Fighting Cancer with Crystal Healing

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SPARKLES Crystal Hotties!!

Today I bring to you a very special guest blog post from one of our Crystalline Cohorts & gorgeous soul, Jennifer Bagley. Jennifer is a supremely positive & sweet spirit who has battled breast cancer. I just love her energy & as I told her…

“No wonder you beat the shit out of that cancer!”

crystal healing

Jennifer (right) & her Aunt Cyndi almost halfway through chemo, August 2011



When I hear the word cancer, I automatically think death. Everyone does. Cancer is a strong word. People always think, how long does someone have? What is their quality of life going to be? Haven’t you heard? So and so has “Cancer” what are they going to do?


I was first exposed to the word cancer when I was in grade school. My mom’s sister Meredith, my aunt, was diagnosed with Leukemia, a form of cancer of the bone marrow. I remember the night we got the phone call. I was sitting at the kitchen table and my mom picked up the phone. She started crying. My brother and I were sent to our rooms. I guess she wanted to shield us from the pain and hurt.


She went through chemotherapy and was quite sick. Vomiting, fatigue, infections…..everything associated with chemotherapy in the 1980’s. It was rough. She would be in the hospital for days after her chemo infusions. That was just how it was. She was very sick.


Meredith went into remission somewhere around 1986. I remember her wearing red lipstick and these funny looking head coverings. She had come to Maine and stayed with us when I graduated from 8th grade.


She went into several remissions; her doctor’s had told her that she may only live for 3 months. She ended up living almost 3 years. Her final remission came to an end around 1987. My mom and my Aunt Cyndi drove to Mississippi before she passed away at home.


This was a very difficult time. I had drawn a red rose for her while she was in the hospital during one of her chemo infusions. She kept it and saved it.

She left me her jewelry box which I still have today. I have kept it nice and clean since her death in 1987. When I looked inside the jewelry box, guess what was inside?

The Red Rose I had drawn for her early in her cancer treatment.

She had someone write a poem to go with the rose for me.


I will never forget her as she has been my Guardian Angel since she passed. I always feel her presence. She comes to me whenever I need her. She gave me strength when I was at my lowest during my chemo and couldn’t even get to the bathroom without being drained of energy. I love her and will always remember her.


It is because of her that I am writing this. I feel that she wants me to get my story and my message out there about Young Breast Cancer Survivors and all women.

I am only 38 years old and I have 2 young children. I need to Survive to see my daughter graduate grade school, high school and college. I want to see her get married; I want to see my grandkids. I want to see my son do all the same. Both are so dear to me because they are both miracle babies!

When I was diagnosed with cancer, they were the first two I thought of while I was in my husband’s arms. It hits like a stone. I felt like I was back in my childhood kitchen when Meredith told my mom about her cancer. Here I was going through it myself.

No one knows what it is like until you go through it. This was the hardest thing I have ever endured. I am a Nurse Practitioner and the certification exam was easier than this Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment.

It is partly because of Meredith that I became a nurse. I have always felt drawn to this part of my life. I knew in 6th grade I wanted to be a nurse. I had my appendix out and all the nurses at Bar Harbor Hospital were so nice to me. I pictured myself being a nurse and playing my flute to my patients to help calm them down. That is so weird because I am a Reiki Practitioner now and I look back; this is my calling. A Nurse Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner. I have always known that I was going to be a healer.

Reiki and Crystal Healing found me the Summer of 2011.

I found a lump under my left armpit. I knew then and there that something was not right. It didn’t hurt and it was mobile. We are taught in Nursing School that a mobile lymph node that doesn’t hurt is always cancer until proven otherwise.

I had the feeling of intuition that it was cancer. I have no family history of this. On June 17th, one day before my 38th birthday, I had a biopsy. It bruised awful. I had the week off and went back to work on June 21st. On my way home, my provider, whom I work in the same office with, called me. I was probably about 5 min from home. He said he would call me back. I told him that if he knew what the pathology report said that he should tell me. He did.

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.

He had already called my surgeon and that I should call in the morning to set up time for surgery. I had met with him earlier in the week for consultation. My surgery was scheduled for June 27th. I talked with a close friend of the family and she suggested I see Karen B., she is a Reiki Master. (I had heard about Reiki going through school, but never had a treatment before).

I met with Karen, we sat and talked for a long time before I had my first Reiki treatment.

I cried, I was mad, I cried some more.

