The Final Round

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OK, it’s time for the Final Round~!

Below are the top 7 entries into my CCH Video Contest (you can see the previous round of 20 entries here.)

Will you please help me choose the 3 winners by leaving a comment below telling me which was your top choice?

NOTE: Anonymous or multiple votes from same person or bots will not be looked at. These votes are helping us to make a final decision. Thanks so much for your input.

Here they are:

1. Rev. Brian Glenn: took the course while homeless (unbeknownst to us!)…& is no longer homeless, but starting his own biz! Dropped 100 lbs!!! Plus found stability & friendships. WOW!


2. Elisa Kitt: a heartfelt video, profound lessons about love.♥♥♥


3. Patty Held: a school teacher who has taken healing & understanding to a whole new level with crystals & even uses them with her students. 🙂 How cool!


4. Kim Grandal: gained the confidence to come out of the crystal closet, opened up her own online crystal store while learning how to get her geek on. 😉 Yeah, Baby!


5. Marie Claude Fraser: helped with her Reiki practice. Wants to share her passion by integrating it with her art sculptures. Totally UNIQUE!


6. Jessica Miller: got acquainted with her true soul’s calling, started a crystal healing biz upon graduation that is going so well that she gave her 2 week notice!


7. Mary Oquendo: helped heal her dog & gave her the confidence to open the area’s first Wellness Center for both people & animals! AMAZING.

So, now I need your help. 🙂

These are the finalists in my CCH Video Contest, which was open to graduates of our Certified Crystal Healer Course. The Grand Prize winner gets a free scholarship to my Sep. 2014 Advanced Crystal Master Course!  The other 2 winners will each be gifted a clear quartz crystal singing bowl.  And I would love it if you could help me pick the winners. Simply leave a comment below telling me which of these 7 is your absolute fav!

Voting for this final round ends @ midnight EST, Sunday, Jan. 5. The Winners will be announced in the my newsletter on Wed., Jan. 8.

Once again, thank you so much for your input!


Comments 521

  1. The ever Enchanting full of love and continuing to learn and adapt Elisa Kitt! With her new Towers of light Grid pieces she has yet again shown why i put my trust and vote in her favor. she has taken to heart the lessons from class and shows that not only can you think outside the box but also make it your reality!!! Way to go Elisa!!!!

  2. Elisa Kitt! You can tell how much she wants this and how far her journey has come. I would love to see what she could do with a furthers education. She uses the tools she has learned to create the most beautiful things. I’m so touched to be able to see her grow as a person and a healer. Elisa touches and helps so many people, it’s truly remarkable. I’m so blessed to have been able to see her grow, and I am very excited to see what new things she can create in the future

  3. So many inspiring personal stories, but my vote is for Elisa Kitt, who is a wonderful, generously, loving spirit. I know she will continue to learn, grow and touch so many people with her amazing pieces and gentle, healing energy.

  4. I met Elissa Kitt at a psychic development class and immediately knew we met many moons ago. A warm and compassionate person dedicated to raising consciousness on the planet. I choose Love. Best wishes everyone. Peace

  5. Elisa kitt is so inspiring. You can tell how much she has been effected by the class and how badly she wants the scholarship.

  6. Number 3 ….. Elisa Kitt = very passionate about this, a true friend and wonderful person. Not only deserves to go to next round but deserves to win.

  7. 4. Kim Grandal gets my vote ! ! !
    A very creative video. Intrigues me because this is the type person I am <3
    (repeat vote; forgot to fill out who I am)
    A great Birthday Gift for me [today, January 3], would be for Kim to win.


  8. Kim Grandal
    Why? Because she is so passionate about the world of crystals and cares enough to make sure everyone is aware of their powers and effects, even non-believers.
    Kim is very deserving of this!

  9. Kim Grandal most definitely what an amazing soul who teaches so much about crystals and just an overall beautiful amazing soul!

  10. Mary Oquendo. I see the difficult task you have in choosing. Hope this helps. I think she is well on her way through her wellness center and could only go further with the advanced class. Namaste

  11. Kim Grandal!!!! She has helped me and so many of us on our spiritual journeys. She is truly gifted and truly wonderful.

