Facebook Group Guidelines

Lovelies, it’s so wonderful to have you in our Facebook Group! Please take a moment to review our group guidelines and policies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Community Manager at social@hibiscusmoon.com.

We do have general guidelines that apply to all our groups, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for additional guidelines that apply specifically to the CCH and ACM groups.

These are private groups reserved exclusively for our paid students. Any member up to date on their payments (or paid in full) and in good standing can be in this group. Good standing means that you’re cool, kind, honest, generous, and you communicate from a place of compassion and love.

There is no advertising permitted in this group. It’s much more about sharing resources, supporting each other and getting feedback from each other.

Hibiscus Moon may pop in from time to time to mingle & chat it up with you all, but this group is to connect you all in community & for you all to get support from each other.

Here are our Community Guidelines:

1. This Facebook Group is strictly for paid members in good standing.

2. The goal for this group is to increase your combined knowledge, collaborate, share ideas, resources, to mingle & support each other.

3. This group is community-run, moderated, and maintained.

4. “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.” -Jill Bolte Taylor. Great quote & we take it very seriously. We have a zero-tolerance policy for negativity, gossip or toxic energy. This is probably one of the most supportive & encouraging spots on Mama Earth & we intend to keep it that way. This is our private & safe sanctuary where no question is stupid & no haters allowed. If you have a complaint for HMCA please send us an email. Do not use this group as a place to gripe as that doesn’t help us to help you. We likely won’t see the post, therefore no pro-action & it may just end up in amplifying & commiserating. This is not bringing good energy to a space. Please keep it loving & positive. If necessary, posts will be deleted & 1 loving warning given. We live by The Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Hibiscus Moon has a zero-tolerance policy for negativity, hate speech, bullying, gossip, or toxic energy. We want you to know that we are committed to inclusivity and we will remove posts and comments that violate our community standards in regard to our students’ race, age, culture, ability, ethnicity or nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status. We strive to keep this group a safe, welcoming space for all our students.

We take the safety and confidentiality of this group very seriously. Do not share any information from this group, including Hibiscus Moon content or the content, comments, and images of other cohorts.

5. Please do not tag Hibiscus Moon or any member of the Sparkle Team or private message us as we will most likely not see it. The FB Group is not a place to get tech support or have admin discussions. They will likely not be seen & you’ll just get frustrated. We don’t want that. If you see a fellow member asking for tech support, please direct them to contact techsupport@hibiscusmoon.com. If you have admin questions, are in need of program-related support please contact support@hibiscusmoon.com and we’ll get back to you within 1 biz day (except for holidays).

6. Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by members in discussions or on the group wall are those of the author. You rely on such information at your own risk. Members are urged to seek professional advice for specific, individual situations and not rely solely on advice or opinions given in the discussions or group wall.

7. Please be wise, prudent & responsible when engaging in any transactions with others (do your own due diligence)

8. Be respectful of other people’s Intellectual Property. No uploading of copyrighted material (be it photographs or text) without the explicit permission of the copyright owner. Materials that are out of copyright, or covered under “fair-use” rules are fine. If you’re ever in doubt, always ask first.

9. Focus on giving more than getting. You’ll gain so much more from being in this group.

10. Please don’t post private messages publicly in the group between you & another member (or anyone else) without asking their permission first.

11. HAVE FUN! These guidelines are here to keep the Crystal Cave positive & enjoyable for us all.

CCH group:

  • If you have course content questions the Crystal Coaches are here during the live course term to get ALL your questions answered (Mon-Friday, except for US holidays). (The live course term is the 9-week term from the start of the course, to the last business day of the final week of classes.) In order to be certain your question is seen please be sure you create a new post and be sure that your question is accompanied with the hashtag: #askthecoaches. This ensures that your question will be seen & answered during the live course term. You are most certainly welcome to take the convo deeper with each other any time!!We love and appreciate your participation here in our group, however… Please refrain from answering questions specifically with the #askthecoaches hashtag as those are posts meant to be answered by the Crystal Coaches. Of course, we encourage you to post questions/comments to the entire group for feedback on approaches to things outside of the scope of the course without using #askthecoaches. We just ask that you be mindful of how confusing it can be for our students to be inundated with differing, sometimes opposing answers. When the Crystal Coaches answer questions, you can be certain it’s consistent with the Hibiscus Moon Method and we want you, as an HMCA student, to get the full value of this course while getting the answers you’re looking for without any possible confusion. We do welcome all your wonderful insights and perhaps even differing perspectives, however, we ask you to please share these in the group at large, rather than in threads marked #askthecoaches. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!
  • Additional hashtags we recommend you use: #ohmwork to post a comment or search for content related to the suggested course homework.
  • No commercial advertising, promoting or spamming others via the Facebook group or in private messages. Exceptions to this will be once a month on the special thread we will pin especially for posting about your site, event or items you sell. Promotions are considered to be anything that you sell or promote, linking to your website or asking for likes on your Facebook page. Also, please refrain from sharing content from your business pages or website. Please be wise, prudent & responsible when engaging in any transactions or sales with others. Sales or transactions entered into with another Crystalline Cohort are between you & that person. Do your own due diligence & always exercise caution.
  • Please always be mindful of our HMCA Code of Ethics.
  • In our Q&A threads:
    We love and appreciate your participation here in our group, however… Please refrain from answering questions posted specifically in this Live Office Hours Q&A thread. This thread is reserved so that our students can get their answers directly from Curriculum Specialist Angie, knowing that they will be in total alignment with the Hibiscus Moon Method and will eliminate any possible confusion. PLEASE NOTE: Curriculum Specialist Angie answers during the recorded Live Office Hours Q&A and not the thread itself. Certainly, if you have a follow-up question to someone’s question, pop it in as a response comment. If you’re posting a question and are interested in answers from all our students, please post it outside of this thread in the Official Crystalline Cohorts FB group. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!
  • We prohibit “LIVE” videos in the group. Live video broadcasts are reserved for coaches and admins. Live videos aren’t easy to monitor and may confuse our students about what is HMCA content and what is not. Live videos will be removed.
  • When needing a recommendation for a purchase or a vendor – here are the steps:

    1- Check your class resources. If it is a supply mentioned in class, there is likely a link for a place for you to find it.
    2- Search the Facebook Group (search function is at the top on mobile, on the left on desktop) for the service or item you are looking for. Checking the promo posts for your fellow cohorts businesses. This group has years of resources for everything you could imagine!
    3- Post and ask for a recommendation on the Facebook Recommendation threads

    Other posts for recommendations, covert and overt promotion of other cohorts shops or your own business is prohibited

Blue Sapphire Level (CCH):

  • Welcome to all of our Blue Sapphires!! We are so honored to have you here. Please take some time to read the guidelines to know how the group is run & what our goals are.
  • This is a secret group reserved exclusively for the Hibiscus Moon Blue Sapphires so that means no one can see anything posted within this group nor can anyone outside see who is in this group. With this special group, we’ll be increasing our combined knowledge, collaborating, sharing ideas, resources & fully supporting each other. Our goal here is to be a very close and connected group of gems!
  • Hibiscus Moon is committed to being in here every Monday, Wednesday & Friday to get ALL your questions answered as well as give personal feedback on each of your weekly Ohhhhm-work assignments.
  • Please remember your commitment to staying on task with those assignments & getting them submitted within the 9-week course term. (The course term is the 9-week term from the start of the course to the last business day of the final week of classes.)
  • Please note that no info or documents shared here exclusive to our program should be shared on FB or anywhere else. Thanks for honoring that.
  • Everything said both on this FB page & on our calls STAYS in this group. We want everyone to feel comfortable in being open and honest with each other.

Remember…for tech support of any kind, please contact techsupport@hibiscusmoon.com

For any other admin. assistance, please contact support@hibiscusmoon.com

While we hope that these groups will last a lifetime, we may alter or cease the operation of the groups at any time at our sole discretion. If Facebook changes terms, we will try to find an alternate space for members, but cannot be held responsible for Facebook’s change of terms.