My Fort Myers Gem Show Adventure

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Sometimes the build up is better than the actual event.

What’s that saying?…

It’s all about the journey…not the destination.

Def. the case for my recent trip to this local gem show.

Fort Meyers Gem Show

Even though this gem show was a bit of a dud for me, I still found an amazing specimen…so not a total wash!

Check out my vlog of this gem show below. In it I cover:

  • Fake ruby! & story of someone getting dupes out of $5K
  • A very knowledgeable & reputable rock hound
  • Fire Quartz
  • My new fabulously large Smokey Elestial Enhydro!

It’s always fun to check out a gem show in your area…no matter what, really!

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You can click these links to see if there are any coming around soon near you:

And of course, part of any sparkly adventure is the fun of prepping for it! So, here’s a link to my post where I outline everything you need to know to gear up: Gem Show Shopping Tips.

There are also links over there to many of my yearly visits to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show and the glittery magic that transpires with that, so be sure to check those out too. ?


For more glittery shopping tips on Gem Show bargain hunting & what to watch out for click over here.

Have you traveled to a gem show?  Or have you hit the road to check 1 out locally?  What did you find? Loved it? Disappointed? I’d love to hear about your crystal treasures & shopping experiences in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. Hi Hibiscus Moon, Interesting formations on the piece you picked up at Ft Meyers. I liked the quality of the video and also how you showed us the ocean over the bridge like we travelled with you. Peace and Joy, Nancy

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  2. Hi! I enjoyed the video … Sorry you were disappointed in the size of the show – but you did pick up a beautiful piece!! I was wondering if you ever used your crystals on horses? I use Essential
    oils on my horses also I use a pendulum to see where there is tension or pain on their bodies. I would love to add crystals to the body work I perform on them. Any suggestions?? Thanks for all
    your info! I enjoy each and every video you post! Thanks!!

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  3. On the 16th, Saturday, I went with a friend to a gem show in Montreal, There were 230 tables to see all type of gems, fossils and of course jewelry. I was only interested in stones and gems. I found a pink heart crystal and a pink wand that I wanted and a few small
    geodes (about the size of baseballs which were quite neat. There were also alosaurus bones. A small bone was about 4 feet long, that was of a junior dinosour. We stayed about 4 hours. It was great.

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  4. Heyheyhey! Thanks for mentioning me in your video I feel like a “rock” star! That was my first show, so I thought it was pretty cool! I also enjoyed talking to Scottie and he broke a geode open for me! Neat lesson! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me….I will be going to more shows for my crystal addiction!

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  5. Hello,

    I’m new to crystals, but I’ve been checking your blog posts and videos a lot. I love them.

    I have one question. I remember reading on a post you made about fake crystals that if a quartz has bubbles is glass not a real crystal. How can you tell apart enhydro crystal from a fake simple glass?

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      Good question! The glass bubbles will usually be very tiny, spherical & have no movement inside (hence no water). The enhydro bubbles will def. have water moving around in them and they are usually oddly shaped…and tend to be larger. HTH!

  6. Hi Hibiscus Moon,

    I am fairly new to crystal healing and would like to know it there are any crystals I can use for helping with Cirrhosis of the liver condition. I would really appreciate your input on this matter. Thank you Deb

  7. Hi, I own two crystal galleries. One in Naples, FL and one in Highlands, NC. The name is Silver Eagle Gallery. I go to a lot of gem shows every year. The biggest disappointment I had was the Albuquerque Gem Show. The old saying “Expectations bring disappointments” was certainly true. I expected gems and minerals from CO, NM, AZ, UT and NV to be priced and displayed like the major shows but found the exhibitors were crabby, secretive and very competitive. Prices were ridiculous and the specimens were not great. The best shows in the country are Franklin NC, Tucson, Denver and Orlando. Ms. Moon, we need to meet each other! See you in Franklin this weekend?

  8. Great piece! I went to my first gem show recently and thank goodness I had read you gem show shopping tips because I was in total crystal overload! I had made my shopping list per your suggestion and it really helped me stay focused on my “need to have” crystals.

  9. Absolutely love your vlogs! Would you kindly provide me with contact info for Scotty from the Fort Myers gem show.

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