  12. Kim is my 1st choice, however, it is so hard to decide.
    2nd choice is Rev. B
    Good luck to you all! You are ALL winners and are on such a beautiful journey of transformation.
    Blessings to you all.

  13. Mary Oquendo is the real deal. She is not only a visionary with her wellness center for humans and canines – she believes 100% in everything she does. She is perfect for this award.

  14. I vote for Marie-Claude Fraser. You are passionnate about your Crystal healing and you got me hooked too on learning as much as possible about the energy and positive effects they give.

  15. Kim Grandal. She is one the sweetest, kindest, and loving people I know. She puts so much love and work into her crystals that she sells and you know it the second you open a package from her. There is no contest <3

  16. Brian because he is a wonderful human being, and was able to answer a question that I have had go unanswered for many years.

  17. Kim Grandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kim Grandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. My vote is for Elisa Kitt. Elisa’s warmth, love and dedication to personal growth came through in the video. With the opportunity to take her learning to take her learning to the next level, the potential is there to touch many with her knowledge and with love.

  19. Very tough toss up between Elissa Kit and Rev B. But if I have to choose, I’d say Elissa. I see there a beautiful soul who has been chosen by the Universe for this work and who has gone forward with it. I see her as a potential teacher for others as well. Extra points for the Love message and…gotta say…the Greys!

  20. Rev. Brian is truly the one who should win. Anyone who can complete the course WHILE HOMELESS is someone who is dedicated to crystal healing and NEEDS the scholarship. Scholarships are supposed to be for those who are DESERVING and who NEED it. While all the candidates are deserving, Rev. Brian is the one who has overcome the most and has the most need. Also, when one has been homeless, how do you have friends and family come to this page and vote for you over and over again? Rev. B–you’re the one.

    1. Totally agree. I didn’t know that one can vote over and over. The winners should win on there merit not how many people they get to vote. Brian and Elisa totally deserve to win.

      1. I can not Begin to Express the love and Gratitude I am Feeling at this moment. you have made my Entrance into this contest worth it just by your Kind words alone. thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you find much love Light And Blessings in all that you do, May the great Spirit Bless you and the ones you love and may Mother Earth Fill your Lives with Her Bounties

        Much Love,
        Rev. Brian J. Glenn CCH as of 11/082003

  21. I Am voting for Reverend B because I can see and feel the gratefulness, Light, and Love coming from him. I see the change and here the compassion in his voice. I have been through his circumstance and ALOT more suffering and tragedy as well….and that is MY motivation for developing My healing methods further, to heal the MASSES of suffering youth and homeless I see daily where I reside. Thank you from My Spirit Hibiscus Moon, you are spreading the Light and Love of the Creator with these courses. Namaste all!

  22. I like to vote for Marie Claude Fraser because I love her work and she is very inspiring, calming, very creative, she is passionate and she haslots of good ideas and I know she will inspire others.

  23. Patty Held because I love how she uses the crystals and her knowledge in her classroom! (Being a teacher, I know firsthand how crystals and essential oils are accepted and enjoyed by students.) I’m proud of teachers who realize they can use their healing gifts with their classes, and sometimes begin a new career path that is true to their healing abilities. Go Patty!

    1. Thanks, Joe! That means a lot coming from you! I think you are extremely talented in the crystal arena and appreciate the vote 🙂

  24. As a graduate of the CCH course, I just want to say that it is really unfair the way this voting is going because it is obvious that people are faking votes. There are so many votes for the same person in a row, a minute or sometimes less from each other. Shouldn’t people do the right thing and win based on merit, not how many times you can vote for yourself? This voting should be private to members of the crystal cave,or something voted on by Stephanie and her crew. Since all the contestants took the class, their grades should be accounted for and the amount of points they accumulated and how hard they worked. This voting is absolutely ridiculous and unfair.

    The two people I believe deserve this and you can clearly tell are being fair about this contest and not botting votes or going through desperate measures to get them is Rev Brian and Elisa. They are both so inspirational and you can tell how much they want and deserve this. You can hear it in their voices and see the passion in their eyes when they talk about their journey and what this class has done for them. So shouldn’t that be what this contest is about? Brian overcame countless obstacles and still remained such a pure and beautiful soul, and Elisa has the most drive I have ever seen and you can see how her gift creates beautiful objects and touches people.

