4 Totally Rockin’ Ways to use Crystals for Fear and Anxiety

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Fear & anxiety can be debilitating. I know. So are there actually crystals for fear and anxiety?

It can not only stop you from being productive but can stop you in your tracks, unable to just do your normal everyday activities & even roll you backwards in life.

These are some stones you can use along with some techniques I’ve found work very well for me as well as for my students.

Go-To Crystals for Fear and Anxiety

rosequartzheartsRose Quartz – love is the opposite of fear & this stone embodies the love vibration;  excellent for calming, love, kindness & compassion. If you’ve recently had any fear revolving around emotional drama, fights, chaos, confrontations this stone will truly help to comfort your heart chakra. In addition, it helps you with self love which is great for dispelling fear.

blue lace agateBlue Lace Agate – this stone is well-known for its centering & calming vibrational frequencies & works really well for reprogramming your thoughts & reactions to calm & positive ones…just what you need when you’re overcome by fear & may not be thinking rationally. A throat chakra stone, blue lace agate allows you to speak your mind calmly & clearly to get you out of those fear-inducing conflicts or situations. Anxiety be gone!

black tourmalineBlack Tourmaline – known for its ability to transmute & “cleanse” energy. So if you’re perceiving energy (the situation) to be negative, this stone is great for bringing it right back to neutral. It’s a powerhouse for that! Here’s a video I did on this:

Black Tourmaline for Purification

chrysocolla-19990Chrysocolla – this stone has a very feminine & soothing vibration. It gently calms your heart chakra when its beating with fear. It will also give you more confidence when you’re gripped with fear when having to communicate to others your needs or when you simply need some security in social situations of any sort. Its a great one to keep in your pocket when doing any public speaking. 😉

Nirvana Quartz – trust will help you to overcome fear & this stone is the 1 to help you with trust while learning to accept & love yourself fully. Here’s a video I did a couple years back on this unique sort of crystal:

Crystal Healing with Nirvana Quartz

Fear-Busting Techniques

  • Crystal Meditation – hold 1 of the crystals listed above, 1 in each hand (they don’t have to be the same kind) comfortably while you listen to one of these excellent (& free!) meditations: this one or this one. Let go…you’re going to be fine.
  • Anti-Fear & Anxiety Gem Elixir – create a gem elixir using rose quartz & blue lace agate. Then mix these ingredients together:  1 tsp gem elixir, 1tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp organic ground ginger, 1/2 tsp organic raw honey. Chug a glass 3x/day. I tweaked up this recipe to come up with the 1 I’ve given you here after someone suggested something similar, telling me that is an old Indian Standby known for revving up your digestive energy, which in turn, calms down your mind’s energy. Made sense to me!! Plus, scientific research (ooooo, you know I had to throw some of that in here!) has shown that honey balances unstable blood sugar brought on by anxious stress & fear, lemon juice helps to lower your blood pressure & ginger calms the stomach. SNAP!
  • Fear-Chasing Mojo Kit – arm yourself with a little pouch that carries some fear-calming scents like bergamot & lavender (either in the form of an herb, essential oil or both then amplify those vibrational energies by adding 2-3 tumbled stones of the above listed.  This little mix will send calming frequencies to your brain’s fear & anxiety center headquarters molding a new calm reality for you.
  • Calm, Trust & Love Crystal Grid – you can whip up a grid made just for counter-acting fear & anxiety. I suggest using nirvana quartz, rose quartz & chrysocolla just for this purpose. If you need help on how to create & work with a crystal grid, I have a good blog post here or you can check out my book on the subject. 😉 *I gave it some thought here about mentioning so many of my items for sale in this post but I do happen to have several products that can help here & thought about not mentioning them  thinking I might come off as too pushy but then I realized I wouldn’t be doing my part in serving by not telling you about them. And you have a choice….I’ve given you some free or low-cost options here too* So…I also have this Crystal Grids Template Package that includes a Banishing Anxiety Crystal Grid Template. 😉

Now you should be all set to handle whatever comes your way, Jelly Bean!

Peace, Rainbows + Crystal Sparkles!




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  1. I’m wondering about infusing oils, salves or lotions with crystals to make it even easier. Just crack open your tiny tub of salve or lotion, or squeeze out a little oil, and rub it on your pulse points.

    Thing is, though I can find plenty of info on making gem elixirs, I’ve only found a couple of how-tos on infusing oils, and they want the stone to actually macerate in the oil. Is that wise? I’m thinking not only of the care of the stones themselves, but also of keeping the product reasonably free from bacteria.

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  3. Thank you for this information that you have given so generously. Do you have any suggestions for someone who is empathic, and/or clairscentient?

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  6. Hey there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate!

    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this
    article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good
    read. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Thank you so much for all of the wisdom you share with us!
    I found you quite recently (just when I most needed to), and have learned so much from your posts. I think that you nicely balance your info, and I don’t feel that you oversell your products in anyany way whatsoever. This past valve at just the right time for me, as I had been searching for this info . Blessings for all that you share. ?

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  10. Hello, I recently acquired a quartz, thinking it was an ice quartz, but as i was washing it under the tap, it started disintigrating (melted down to a smaller size !!) . Does this sound familiar for ice quartz ?

  11. I work in a call centre and although I feel comfortable giving customer service I struggle to deal with hostility and confrontation. I get torn over carrying crystals that give me energy and confidence like citrine and carnelian or more calming and head-clearing like amethyst or blue lace agate. Any suggestions?

  12. Thanks for this. I am a very anxious person. I used to collect crystals. I had tigers eye,heomatite,malachite among others.I lived in a village that has an amazing crystal shop. I have to say people thought I was a bit balmy! I did however mananage to convince my boyfriend who didn’t believe in that type of thing till I gave him malachite to hold and I said can you feel anything? He was like “yeah! That’s amazing! “So they definitely work. I had other crystals but they all got lost when I moved house. Can’t wait to start again. I willl be purchasing those particular stones first I think. Thank you Hibiscus.

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