Karen did the best thing anyone could ever do. She listened. She sat and just listened to me. Finally, we went into her treatment room.

I don’t remember a lot about that first treatment except that I felt relaxed afterward. The following week, I had a mastectomy. I had made my decision years ago, that if I ever got breast cancer, mastectomy is my choice. No lumpectomy for me.

Angel Jennifer with her son, Zachary.


Jennifer & her daughter, Abby-Sue. Joy simply exudes!

My daughter was with me every step of the way, my husband too. She was only 9 at the time of diagnosis but she was such a great help.

While I was in surgery, she found a nice Rose Quartz Stone for me on a key chain. This has been my choice of healing stone ever since. It found me, and the vibrational pull is strong. The color for Breast Cancer is pink.


The healing process was long. I had drains, I had bandages. I couldn’t move. I did have my Rose Quartz. My pathology report from my mastectomy came back.


Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, Ductal Carcinoma. Stage 3b. Sentinel node was 100% encapsulated by cancer. This was the lump that I had felt. What made it Stage 3 was that my breast had 10 tumors spanning 11cm. (Remember you have to dilate 10cm to pass a baby’s head through the cervix). Ya that’s huge!! So I was glad I had my breast removed.


ER 90% positive, PR 50% positive, HER2 negative. I have been told this is the best type of breast cancer to have if you have it. ER is Estrogen Receptive, mine was 90 % receptive which means by stopping my estrogen production, and it will stop the progression of my cancer. PR  is progesterone. I will be on Tamoxifen for 5 years.


It was at this time, I had a Port-a-cath inserted for the chemotherapy. It is a central line that is under the skin in your chest. Needles hurt less with a port-a-cath.


I had 8 rounds of strong chemo. Cytoxan, Adriamycin, and Taxol. These drugs are the enemy for cancer. Along with killing any extra cancer cells in the body, it also affects your hair, your nails, your mucosa (mouth sores, constipation, heart burn), and your nerves.


During this time of systemic chemotherapy, I was attuned to Level I Reiki. I embraced it, it embraced me.

Karen taught me the science or energy work and how crystals give off energy. I wore My Crystals to each chemotherapy infusion. I had Reiki also before each infusion. I had side effects but not nearly as bad as I thought they were going  to be. Fatigue is awful. I was so exhausted, it hurt to cry. I couldn’t get out of  bed, I couldn’t get up to go to the bathroom without being so fatigued. Words cannot describe it. It is a total body exhaustion, worse than “hitting the wall” during a run.


My Reiki Master attuned me to Level II before she went back home for the winter in September of 2011. I have been treating my children and my husband without him really knowing. I ask his Higher Self and he always says yes.

crystal healing

This is me about ¾ of the way through chemo treatment; October 2011

Karen, my Reiki Master, had sent me an email with Hibiscus Moon’s profile and Blog site.

I went to her site and I knew then and there that I had to become a Crystal Healer.

All during my treatments, I was drawn to crystals and their vibrational pull.

I am sooooo glad to find Hibiscus’ Crystal Goodness and the Crystal Healer Course. I am not a physics person.

I have a Crystal Grid in my bedroom with my Scentsy Breast Cancer Warmer. I have a little paper that has on it written;

For this day, I love thee. Prosperity, Love, Courage, Strength. (and a little weight loss).

There is citrus and raspberry wax that liquefies. I add Essential Oils when meditating. Lavender and Eucalyptus. These are my two favorite Oils. A few drops of each. It is within the grid.

crystal grid

My Best Friend Alicia painted this picture of HOPE

I am already a Nurse and Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healing called me. 

My dream is to open my own practice.

In the State of Maine, Nurse Practitioners can practice Independently. I want to open my own Reiki and Holistic Practice. Teach and Attune people to the Earth’s Vibration. This is what we were put here for. To teach, help and guide people during their time of need.

I love helping people and will never stop.

Cancer can’t stop me, No Obstacle is big enough. After enduring months of chemo treatment and 33 rounds of radiation, I CAN DO ANYTHING!

I am done with all my treatments and I am cancer free. It was a long hard road but I am finally done. Yay! Bright crystal blessings.

I have my own blog and websites. If you want to see all the crystals that I have mined for myself with my Best Friend and Crystal Supporter, Dennis, visit;

crystal mining

Lepidolite that I've mined.

This where I got my smokey quartz from and many of my lepidolites.