    They are truly the most deserving and I feel they would both do the most with furthered learning. You can just see from both of them how wonderful they really are. They’re passionate, dedicated, fair and honest and I think that is the most important thing to look for when deciding the winner. The story and integrity of the contestants, not the amount of times they can press the voting button or how many facebook friends they can beg for votes (people who don’t even understand our community).

    Elisa and Rev are amazing and deserving of this. It is more than difficult to pick one, but I would chose Elisa as my vote, just because her journey to love inspire me.

    1. I understand what you are saying and I actually agree with you! <3 I do belong to a lot of groups and have helped a lot of people with their spiritual development and growth over the years. I have a lot of support…I am quite humbled actually. I think all the contests are simply wonderful and beautiful. Many blessings to all.

    2. Way to go to make everyone feel bad about their vote’s!
      From the get go everyone had vote after vote in spurts one after the other come in! I know, because I have been counting. It does not mean they are bot’s. It could just be people showing support for their friend/family. Whoever you are, you have no idea how many struggles or sacrifice’s each person went through, just because they didn’t mention it in their video, doesn’t mean they didn’t. Nor is it fair to say “people who don’t even understand our community”…. we all have friends, acquaintance’s, family who love Crystal’s, and their healing abilities but have not taken a course perhaps, it doesn’t mean they don’t understand.
      In my book they are all winners, because they all pursued their dreams and let nothing stand in their way. They all learned from Stephanie.

      Contestant’s, please don’t let “Anonymous” comment above make you feel bad.

    3. Who are you to judge everyone else in this contest. Knowing one of the contestants personally and how much she wants to win this contest fairly, I strongly am disappointed in your choice to bad mouth people who are being fair. You may be correct that some people are cheating, but for you to generalize here is a shame and frankly not your job to do. I am sorry for the place in your life you must be in to say something like this about people you do not even know.

      1. Can we not do this hear? I Suggest you guys take our some Smoky Quartz and zen for a bit. this is not what this was supposed to be. pls don’t take such a wonderful thing to a bad place. Aside from that thank you all for your feelings and for sticking to how you Feel. Just remember this is For fun and all we would be doing by calling out others or getting upset would be Tarnishing the name of Hibiscus Moon. I love each and every one here regardless of if we net or what i put on my vid. what i do care aboit is being here with you all
        Much Love and Blessings Rev. Brian Joseph Glenn CCH

          1. you are so right Rev. the profound experience that I have had involves all of the people here that I have met through the HMCA. Stephanie is doing a beautiful loving and generous thing by offering this to us. The universe will speak in the end, who are we to judge ANYONE! thank you Stephanie for this beautiful opp. to further our crystal education. a friend of mine who passed a few years ago always told me “Elisa, always do the next right thing” and those are words that I cherish. so I send love and light out to all of you and may we just remember why we are here. crystal blessings to you ALL!

  25. 1. Elisa Kitt, because she was able to gibe back to somebody else what she received: love.
    2. Rev.Brian Glenn, for all the progress in his life ans personnal development

    3.Mary Oquendo : because she seems to sahre the same passions then me, crystals and animals

  26. I vote for Elisa Kitt! She has helped me understand and view how crystal healing can help along my course in life. Ever time I speak to her I learn something different and feel uplifted. She is a gifted soul and I thank the heavens I was lead to her 🙂

  27. Kim Grandal, I believe her passion for crystals & vastly growing knowledge makes her a deserving winner. Although I must say all the applicants are amazing!

  28. After submitting my video in this contest all I could do for the next few days was watch the next videos to come streaming in. I’ll tell you when I saw Elisa’s video I knew that would be the one that would win. I mean seriously! She is in her element, and relaxed and authentic. I think she deserves to take the win. But… I think all of us can benefit from the masters course and receive a crystal singing bowl.
    Best of luck to all of our crystal healing businesses. 2014 is a gonna ROCK!


    1. I don’t know what to say Chelsea. I am humbled by your thoughtful words. yes, this world can totally use more advanced crystal masters and we all deserve to have the opp to do that. crystal blessings to you and may your life be filled with abundant love! Namaste

  29. This vote is for Patty. She deserves it for what she does for kids…she touches and teaches our future. She truly loves those kids!

