra balancing works
  • Group meditation workshop, you’ll receive a FULL chakra recalibration
  • Completely reset, cleanse and restore the energy to your chakras while strengthening your entire energetic body

What You’ll Receive:

  • ​​1-hour video class (approx.) of practical instruction, interaction + experiential work
  • Recording – you’ll get LIFETIME access to the recording, watch + recalibrate your chakras any time that’s convenient for you, come back to it again and again
  • Q+A video segment following the workshop with Hibiscus Moon, where she answered listener questions. Watch + re-watch any time that’s convenient for you
  • ACM NOTE: If you’re working towards earning credits for my Advanced Crystal Master Certification, this class earns you 1 credit!

I’m offering this experiential (and SUPER-useful) workshop/class elective for only $47

Only $47

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Supplies to Have Handy

In order to get the most out of this experience, you’ll want to be prepared beforehand with these supplies (all supplies are optional and not required – bring what you can, forget the rest):

  • 1 crystal/stone for each chakra (click here if you’re new to chakras and need guidance)
  • 1 apophyllite crystal (like this one) — you may substitute with selenite
  • 1 black tourmaline stone
  • chakra pillows or inexpensive surgical tape to hold stones in place
  • blindfold (or anything to block light from your eyes)
  • comfy quiet place to lie down during workshop

Attendees of Hibiscus Moon’s classes wrote:

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there a prerequisite for taking this class elective?” Nope. None at all. It’s ideal for any experience level. If you’ve been neglecting your energetic body or you’re a total beginner then this workshop is for you!

“What do you mean by “class elective”?” We recently put my Advanced Crystal Master (ACM) offering on hiatus to re-tool it. ACM is my next-level offering for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner Course. We’re currently working on an ACM 2.0 (anticipated release: 2020!).

My NEW ACM Certification will first involve successful Hibiscus Moon CCH graduation, after which you will choose a series of elective classes so that you can personalize your ACM journey with a specific area of concentration. THIS is one of those electives you can choose to take to eventually complete the all-new ACM. PLEASE NOTE: ACM 2.0 is still “under construction” and we have not formalized the entire program, offerings, or certification requirements.

“How many credits does this class earn towards ACM?” With the idea of encouraging you to maintain regular energetic hygiene, I’ve decided to make this elective count towards ACM. This class elective will provide you with 1 credit towards your Advanced Crystal Master Certification.

“I’ve taken your certification courses before. Is this just a repeat of that info?” No. While reviewing a bit of chakra background info, if you’ve taken my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course, this class elective beautifully complements it since it allows you to actually experience and do the work on yourself.

“Will I need any supplies?” Yes. Please see the above list.

Have further questions? Just send an email here!

I’m offering this experiential, packed-with-useful-crystal-info class elective for only $47

Only $47

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