If you want to view my whole journey from start to finish about Breast Cancer, visit


I wish to see you there, if you want more information on Self Breast Exams, Breast Cancer, Reiki and other Treatments email me at



Whoa. A very powerful post. Thank you Jennifer for writing this. I know you are & will be helping so many with this post for a very long time to come. Thank you.

If any of you have a similar story, comments or questions for Jennifer, please comment below. She truly dug down deep to share this with us &, for one, am so very grateful.

Many Crystal Blessings Showering Down on You All,


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  1. Wow you are an inspiration. I was diagnosed in Oct 2011 with inflamotory breast cancer, there is no option but a mastectomy and chemo started immediately for me 6 rounds of TAC which was tough and like you know one knows unless they have gone through it ! Getting up to get food or a drink or the loo was such an effort that it hurt thinking about it !
    I am also having Reki Healing once a week and do my own meditations when I can 🙂 I am positive that this is just a bump for me and I will see goodness out of it at the other end.
    What has also helped me is the support from the young ladies in the group we have on Facebook all girls between 20 – 40 that have breast cancer or are survivors, they are amazing and help get you through the tough days 🙂
    I wish you all the best for the rest of your beautiful life ahead of you.
    Elisha love and light 🙂

  2. Every time I hear of someone getting cancer, I weep. I guess it’s the empath in me. I don’t fear dying, it’s the grief and pain that I leave behind that agonizes me. I admire every single person who has fought cancer with such bravery. And I especially admire those who are bridging the gap between the medical profession and energy work. Double kudos to you Jennifer!!

  3. Elisha, i know exactly ehat you are going through and your journey. Stay strong! HOPE, COURAGE, LOVE, STRENGTH, HEALING. I received 4 treatments of Adriamycin and Cytoxan and 4 rounds of Taxol. It was the hardest 4 months I have ever endured. I thank God and the Mother Earth for the Reiki and Crystal Healing! I thank my loving husband Troy which I didn’t add a pic of but he is on my blog along with my mom and dad!
    My mom came up to my house every weekend after my treatments to help warch my children, too weak. Def it hurt to even think I had to peee!
    I beling to a special facebook too, we found each other on We are all in same stages of treatment. Most of us are done!
    There is power in Crystals!
    Bright Crystal Blessings

  4. that was an amazing story! and so so beautiful. its almost spooky about the rose quartz: my mom was just diagnosed with a breast tumor and one day she looked down and spotted a rose quartz just laying in the dirt! she *knew* it was meant for her; just one of those *feelings*. i’m the family ‘crystal girl’ so i cleansed it for her and its now sitting on her bedside.
    i wish the best for you and your whole family Miss Jennifer! Bright Blessings

  5. Might be a sign that I should try my hand at Reiki. Seems to be calling to me for some reason. I love energy healing. Deeply inspirational.

    Wonderful story. Hail quartz! <3

    1. When you feel a pull like you do with becoming a Reiki Practitioner, go with it. Sometimes being impulsive with crystals is OK. You know that saying, “don’t change your answer” your first answer is almost always right. The same with crystals and I know that Hibiscus would agree, go with the vibrational pull, go with your heart because it will always lead you down the right path! I have found my path and it is called Holistic Nursing Connection. Love you all, bright Crystal Blessings.

      1. Post
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  6. I am so very proud of Jennifer. Her journey has been so inspirational to me. She never gave up. As a Reiki Master and teacher, it is so exquisite when someone you taught pays if forward by leaps and bounds…turning the poison into medicine to help others heal. Bravo, dear Jennifer.

  7. Lovely story. It’s touching. I hope this story get many to be inspired to have hope during difficult period.

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. I would like to ask your help about my husband he is a cancer patient now it metastasize in the lungs what crystal can help him ,hes name is vijay kumar 53 yrs old ,..
    i will appreciate what help you can give him .
    thank you very much ,

  9. Hi found your blog very helpful. I had already registered with hibiscus moon. I to have had breast cancer I was lucky and only needed a lumpectomy and radiotherapy that was two years ago. I am also a registered nurse and work in a hospice. It was very strange being on the receiving end as soon as the Macmillan nurse walked into the consultants room I knew what the diagnosis would be. All is well thankfully. I feel I can to a small extent better empathise what my patients are going through. I am also a crystal therapist and reiki practitioner. Reiki and crystals are a match made in heaven. And we daily see the benefits to our patients.
    Many thanks for your inspiration
    Love and light Lyn

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