  30. Marie Claude Fraser
    Like the sincere approach and the crystal sculptures resonated with me really well, hope you continue to grow and develop in your understanding and knowledge. Namaste

  31. I asked up above if they could help, as it’s hard to choose myself, they are all deserving, I believe Patty Held, and got goose bumps on my legs, for me it’s confirmation, also she is working with children.

    Good luck guys

    1. Wow, thanks, Tracey! It’s votes like yours and such beautiful comments from people I’ve never met that are awe inspiring…I am humbled by your words <3 Blessings to you

  32. I agree with Chelsy’s description of Elisa. You can just tell how full of love she is. Winning a scholarship would only excell her already beautiful talents. Xoxo

  33. Love them all! You all are winners!
    Kim Grandal because she ties everything back to the course which is what I think you want to use this for in the end…to help others decide if they want to sign up for this course or not. Kim gives helpful info in an easy to understand way…with that said, I also think everyone else does the same thing too. Not an easy decision, you have a wonderful group here!

  34. Mary Oquendo
    It was a difficult choice, but I felt that Mary had the most compelling video. I would go to her center and take my pets there as well.

  35. Voting for Elisa Kitt, she is such a beautiful soul! The beautiful energy and love she has is amazing and angelic. Always willing and ready to help all!

  36. I vote for -because of the energy I felt from their video! Namaste’
    1-Marie Claude Fraser
    2- Rev. Brian Glenn
    3-Elisa Kitt

  37. Growing crystals in the classroom…. how cool. Love that the kids are learning the science behind it as well. Teacher extraordinaire! Patty Held gets my vote.

  38. Such a tough Job you have here! All these people are amazing and all of them will add some healing, love, and peace into this world! =)
    My choice for this round is the Rev….He inspires, shows. courage, hope, and transformation, and also shows the power of crystals.=)

    Good luck all!

  39. Elisa Kitt’s video for sure. What you see in her video is how she is in person as well. She’s a genuine, wonderful human being. Anytime I’ve ever talked to her, she’s given me so much insight and knowledge and has impacted my life with the few small conversations I’ve had with her. She’s a very warm loving person, she gives me much hope in this world. She’s so passionate about what she does. She’s got my vote all the way !

  40. Rev. Brian Glenn…because he radiates a warmth and sincerity quite uncommon among most people his age. You can see how much the crystals have brought about change in his own life and I know, from personal experience, that he has a gift for bringing out the power of the crystals to greatly enhance the lives of others.

  41. Patty Held
    Oh My Goodness they are all so great and I had favourites each time I opened a new video but in the end, for me, I felt Patty Held was my winner because overall she is taking the crystals to a wider audience of a new generation of kids and they will be our future crystal teachers. Sharing the Crystal Sparkles.
    Good Luck to everyone, I loved all your videos.

  42. my vote is for Elysa Kitt, We are looking for those who can step way out side themselves to create a connection. When you can actually see the spirit within moving through a person and you know that you have connected to that place that is G-d or a spiritual relm. That is who I belive Elysa Kitt is. I feel that this course would make a difference in anyones life that takes this and uses it wisely however I feel that sometimes you have to look beyond the votes and hear the unspoken word and connection Elysa is that for me.

  43. ELISA KITT!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Eloquent, authentic, inspirational, heart warming, peaceful, powerful, practical and visually appealling!!! Thank you for sharing! May you continue to spread the love, light, healing and angelic crystalline blessings with the world! You are such an authentic, altruistic earth angel that touches the lives of many! Namaste beloved xoxox <3 <3 <3

    P.S. Thank you Hibiscus Moon, Stephanie for all that you do and all that you are, you are such an amazingly powerful lightworker, loving and knowledgeable guru that is guiding everyone home! namaste beloved xoxox <3 <3 <3

  44. I vote for Jessica Miller. I watched all the videos and enjoyed them all but my heart and soul chose Jessica. I feel she will do important work integrating Crystal/Reiki healing with Western medicine.

  45. I am voting for Brian, He has been sharing about what he learned and he has such a passion about this work. Deserves the opportunity.

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